Westfield, Union, New Jersey



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Badgley, Hannah  11 Jul 1766Westfield, Union, New Jersey I3225
2 Baker, Harriet  Abt 1795Westfield, Union, New Jersey I22350
3 Crane, Mary  1 Nov 1730Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20333
4 Dunham, Nancy  1751Westfield, Union, New Jersey I10726
5 Eick, Charles Herbert  16 Mar 1893Westfield, Union, New Jersey I51520
6 Marsh, Apphia  1764Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20347
7 Marsh, Betsey  Est 1767Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20824
8 Marsh, Eliphalet  Est 1761Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20829
9 Marsh, Janet  Est 1765Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20827
10 Marsh, John  1738Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20331
11 Marsh, Jonathan Jr.  Abt 1724Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20328
12 Marsh, Moses  Abt 1728Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20329
13 Marsh, Nancy  Abt 1780Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20348
14 Marsh, Phoebe  14 May 1787Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20349
15 Marsh, Sarah  Est 1763Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20825
16 Marsh, Simeon Searing  1769Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20343
17 Marsh, Thomas  10 Sep 1735Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20330
18 Marsh, Timothy  3 Apr 1778Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20346
19 Marshall, William Lawrence Jr.  21 May 1903Westfield, Union, New Jersey I58330
20 Mulford, Hannah  19 Oct 1791Westfield, Union, New Jersey I73415
21 Pangburn, Mary  15 Sep 1787Westfield, Union, New Jersey I31465
22 Roff, Agar L.  18 Feb 1855Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43658
23 Roff, Albert S.  1 Jan 1842Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43642
24 Roff, Anne E.  30 Aug 1852Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43660
25 Roff, Bertha A.  14 Sep 1889Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43651
26 Roff, Charles Wilbaforce  10 Aug 1856Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43645
27 Roff, Cornelia W.  1849Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43643
28 Roff, Cornelia Walton  15 Jul 1887Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43650
29 Roff, Firman C.  16 May 1839Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43641
30 Roff, Helen May  15 Nov 1885Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43649
31 Roff, Mary J.  21 Jan 1851Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43644
32 Roff, Matilda C.  1845Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43659
33 Sanford, Eliza Ann  16 Dec 1824Westfield, Union, New Jersey I39387
34 Scudder, Amos Picton  17 Mar 1813Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9289
35 Scudder, Anna  6 Sep 1836Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9263
36 Scudder, Caroline Matilda  1 Aug 1824Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9297
37 Scudder, Daniel Smith  30 Mar 1829Westfield, Union, New Jersey I5200
38 Scudder, Eliza Banta  1830Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9261
39 Scudder, Emily  24 Oct 1833Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9260
40 Scudder, Hamilton Fish  18 May 1877Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9285
41 Scudder, Isaac Frazee  27 Dec 1822Westfield, Union, New Jersey I5199
42 Scudder, Isaac Ludlow  23 Oct 1860Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25695
43 Scudder, Isaac Marsh  2 Dec 1835Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9262
44 Scudder, Joan Elizabeth  14 Nov 1836Westfield, Union, New Jersey I15609
45 Scudder, John  9 May 1795Westfield, Union, New Jersey I31429
46 Scudder, John  24 Jan 1815Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9290
47 Scudder, John Ludlow  Abt May 1860Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25697
48 Scudder, John Randolph  21 Nov 1847Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9310
49 Scudder, John William  Abt 1862Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25698
50 Scudder, Julia Lambert  14 Jun 1859Westfield, Union, New Jersey I5202

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Garthwaite, Edwin  5 Dec 1817Westfield, Union, New Jersey I38255
2 High, Reverend Ephraim Scudder  19 Apr 1807Westfield, Union, New Jersey I24427
3 Marsh  4 Apr 1765Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20341
