West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Anita  22 Sep 1868West Virginia I57905
2 Balser, Effie Belle  5 Jun 1905West Virginia I84655
3 Beall, Dr. Turner Ashby  Abt 1862West Virginia I47627
4 Booth, Edward D.  20 Jan 1820West Virginia I22051
5 Booth, Elijah  22 Apr 1811West Virginia I22046
6 Booth, Hart  5 Aug 1809West Virginia I22045
7 Booth, Jane Maria  20 Dec 1812West Virginia I22047
8 Booth, John  20 Jan 1804West Virginia I22043
9 Booth, Nancy Ann  23 Jun 1814West Virginia I22048
10 Booth, Stephen C.  3 Apr 1816West Virginia I22049
11 Booth, William Stoudt  28 Nov 1821West Virginia I22052
12 Calendine, Emma Frances  1849West Virginia I105136
13 Chadwick, Caroline Amelia  1827West Virginia I105141
14 Chenoweth, Ella  5 Sep 1871West Virginia I72403
15 Chenoweth, Fred  24 May 1874West Virginia I72404
16 Chenoweth, Hart  15 Apr 1882West Virginia I72405
17 Cooper, Thomas C.   I87425
18 Cordell, Ira Vanlyn  Abt 1922West Virginia I87336
19 Dering, Laura  2 May 1831West Virginia I105165
20 Dillard, Kathy  22 Feb 1956West Virginia I86023
21 Dowins, Richard Bryce  14 May 1925West Virginia I114494
22 Faulkner, Doctor Milton  18 Mar 1881West Virginia I31717
23 Faulkner, Gladys  Abt 1904West Virginia I31718
24 Faulkner, Ileta   I31721
25 Faulkner, Ira   I31720
26 Faulkner, Samuel   I31722
27 Flesher, Elias  14 Apr 1813West Virginia I26838
28 Heck, Fannie E.S.  16 Apr 1862West Virginia I105071
29 Huddleston, Archie D.  17 May 1916West Virginia I85574
30 Huddleston, Charles H.  25 Sep 1868West Virginia I84972
31 Huddleston, Charles W.  1 Feb 1881West Virginia I86510
32 Huddleston, Clyde Vernon  13 Apr 1919West Virginia I86537
33 Huddleston, Cora  21 Oct 1870West Virginia I87618
34 Huddleston, Dora Paulina  Jul 1860West Virginia I86346
35 Huddleston, Edward Bailey  Sep 1849West Virginia I86340
36 Huddleston, Effie Faye  9 May 1933West Virginia I87507
37 Huddleston, Emma B.  Abt 1885West Virginia I86475
38 Huddleston, Eunice Ann  Abt 1858West Virginia I85594
39 Huddleston, Frank D.  Abt 1872West Virginia I87617
40 Huddleston, James Robert  12 Nov 1911West Virginia I86147
41 Huddleston, John Philo  16 Nov 1851West Virginia I85595
42 Huddleston, Lester H.  16 Nov 1929West Virginia I85109
43 Huddleston, Miriam P.  Abt 1859West Virginia I86049
44 Huddleston, Nella A.  3 Sep 1892West Virginia I84830
45 Huddleston, Sara L.  Abt 1861West Virginia I87308
46 Huddleston, Virgie Ann  6 Oct 1913West Virginia I86145
47 Huddleston, Virginia M.   I86981
48 Huddleston, William  16 Dec 1946West Virginia I87623
49 Johnson, Betty J.   I86224
50 Johnson, Clarence Earl  13 Sep 1903West Virginia I86226

