Westfield, Essex, New Jersey



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna  Est 1793Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20250
2 Anna  Est 1793Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I86326
3 Jane  Est 1788Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20248
4 Jane  Est 1788Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I86324
5 Badgley, Abijah  7 Aug 1787Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I18061
6 Badgley, John  1732Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I18074
7 Badgley, John Squire  Abt 1791Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I18081
8 Badgley, Jonathan  11 Jul 1759Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I18073
9 Badgley, Mary  Abt 1793Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I18082
10 Badgley, Nancy  Abt 1795Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I18083
11 Badgley, Noah  Abt 1789Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I18080
12 Badgley, Stephen  13 Jan 1785Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I18062
13 Badgley, Timothy  12 Apr 1752Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I22201
14 Baker, Charity Scudder  22 Sep 1792Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20738
15 Baker, David  Abt 1772Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20800
16 Baker, Fanny  Abt 1773Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20799
17 Baker, Jesse  Est 1797Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20740
18 Baker, Jonathan I.  17 Feb 1764Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20737
19 Baker, Margaret  5 Nov 1795Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20739
20 Baker, Mary  Est 1801Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20742
21 Baker, Phebe  25 Nov 1760Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20667
22 Bloomfield, Corbet  1786Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20243
23 Bloomfield, Miriam  1790Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20244
24 Bloomfield, Nancy  12 Jul 1805Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20246
25 Bloomfield, Parker  Jul 1785Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20242
26 Bloomfield, Richard  1791Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20245
27 Broadberry, Mary  8 Jun 1778Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I39231
28 Clark, Abigail  16 Mar 1796Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20759
29 Clark, Abraham  24 Nov 1766Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20660
30 Clark, Abraham  1769Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20662
31 Clark, Ann Davis  24 Jan 1806Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20763
32 Clark, Charity  3 Sep 1786Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20669
33 Clark, Major Edward  4 Aug 1761Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20656
34 Clark, Edward Young  Est 1795Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20683
35 Clark, Eliza  30 May 1807Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20764
36 Clark, Fanny  Sep 1793Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20682
37 Clark, Hetty  1790Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20681
38 Clark, Horatio Dayton  28 Nov 1795Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20672
39 Clark, Jesse  1738Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I10041
40 Clark, John Baker  1764Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20657
41 Clark, John Baker  22 Dec 1798Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20673
42 Clark, John Chatfield  1800Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20761
43 Clark, John Milton  Aft 1793Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20684
44 Clark, Keziah  15 Mar 1812Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20766
45 Clark, Lewis  22 Dec 1798Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20674
46 Clark, Mary  Est 1776Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20665
47 Clark, Mary  Est 1787Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20247
48 Clark, Mary  31 May 1791Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20671
49 Clark, Mary  2 Sep 1809Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20765
50 Clark, Nancy Scudder  30 Dec 1788Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20670

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Clark, Abraham  9 Sep 1770Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20662
2 Clark, John Baker  11 Oct 1766Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20657
3 Clark, Keziah  27 Dec 1767Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20661
4 Clark, Samuel  4 Dec 1766Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20659
5 Clark, William Pierson  3 Jun 1808Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20758
6 Ludlow, Margaret Pool  4 Aug 1832Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I25694
7 Marsh, Ephraim  16 Apr 1770Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I73410
8 Marsh, Hannah  13 Jan 1761Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I73403
9 Marsh, Phebe  30 Sep 1764Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I73407
10 Marsh, Sarah  4 Jun 1764Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I73406
11 Marsh, Temperance  27 Oct 1766Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I73409
12 Scudder, Amos  11 Apr 1779Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9287
13 Scudder, Arrowsmith  4 Feb 1776Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9313
14 Scudder, Asa  17 Apr 1778Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9332
15 Scudder, Catherine  29 Jul 1792Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I23787
16 Scudder, Elizabeth  5 Jun 1763Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20228
17 Scudder, Elizabeth  14 Nov 1773Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20253
18 Scudder, Emily P.  13 Aug 1812Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9293
19 Scudder, Enoch  6 Jun 1790Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I23788
20 Scudder, Ephraim  19 Feb 1769Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20236
21 Scudder, Ephraim  14 Jan 1770Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9236
22 Scudder, Hannah Ross  15 Nov 1812Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I3009
23 Scudder, Hannah Ross  15 Nov 1812Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I87074
24 Scudder, Jane  13 Sep 1772Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20237
25 Scudder, John  21 Sep 1766Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I5193
26 Scudder, John Jr.  25 Apr 1802Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I2991
27 Scudder, John Corbett  28 Jul 1765Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20227
28 Scudder, John Spinning  9 Mar 1788Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9330
29 Scudder, Joseph F.  18 Mar 1810Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I3001
30 Scudder, Maria  20 May 1798Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I2997
31 Scudder, Mary  13 Aug 1812Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9294
32 Scudder, Mary  13 Aug 1812Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I85566
33 Scudder, Polly  17 Mar 1776Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20238
34 Scudder, Samuel  1 Jan 1776Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20254
35 Scudder, Sarah  11 Oct 1761Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20226
36 Scudder, Sarah  27 Oct 1771Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I5107
37 Scudder, Sarah  14 May 1815Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I3035
38 Scudder, Sarah  14 May 1815Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I86146
39 Scudder, Theodore  13 Aug 1812Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I21242