4 Marsh, David  9 Jun 1776Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20345
5 Marsh, Jonathan  27 Aug 1767Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20342
6 Marsh, Mary  5 Feb 1764Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20339
7 Marsh, Sarah  4 Jun 1774Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20344
8 Marsh, Simeon Searing  27 Aug 1770Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20343
9 Marsh, Timothy  1 Aug 1779Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20346
10 Pierson, John Davis  30 Mar 1783Westfield, Union, New Jersey I39385
11 Ross, Charles Augustus  8 Apr 1810Westfield, Union, New Jersey I22128
12 Ross, William Maxwell  30 Jul 1812Westfield, Union, New Jersey I13764
13 Scudder, Amos Picton  26 Sep 1813Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9289
14 Scudder, Ann Eliza  13 Aug 1812Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9295
15 Scudder, Anna  7 Jul 1782Westfield, Union, New Jersey I24426
16 Scudder, Catherine W.  31 May 1834Westfield, Union, New Jersey I24599
17 Scudder, Charlotte  24 Jun 1787Westfield, Union, New Jersey I13763
18 Scudder, Isaac Frazee  4 Jun 1843Westfield, Union, New Jersey I5199
19 Scudder, John  2 Jul 1815Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9290
20 Scudder, Obediah Crane  4 Nov 1799Westfield, Union, New Jersey I29404
21 Scudder, Sarah Davis  4 Aug 1792Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25693
22 Scudder, Sarah Louise  5 Nov 1828Westfield, Union, New Jersey I53550
23 Squire, Joseph Scudder  31 Jul 1801Westfield, Union, New Jersey I22349
24 Townley, Alonzo Silas Crane  16 Jun 1849Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43638


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Helen M.  21 Sep 1990Westfield, Union, New Jersey I53169
2 Baker, Harriet  May 1875Westfield, Union, New Jersey I22350
3 Freeman, Harriet  Feb 1979Westfield, Union, New Jersey I39578
4 High, John Linus  29 May 1810Westfield, Union, New Jersey I24425
5 Marsh, Jonathan  27 Jul 1779Westfield, Union, New Jersey I2155
6 Marsh, Lydia  10 Jul 1759Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20834
7 Marsh, Thomas  16 Dec 1801Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20330
8 Moore, Elizabeth  Abt 1 Oct 1847Westfield, Union, New Jersey I3010
9 Roff, Agar L.  25 Aug 1855Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43658
10 Roff, Agar Lindley  22 Jan 1895Westfield, Union, New Jersey I24172
11 Roff, Anne E.  Oct 1852Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43660
12 Roff, Mary J.  22 Jan 1861Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43644
13 Sanford, Joseph  Bef 1850Westfield, Union, New Jersey I24596
14 Scudder, Isaac Frazee  18 Jul 1912Westfield, Union, New Jersey I5199
15 Scudder, Isaac Ludlow  28 Oct 1943Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25695
16 Scudder, Julia Ann  16 Feb 1895Westfield, Union, New Jersey I24177
17 Scudder, Linus Melville  9 Oct 1883Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9280
18 Scudder, Martha Crane  7 Jan 1889Westfield, Union, New Jersey I33850
19 Scudder, Mary Elliott  25 Mar 1958Westfield, Union, New Jersey I33774
20 Scudder, Mary T.  9 Dec 1805Westfield, Union, New Jersey I2087
21 Smith, Isaac P.  5 May 1880Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43674
22 Squire, George  7 Jul 1879Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43681
23 Squire, Hannah  4 Jul 1868Westfield, Union, New Jersey I22346
24 Squire, John Jr.  7 Jul 1863Westfield, Union, New Jersey I22347
25 Squire, Phebe Ann  8 Jun 1834Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43678
26 Townley, Alexander N.  17 Jan 1861Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43640
27 Townley, William Mills  2 Feb 1885Westfield, Union, New Jersey I33851
28 Woodruff, Thomas Jr.  28 Jan 1813Westfield, Union, New Jersey I86161


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Clark, Catherine Brown  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I114209
2 Crane, Harry W.  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I103570
3 Crane, Mabel Clark  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I103572
4 Crane, Moses T.  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9302
5 Crane, Theodore A.  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9303
6 Denman, Adelaide Agnes  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43616