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bartlett, Virginia Dell  West Virginia I72464
2 Burns, Mabel S.  West Virginia I72430
3 Burns, Mary Knight  West Virginia I72476
4 Campbell, Ronald Eugene  West Virginia I71194
5 Chenoweth, Ella  West Virginia I72403
6 Chenoweth, Fred  West Virginia I72404
7 Chenoweth, Hart  West Virginia I72405
8 Chenoweth, Perry Wees  West Virginia I72402
9 Curtis, Anna May  West Virginia I72566
10 Curtis, David Quinton  West Virginia I72567
11 Curtis, Estella  West Virginia I72568
12 Curtis, Eusebius Ozias  West Virginia I72569
13 Curtis, Flossie Virginia  West Virginia I72570
14 Curtis, George McLean  West Virginia I72565
15 Dinkle, Florence A.  West Virginia I72573
16 Gibbons, Betty   I71247
17 Hart, Alexander Blair   I70994
18 Hart, Anna Grace  West Virginia I70845
19 Hart, Bertha  West Virginia I70855
20 Hart, Charles Maynard   I70995
21 Hart, Edith Eilene   I70992
22 Hart, Evelyn Juanita   I70989
23 Hart, George Bradley  West Virginia I70857
24 Hart, George Philip   I70990
25 Hart, Harold Walter   I70991
26 Hart, Helen Eureka  West Virginia I70988
27 Hart, Howard Mason   I70996
28 Hart, Howard Morton  West Virginia I70858
29 Hart, John Bradley  West Virginia I70970
30 Hart, Katherine Elizabeth  West Virginia I70806
31 Hart, Verna Stella  West Virginia I70856
32 Johnson, Clyde Beecher  West Virginia I70954
33 Johnson, Clyde Bosworth  West Virginia I70956
34 Johnson, Myra Grace  West Virginia I70955
35 Logan, Lucy Emert  West Virginia I70969
36 Loughary, Pearl   I71217
37 Lytle, Archibald Earle  West Virginia I72562
38 Lytle, Laura Daisy  West Virginia I72563
39 Lytle, Leah Ann  West Virginia I72561
40 Mc Dowell, Joseph Hart  West Virginia I70837
41 Mc Dowell, Mary Delia  West Virginia I70838
42 Mc Elwee, Alexander Basil   I70980
43 Mc Elwee, Bernard Bradley  West Virginia I70981
44 Mc Elwee, Eva  West Virginia I70975
45 Mc Elwee, Gertrude Bertha   I70979
46 Mc Elwee, Harry Jewel  West Virginia I70974
47 Mc Elwee, John Francis  West Virginia I70978
48 Mc Elwee, Mabel Hart  West Virginia I70972
49 Mc Elwee, Margaret Crawford  West Virginia I70973
50 Mc Elwee, Virginia Elizabeth  West Virginia I70977

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dillard, Kathy  Dec 1984West Virginia I86023
2 Downer, William S.  Bef 1880West Virginia I105158
3 Frame, James Minter  18 Dec 1937West Virginia I71177
4 Hart, Katherine Elizabeth  15 Feb 1992West Virginia I70806
5 Huddleston, John Philo  1913West Virginia I85595
6 Johnson, Fleming Seneca  23 May 1958West Virginia I86508
7 Lytle, French  14 Dec 1867West Virginia I72560
8 Lytle, Laura Daisy  6 Nov 1872West Virginia I72563
9 Lytle, Leah Ann  1 Sep 1867West Virginia I72561
10 Massing, John William  7 Oct 1969West Virginia I86618
11 Mc Elwee, Eva  29 Nov 1920West Virginia I70975
12 McCutcheon, Glenna Blaine  2 Feb 1990West Virginia I86404
13 Remick, William R.  5 Sep 1907West Virginia I111580
14 Rucker, Timmy O.  1971West Virginia I75247


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Chenoweth, Hart  Aug 1974West Virginia I72405
2 Harper, Samuel M.  Nov 1896West Virginia I72455
3 Hart, Helen Eureka  Feb 1963West Virginia I70988
4 Hart, Katherine Elizabeth  Feb 1992West Virginia I70806
5 Johnson, Clyde Bosworth  Sep 1961West Virginia I70956
6 Suiter, Florence Sarah  Feb 1983West Virginia I70993
7 Wees, Glenn  Aug 1878West Virginia I72409
8 Wees, Harley D.  Dec 1916West Virginia I72413


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Balser / Huddleston  Mar 1904West Virginia F32330
2 Chenoweth / Bartlett  Abt 1883West Virginia F26599
3 Hitchcock / Whann  2 Jan 1881West Virginia F26082
4 Scudder / Spitsenbarger  22 May 1834West Virginia F6422