Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Jennie M.  3 Mar 1872Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I50923
2 Beals, Janet Marie   I81417
3 Bennett, Geneva Clementine  19 Jan 1931Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I109533
4 Bennett, William Otto  5 Dec 1929Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I109532
5 Burress, Leslie  20 Nov 1893Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107684
6 Cochran, Dilver E.  14 Mar 1902Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I27025
7 Cochran, Everett Ellsworth  24 Jul 1924Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I27029
8 Cochran, Herman Lee  25 Dec 1929Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I27031
9 Cochran, Louise Marie  26 Dec 1935Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I27033
10 Curry, Jesse Perret  5 Aug 1876Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I86213
11 Ferguson, Tony Ulyses  9 Jul 1886Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I51040
12 Griffith, Nettie  7 Apr 1874Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I14025
13 Holdcraft, Elsie  17 Aug 1914Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I110440
14 Lock, Wiliam E.  3 Jun 1936Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107660
15 Nelson, Grace  16 Apr 1888Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I32535
16 Pickett, Clovis  10 Oct 1889Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I86388
17 Ricketts, Theo Beatrice  20 Mar 1896Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I14018
18 Scudder, Artemus  27 Dec 1887Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I32536
19 Scudder, Reverend Clarence Roy  5 Jul 1884Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I32770
20 Scudder, Dalton Lee Wilson   I28335
21 Scudder, Danielle Elizabeth Wilson  22 Sep 1992Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I28334
22 Scudder, Frank R.  15 Jan 1901Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I49092
23 Scudder, Fred Vester  11 Jan 1892Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I32537
24 Scudder, George Ernest  16 Jan 1888Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I17364
25 Scudder, Henry Harrison  9 Jan 1877Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I32522
26 Scudder, Lena Maxine  21 May 1933Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I30588
27 Scudder, Lloyd Griffith  9 Jun 1930Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I73815
28 Scudder, Lorraine  19 Jan 1930Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I30600
29 Scudder, Raymond Casper  23 Aug 1903Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I49087
30 Scudder, Roy  8 Feb 1893Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I21188
31 Scudder, Virgil Elmer   I46909
32 Snyder, Martha Maude  25 Nov 1882Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I32523
33 Tague, Donald Edwin  6 Feb 1940Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I30602
34 Waltz, Ernest Goodner  13 Oct 1894Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I51102
35 Webster, Martha Jean   I55719
36 Webster, Merrell Edwin   I55720
37 Webster, Raymond Lee  17 Mar 1917Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107478


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dora A.  9 Jun 1977Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107661
2 Gertrude A.  30 Jan 1997Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I50915
3 Irene L.  27 Apr 2002Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I96246
4 Bennett, Sophia M.  7 May 1955Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I5390
5 Bennett, Wendell B.  7 Dec 1984Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I25653
6 Bennett, Wilford A.  13 Nov 1936Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I109512
7 Bliss, Norma E.  18 Aug 1976Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I30850
8 Campbell, Harry E.  1 Apr 1965Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I50887
9 Cole, Mavis Irene  19 Aug 2012Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I77446
10 Curry, Rollin Lee  1 May 1979Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I96245
11 Gulley, Victor H.  21 Apr 1998Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I51161
12 Hart, Edith M.  25 Jan 1995Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107663
13 Hatton, Raymond  1 Aug 2003Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I97714
14 James, Wilma Juanita  8 Mar 2003Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I110298
15 Juilfs, Kathy  12 Dec 2011Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I59011
16 Lock, John Harvey  2 Dec 1962Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107656
17 Lock, Richard Harding  15 Apr 1995Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107662
18 Lockwood, Fred Lelant  4 Jan 1989Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I31324
19 Lothridge, Aileen  15 Jan 2003Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107657
20 McAlister, Paul David  28 Jul 2007Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I113630
21 McCarty, Junior Elisha  22 Aug 2011Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I114377
22 McCarty, Michael Wayne  8 Jun 2015Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I114383
23 McFarland, Walter Lee  21 Feb 1976Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I110777
24 Miller, Cecil  25 Jul 1965Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I61235
25 Moreillon, Leland D.  9 Oct 1993Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I50870
26 Peters, Harold Wayne  20 Feb 2009Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I114373
27 Peters, Luella Laverne  8 Nov 2014Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I114372
28 Phillips, Alfrieda  20 Jul 2000Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I61240
29 Phillips, Dennis Augustus  16 Sep 1966Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I61236
30 Pickett, Clovis  19 Sep 1987Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I86388
31 Reed, Mavis Marietta  7 Feb 2011Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I113617
32 Rogers, Robert Hart  31 Dec 1989Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I60346
33 Romans, John Allen  1943Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I85698
34 Sanders, Tempest  4 Nov 1986Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I86387
35 Scott, Patricia Ann  10 Feb 2008Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I54044
36 Scudder, Carroll Norman  28 Dec 2015Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I31977
37 Scudder, Danielle Elizabeth Wilson  24 Sep 1992Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I28334
38 Scudder, Dwight Roy  9 Dec 1955Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I29305
39 Scudder, Elnora Marjorie  12 Sep 2013Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I30740
40 Scudder, Gladys Muriel  17 Jun 2003Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I30586
41 Scudder, Hilbert  21 Apr 1970Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I31800
42 Scudder, Ida May  8 Feb 1942Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I19467
43 Scudder, James Earl  29 Dec 1985Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I23287
44 Scudder, James W.  10 Aug 2008Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I41402
45 Scudder, John R.  1949Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I5332
46 Scudder, Julian E.  8 Dec 1991Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I32549
47 Scudder, Mary A.  7 Jun 1937Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I5386
48 Scudder, Maud  19 Mar 1963Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I31945
49 Scudder, Mavis Muriel  28 Jul 1990Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I31802
50 Scudder, Olive W.  8 Nov 1997Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I31309