7 Garthwaite, Edwin  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I38255
8 Garthwaite, Jacob  10 May 1828Westfield, Union, New Jersey I38251
9 Hetfield, Alvira  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I23161
10 Higbie, William Marsh  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I53552
11 High, Reverend Ephraim Scudder  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I24427
12 High, John Linus  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I24425
13 High, Martha Anne  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I24429
14 Lambert, Julia J.  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I40274
15 Ludlow, Margaret Pool  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25694
16 Marsh, Jonathan  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I2155
17 Marsh, Lydia  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I20834
18 Parvin, Reverend Benjamin Ogden  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I15610
19 Radley, Mary Catherine  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25699
20 Roff, Agar L.  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43658
21 Sayres, Chloe  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I3137
22 Scudder, Ann Eliza  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9295
23 Scudder, Anna  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I24426
24 Scudder, Anna M.  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I113714
25 Scudder, Benjamin  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I18065
26 Scudder, Clark  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I15607
27 Scudder, Daniel Smith  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I5200
28 Scudder, Isaac Frazee  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I5199
29 Scudder, Isaac Ludlow  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25695
30 Scudder, John  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I31429
31 Scudder, John Ludlow  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25697
32 Scudder, John William  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25698
33 Scudder, Mary T.  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I2087
34 Scudder, Phebe  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I38252
35 Scudder, Rachel  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I18076
36 Scudder, Sarah Davis  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25693
37 Scudder, Sarah Louise  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I53550
38 Scudder, Susan L.  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I5203
39 Smock, Mabel  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I103573
40 Squire, Caleb  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I22343
41 Squire, Hannah  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I22346
42 Squire, John M.  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I22342
43 Squire, Mary  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I22348
44 Trenchard, Maude A.  1960Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43617
45 Trenchard, William Alfred  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43624
46 Trenchard, William H.  1906Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43614
47 Vreeland, Catherine Ann  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I53551
48 Williams, Isabella  Westfield, Union, New Jersey I103569


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Doris M.  1940Westfield, Union, New Jersey I106881
2 Banta, Eliza  1880Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9277
3 Callaway, Austin Scudder   I70237
4 Denman, Adelaide Agnes  1930Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43616
5 Gray, Frederick H. Jr.   I43628
6 Gray, Frederick H.  1930Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43627
7 Hetfield, Alvira  1900Westfield, Union, New Jersey I23161
8 Hetfield, Alvira  1930Westfield, Union, New Jersey I23161
9 Hetfield, Mary  1860Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25024
10 Hetfield, Mary  1870Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25024
11 Lear, Ida R.  1900Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43648
12 Ludlow, Margaret Pool  1880Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25694
13 Ludlow, Margaret Pool  1900Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25694
14 Marsh, Susan Aymar  1880Westfield, Union, New Jersey I21231
15 Meeker, Joanna  1860Westfield, Union, New Jersey I15606