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Badgley, Abijah  23 Jul 1825Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I18061
2 Badgley, Jonathan  2 May 1834Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I18073
3 Baker, Charity Scudder  22 Apr 1880Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20738
4 Banta, Eliza  27 Oct 1881Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9277
5 Clark, Abraham  4 Dec 1766Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20660
6 Clark, Ephraim  15 Jan 1875Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20802
7 Clark, Hetty  Mar 1822Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20681
8 Clark, Jesse  24 Dec 1815Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I10041
9 Clark, John Chatfield  1800Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20761
10 Clark, Keziah  23 Oct 1865Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20766
11 Clark, Phoebe  18 Sep 1806Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I10047
12 Clark, Sarah  28 Jul 1773Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20663
13 Clark, Sarah Ann  17 Aug 1779Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20664
14 Cory, Levi  3 Jan 1895Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20773
15 Cory, Margaret  8 Oct 1899Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20772
16 Cory, Sarah  21 Apr 1776Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I2183
17 Davis, Sarah  10 Dec 1771Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I4692
18 Dunham, John  18 Nov 1811Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I10048
19 Marsh, Anna  DECEASEDWestfield, Essex, New Jersey I2151
20 Marsh, Ephraim  22 Apr 1750Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I2146
21 Marsh, Ephraim  5 May 1803Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I2148
22 Marsh, Kesiah  17 Mar 1809Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I2150
23 Marsh, William  May 1771Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I73411
24 Meeker, Joanna  18 Jan 1870Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I15606
25 Miller, Joanna  17 Jun 1815Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9237
26 Pierson, Elizabeth  25 Jun 1830Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20755
27 Scudder, Abraham Clark  30 Jul 1853Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I5194
28 Scudder, Anna  16 Apr 1762Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I2086
29 Scudder, Benjamin  20 Nov 1798Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I18097
30 Scudder, Caleb Corbett  2 Dec 1800Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I10049
31 Scudder, Catherine C.  4 Sep 1889Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9296
32 Scudder, Charity  20 Nov 1811Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I3230
33 Scudder, Charles  15 Oct 1805Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I76418
34 Scudder, Elizabeth Smith  29 Feb 1924Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I21229
35 Scudder, Elizabeth Smith  29 Feb 1924Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I86540
36 Scudder, Ephraim  12 Dec 1788Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I3227
37 Scudder, Ephraim  12 Sep 1843Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9239
38 Scudder, Ephraim  7 May 1849Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9236
39 Scudder, George Marsh  13 Aug 1922Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9312
40 Scudder, Isaac  21 Mar 1830Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I2189
41 Scudder, John  15 Jan 1738Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I2078
42 Scudder, John  28 Mar 1768Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I2187
43 Scudder, Captain John  26 Feb 1777Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I2080
44 Scudder, Colonel John  9 Oct 1791Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I3226
45 Scudder, Captain John  6 Oct 1844Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I3053
46 Scudder, John  23 May 1869Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9290
47 Scudder, John Randolph  30 Sep 1914Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9310
48 Scudder, John Spinning  18 Jan 1865Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9330
49 Scudder, Sarah Louise  1882Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I53550
50 Spinning, Martha  1814Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I10036