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bessie C.  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107667
2 Dora A.  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107661
3 Edna S.  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107666
4 Geraldine E  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I106490
5 Gertrude A.  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I50915
6 Irene L.  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I96246
7 Jennie  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I50834
8 Ackerman, Wanda Lou  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I37545
9 Bennett, Dorothy M.  14 May 1973Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I31971
10 Bennett, Wendell B.  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I25653
11 Bentel, Emma A.  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I61543
12 Bladen, Daniel Allen  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I96242
13 Bliss, Bertha Etta  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I31798
14 Bliss, Norma E.  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I30850
15 Bliton, Ralph Dale  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I87526
16 Blodget, Charles Elwyn  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I110804
17 Boyd, Hollis C.  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I30852
18 Boyd, Jessie Grace  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I14009
19 Boyd, Laura Kate  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I14008
20 Burress, Leslie  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107684
21 Burress, Wilford  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107687
22 Callahan, Lydia Cecil  8 May 1960Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I19430
23 Chase, Leland James  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I110340
24 Cole, Mavis Irene  23 Aug 2012Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I77446
25 Coy, Margaret Jeanette  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I114370
26 Curry, Jesse Perret  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I86213
27 Curry, Rollin Lee  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I96245
28 Curry, Van Elmer  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107668
29 Davis, Velera Frances  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I14036
30 Devers, Owen Frederick  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I110281
31 Green, Meredith  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I37556
32 Gross, Edna Jane  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I41113
33 Gullion, Carrie Ann  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I55717
34 Gullion, Reverend George Elmer  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I19487
35 Hageman, Clara  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I5384
36 Hallgarth, Helen Mae  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107485
37 Hart, Edith M.  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107663
38 Jackson, Artie E.  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I32544
39 James, Wilma Juanita  12 Mar 2003Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I110298
40 Johnson, Alice M.  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I50810
41 Juilfs, Kathy  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I59011
42 Juilfs, Ricky Lee  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I84678
43 Kinman, Lawrence Junior  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I110272
44 Kitenbrink, Catherine B.  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I50854
45 Knaus, Lee  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I31976
46 Lewis, John William  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I86197
47 Lock, Charles E.  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107654
48 Lock, Chester E.  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107655
49 Lock, Henry  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107651
50 Lock, John Harvey  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I107656

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cemetery    Person ID 
1 Johnson, Alice M.  Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I50810


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Delia  1930Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I50853
2 Bliton, Betty Jo   I106509
3 Bliton, Mary Elizabeth   I106511
4 Johnson, Alice M.  1930Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I50810
5 McCorkhill, Rachel  1870Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I13960
6 Moreillon, Benjamin M.  1930Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I50796
7 Moreillon, Beulah G.   I50899
8 Moreillon, Dwight  1930Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I50898
9 Moreillon, Sim Marion  1930Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I50852
10 Scudder, Dorothy M.   I48517
11 Scudder, Edward E.  1910Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I5350
12 Scudder, Erastus  1870Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I13964
13 Scudder, Francis  1870Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I13967
14 Scudder, Francis M.  1930Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I48515
15 Scudder, Gerald A.  1910Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I30743
16 Scudder, Ira Lester  1870Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I13968
17 Scudder, John Oliver  1870Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I13970
18 Scudder, Juanita  1930Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I48520
19 Scudder, Lorraine Hazel  1930Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I73700
20 Scudder, Norman M.  1930Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I48519
21 Scudder, Rosina  1870Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I13961
22 Scudder, Sarah Ann  1870Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I13962
23 Scudder, Silas  1870Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I13965
24 Shurman, Florence  1930Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I109513
25 Sullivan, Hazel Lorraine  1930Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana I48516


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bennett / Pike   F40315
2 Brown / Scudder   F40907
3 Johnson / Scudder  23 Sep 1995Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana F21483
4 Markland / Scudder  12 Jun 1918Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana F14626
5 May / Slack   F40744
6 Rose / Scudder  23 Oct 1954Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana F18511
7 Scudder / Ackerman  3 Apr 1953Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana F13271
8 Scudder / James  22 Mar 1883Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana F2220
9 Scudder / Reed  28 Nov 1917Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana F13050
10 Scudder / Sigmon   F13053
11 Scudder / Wilson   F9937
12 Scudder / Works   F13282
13 Swanson / Scudder  30 Jun 1961Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana F16804
14 Turner / Henry   F14641
15 Webster / Gullion  23 Mar 1912Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana F20277
16 Webster / Scudder  7 Mar 1932Vevay, Switzerland, Indiana F20276
17 White / Morris   F40675