16 Payne, John Leslie Jr.  1940Westfield, Union, New Jersey I106882
17 Prentice, Jane E.  1870Westfield, Union, New Jersey I33858
18 Radley, Mary Catherine  1870Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25699
19 Roff, Agar Lindley  1860Westfield, Union, New Jersey I24172
20 Roff, Agar Lindley  1880Westfield, Union, New Jersey I24172
21 Roff, Bertha A.  1900Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43651
22 Roff, Charles Wilbaforce  1860Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43645
23 Roff, Charles Wilbaforce  1900Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43645
24 Roff, Cornelia Walton  1900Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43650
25 Roff, Firman Eugene  1900Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43652
26 Roff, Helen May  1900Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43649
27 Roff, Mary J.  1860Westfield, Union, New Jersey I43644
28 Sayre, Sarah Ann  1870Westfield, Union, New Jersey I15608
29 Scudder, Amanda  1860Westfield, Union, New Jersey I39386
30 Scudder, Amos Picton  1870Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9289
31 Scudder, Clark  1870Westfield, Union, New Jersey I15607
32 Scudder, Daniel Smith  1860Westfield, Union, New Jersey I5200
33 Scudder, Daniel Smith  1870Westfield, Union, New Jersey I5200
34 Scudder, Elizabeth Francis  1880Westfield, Union, New Jersey I21363
35 Scudder, Elizabeth Smith  1870Westfield, Union, New Jersey I86540
36 Scudder, Elizabeth Smith  1870Westfield, Union, New Jersey I21229
37 Scudder, Elizabeth Smith  1880Westfield, Union, New Jersey I86540
38 Scudder, Elizabeth Smith  1880Westfield, Union, New Jersey I21229
39 Scudder, Emma  1880Westfield, Union, New Jersey I21090
40 Scudder, Ephraim  1870Westfield, Union, New Jersey I85580
41 Scudder, Ephraim  1870Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9311
42 Scudder, Ephraim  1880Westfield, Union, New Jersey I85580
43 Scudder, Ephraim  1880Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9311
44 Scudder, George Marsh  1870Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9312
45 Scudder, George Marsh  1880Westfield, Union, New Jersey I9312
46 Scudder, Isaac Frazee  1880Westfield, Union, New Jersey I5199
47 Scudder, Isaac Frazee  1900Westfield, Union, New Jersey I5199
48 Scudder, Isaac Ludlow  1870Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25695
49 Scudder, Isaac Ludlow  1880Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25695
50 Scudder, Isaac Ludlow  1900Westfield, Union, New Jersey I25695

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Badgley / Scudder  24 Aug 1777Westfield, Union, New Jersey F6795
2 Badgley / Scudder  9 Jun 1782Westfield, Union, New Jersey F6794
3 Clarendon / Winans  1877Westfield, Union, New Jersey F6251
4 Crane / Scudder  30 Dec 1797Westfield, Union, New Jersey F7672
5 Hole / Scudder  3 May 1778Westfield, Union, New Jersey F6791
6 Jaudon / Scudder  2 Jun 1869Westfield, Union, New Jersey F11828
7 Magee / Scudder  7 Dec 1859Westfield, Union, New Jersey F3543
8 Magee / Scudder  7 Dec 1859Westfield, Union, New Jersey F31914
9 Marsh / Ludlam  27 Nov 1771Westfield, Union, New Jersey F7532
10 Marsh / Scudder  10 Jun 1820Westfield, Union, New Jersey F3526
11 Marsh / Searing  21 Nov 1762Westfield, Union, New Jersey F7379
12 Marsh / Squire  6 Sep 1761Westfield, Union, New Jersey F7383
13 McEwen / Scudder   F1683
14 Reed / Scudder  10 Oct 1900Westfield, Union, New Jersey F21984
15 Roff / Lear  12 Apr 1884Westfield, Union, New Jersey F15612
16 Roff / Scudder  14 Oct 1838Westfield, Union, New Jersey F8545
17 Sanford / Scudder  7 Jul 1821Westfield, Union, New Jersey F8688
18 Scudder / Brecount  30 Nov 1777Westfield, Union, New Jersey F12012
19 Scudder / Cooley  22 Apr 1835Westfield, Union, New Jersey F3334
20 Scudder / Cooper  12 Jul 1951Westfield, Union, New Jersey F1684
21 Scudder / Hetfield  23 Jun 1822Westfield, Union, New Jersey F8840
22 Scudder / Ludlow  26 Dec 1849Westfield, Union, New Jersey F9049
23 Scudder / Marsh  2 Jan 1787Westfield, Union, New Jersey F1135
24 Scudder / Meeker  24 Jun 1798Westfield, Union, New Jersey F5892
25 Scudder / Vail  6 May 1823Westfield, Union, New Jersey F7319
26 Scudder / Woodruff  17 Jul 1785Westfield, Union, New Jersey F7349
27 Scudder / Woodruff  8 Feb 1792Westfield, Union, New Jersey F8546
28 Squier / Scudder  14 Feb 1882Westfield, Union, New Jersey F3896
29 Squire / Baker  29 Jun 1844Westfield, Union, New Jersey F15626
30 Townley / Scudder  30 Mar 1848Westfield, Union, New Jersey F11820