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Clark, Abraham  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20660
2 Clark, Abraham  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20662
3 Clark, Major Edward  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20656
4 Clark, Jesse  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I10041
5 Clark, John Baker  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20657
6 Clark, Sarah  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20663
7 Clark, Sarah Ann  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20664
8 Davis, Jane  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I2143
9 Davis, Sarah  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I2144
10 Davis, Sarah  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I4692
11 Miller, Joanna  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9237
12 Pierson, Elizabeth  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20755
13 Ross, Phoebe  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9288
14 Scudder, Abraham Clark  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I5194
15 Scudder, Amos  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9287
16 Scudder, Anna  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I2086
17 Scudder, Benjamin  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I18097
18 Scudder, Charity  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I3230
19 Scudder, Ephraim  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I3227
20 Scudder, Ephraim  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9236
21 Scudder, Captain John  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I2080
22 Scudder, Captain John  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I3053
23 Scudder, Colonel John  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I3226
24 Scudder, John  1738Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I2078
25 Stites, Sarah  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I9323
26 Woodruff, Rebecca  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20677


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cemetery    Person ID 
1 Woodruff, Rebecca  Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I20677


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Badgley, Elizabeth  1850Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I39724
2 Badgley, Emaline  1850Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I39728
3 Badgley, Henry  1850Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I39730
4 Badgley, Mary Caroline  1850Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I39729
5 Badgley, Noah Wilcox  1850Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I39723
6 Lilly, Margaret  1850Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I39725
7 Ludlow, Margaret Pool  1850Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I25694
8 Radley, Mary Catherine  1850Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I25699
9 Scudder, Daniel Smith  1850Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I5200
10 Scudder, Isaac Frazee  1850Westfield, Essex, New Jersey I5199


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Badgley / Osborne  21 Sep 1774Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F13553
2 Badgley / Scudder  15 Jan 1787Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F8426
3 Baker / Baker  1 Oct 1796Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F7519
4 Baker / Clark  20 Dec 1780Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F7490
5 Baker / Scudder  8 Jan 1772Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F239
6 Beach / Badgley  14 Mar 1797Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F8427
7 Beach / Badgley  14 Mar 1797Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F32166
8 Bloomfield / Scudder  Abt 1784Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F7355
9 Clark / Baker  5 Feb 1783Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F7474
10 Clark / Baker  1 May 1814Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F7497
11 Clark / Clark  6 May 1816Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F7521
12 Clark / Pierson  28 Feb 1793Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F7499
13 Clark / Scudder  26 Oct 1760Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F2696
14 Clark / Woodruff  7 Feb 1788Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F7475
15 Corey / Scudder  31 Aug 1840Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F3541
16 Cory / Baker  7 Jan 1810Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F7505
17 Decamp / Scudder  20 Aug 1778Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F1420
18 Enslee / Scudder  20 Mar 1768Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F3352
19 Frazee / Scudder  18 Sep 1775Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F3808
20 French / Clark  17 Sep 1822Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F7503
21 Garthwaite / Scudder  28 Dec 1814Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F13564
22 Hatfield / Scudder  4 Jan 1797Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F1416
23 High / Scudder  12 May 1805Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F8628
24 Marsh / Gillam  18 Dec 1768Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F26919
25 Marsh / Gillam  18 Dec 1768Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F32628
26 Mulford / Marsh  10 Mar 1785Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F26918
27 Pierson / Clark  18 Mar 1823Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F7488
28 Pierson / Clark  20 Oct 1833Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F7501
29 Scudder / Badgley  9 Mar 1786Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F8424
30 Scudder / Cory  23 Nov 1761Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F1126
31 Scudder / Gaston  31 Jul 1806Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F3548
32 Scudder / Gorff  24 Nov 1770Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F1514
33 Scudder / Lambert  17 Nov 1852Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F14309
34 Scudder / Marsh  19 Oct 1760Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F3812
35 Scudder / Miller  28 Dec 1794Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F3524
36 Scudder / Miller  24 Mar 1811Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F1427
37 Scudder / Miller  24 Mar 1811Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F32672
38 Scudder / Moore  7 Sep 1762Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F1438
39 Scudder / Sayres  29 Jan 1794Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F1435
40 Scudder / Stites  31 Jan 1764Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F1516
41 Scudder / Winans  17 Oct 1822Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F3525
42 Squire / Scudder  28 Feb 1792Westfield, Essex, New Jersey F8428