Seaford, Sussex, Delaware



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Holt, Walter William  13 Mar 1892Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62610
2 Lank, Harry Graham  5 May 1912Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62977
3 Lank, Herbert Hayman  7 Jan 1904Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62975
4 Lank, James Basil  21 Jul 1897Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62543
5 Lank, Julia Elizabeth  30 Aug 1916Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62978
6 Lank, Raymond Davis  16 Apr 1900Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62974
7 Lank, William Albert  29 Dec 1907Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62976
8 Marvel, Anna Pearl  24 Dec 1901Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62937
9 Price, Joseph Manning  28 Apr 1917Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62980


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ellis, Elizabeth  13 Jan 1993Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62623
2 Holt, John D.  9 Aug 1997Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62619
3 Holt, Joseph H. Jr.  2 Dec 1993Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62618
4 Lank, Albert Jackson  15 May 1968Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62574
5 Lank, Edward Graham  11 May 1974Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62578
6 Lank, Dr. Urias F.  12 Nov 1898Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62533
7 Morris, Elizabeth Robbins  14 Jul 1972Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I3744
8 Price, Joseph Manning  2 Dec 1993Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62980
9 Scott, Sarah A.  2 Nov 1862Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62523
10 Spicer, George W.  11 May 1868Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62553
11 Spicer, Tilghman L. Jr.  11 Jul 1907Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62519
12 Swain, Helen M.  Jun 1978Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62939
13 Truitt, Louisa Jennie  12 Sep 1922Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62524


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Allen, William  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62569
2 Coulbourn, Ann  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62509
3 Coulbourn, Elijah  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62518
4 Graham, Julia Ann  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62521
5 Graham, Maude E.  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62964
6 Hayman, Elizabeth Estelle  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62971
7 Hollis, Mary Elizabeth  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62997
8 Lank, Albert Jackson  17 May 1968Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62574
9 Lank, Edward Graham  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62578
10 Lank, Elizabeth Eleanor  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62512
11 Lank, Frank  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62579
12 Lank, Harry Graham  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62977
13 Lank, John Lewis  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62573
14 Lank, Julia Elizabeth  10 Apr 2008Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62978
15 Lank, Captain Levin  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I10554
16 Lank, Levin Martin  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62575
17 Lank, Marion  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62577
18 Lank, Nancy E.  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62540
19 Lank, Raymond Davis  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62974
20 Lank, Robert Elwood  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62576
21 Lank, Robert Richard  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62516
22 Lank, Dr. Urias F.  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62533
23 Lank, William Albert  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62976
24 Lank, William T.  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62572
25 Price, Joseph Manning  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62980
26 Short, Norris S.  Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62786


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Nancy  1900Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62606
2 Allen, Edwin Henry  1880Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62566
3 Allen, Effie  1880Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62568
4 Allen, James H.  1880Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62522
5 Allen, Kate  1880Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62567
6 Holt, Clara B.  1900Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62608
7 Holt, Clara B.  1910Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62608
8 Holt, Mary A.  1900Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62607
9 Holt, Mary A.  1910Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62607
10 Holt, Walter William  1900Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62610
11 Holt, Walter William  1910Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62610
12 Holt, William L.  1900Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62547
13 Lank, Sabra Martin  1880Seaford, Sussex, Delaware I62517


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Price / Burton   F23075
2 Price / Lank  2 Oct 1938Seaford, Sussex, Delaware F23063