Wilkinson county, Mississippi



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Scudder, Edward Nathaniel  14 Jan 1860Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4939
2 Scudder, Rosa  21 Jan 1857Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4935
3 Scudder, Sara Jane  28 Aug 1833Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4847
4 Wilkinson, Augustus  1817Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4912
5 Wilkinson, Rebecca Harriet  Est 1814Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4910
6 Wilkinson, Thomas  21 Jan 1816Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4911
7 Wilkinson, William  Est 1820Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4913
8 Wilkinson, William Augustus  Est 1850Wilkinson county, Mississippi I10981


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Embree, Mary  2 Jun 1895Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4933
2 Faust, J. Anthony  1863Wilkinson county, Mississippi I113208
3 Faust, Lieutenant James Alfred  30 Jun 1863Wilkinson county, Mississippi I105273
4 Kuhn, Mary Ann Elizabeth  28 Jan 1892Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4846
5 Scudder, Jane  Bef 1823Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4903
6 Scudder, Nathaniel  1820Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4842
7 Scudder, Rachel Adelia  23 Jun 1863Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4904
8 Scudder, Thomas Pike  9 May 1839Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4845
9 Wilkinson, Augustus  15 Oct 1894Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4912
10 Wilkinson, John  Bef 1823Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4909
11 Wilkinson, Thomas  7 Dec 1901Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4911
12 Wilkinson, William Augustus  Aft 1921Wilkinson county, Mississippi I10981


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brown, Eva  Wilkinson county, Mississippi I113476
2 Kuhn, Mary Ann Elizabeth  Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4846
3 Roberts  Wilkinson county, Mississippi I113479
4 Roberts, Joseph Franklin  Wilkinson county, Mississippi I113473
5 Scudder, Sara Jane  Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4847
6 Scudder, Thomas Pike  Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4845


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Embree, Celeste Solina  1860Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4932
2 Faust, Lieutenant James Alfred  1850Wilkinson county, Mississippi I105273
3 Faust, Mitchell Scudder  1850Wilkinson county, Mississippi I113197
4 Longmire, Alethea Ann  1860Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4934
5 Scudder, Charlotte Virginia  1860Wilkinson county, Mississippi I3513
6 Scudder, Edward Nathaniel  1860Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4939
7 Scudder, George Albert  1860Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4929
8 Scudder, James Blair  1860Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4928
9 Scudder, Rachel Adelia  1850Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4904
10 Scudder, Rosa  1860Wilkinson county, Mississippi I4935


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Faust / Scudder  23 May 1843Wilkinson county, Mississippi F38398
2 Johns / Wilkinson  20 Nov 1829Wilkinson county, Mississippi F6426
3 McDowell / Scudder  24 Jan 1854Wilkinson county, Mississippi F2052
4 McGraw / Scudder  15 May 1883Wilkinson county, Mississippi F2089
5 Scudder / Embree  14 Apr 1859Wilkinson county, Mississippi F2083
6 Scudder / Embree  24 May 1860Wilkinson county, Mississippi F2084
7 Scudder / Embree  1 Sep 1866Wilkinson county, Mississippi F2086
8 Scudder / Kuhn  25 Mar 1829Wilkinson county, Mississippi F2050
9 Seals / Scudder  11 Feb 1822Wilkinson county, Mississippi F2073
10 Wilkinson / Anderson  26 Jan 1843Wilkinson county, Mississippi F4102
11 Wilkinson / Scudder  13 Feb 1812Wilkinson county, Mississippi F2074
12 Wilkinson / Woodruff  13 Aug 1853Wilkinson county, Mississippi F6427