Prairie, Tipton, Indiana



Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jackson, Lora Elsworth  13 Oct 1899Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I60605
2 Jackson, Walter Collin  24 Jul 1897Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I60604
3 Loy, Herbert Edward  10 Sep 1929Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I110235
4 Scudder, Denton  16 Apr 1873Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I30208
5 Scudder, Luzilla  23 Dec 1871Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I30211
6 Smith, Oliver Perry  18 Nov 1883Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I36144


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Cooper, Ethel G.  1900Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I32958
2 Cooper, Ethel G.  1930Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I32958
3 Cooper, Olive B.  1910Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I60595
4 Cooper, Olive B.  1930Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I60595
5 Cooper, William Thomas  1880Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I31853
6 Cooper, William Thomas  1900Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I31853
7 Cooper, William Thomas  1930Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I31853
8 Harlow, Zenis Lee  1880Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I32959
9 Harlow, Zenis Lee  1910Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I32959
10 Jackson, Edna E.  1900Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I60603
11 Jackson, Lora Elsworth  1900Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I60605
12 Jackson, Mary Pearl  1910Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I60607
13 Jackson, Omer Everitt  1880Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I32960
14 Jackson, Omer Everitt  1900Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I32960
15 Jackson, Omer Everitt  1910Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I32960
16 Jackson, Roy Vern  1910Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I60606
17 Jackson, Roy Vern  1920Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I60606
18 Jackson, Walter Collin  1900Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I60604
19 Legard, Phebe A.  1900Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I32957
20 Rogers, Eunice  1880Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I5284
21 Scudder, Alfred S.  1880Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I30209
22 Scudder, Alfred S.  1900Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I30209
23 Scudder, Alfred S.  1920Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I30209
24 Scudder, Amy  1910Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I31862
25 Scudder, Amy  1920Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I31862
26 Scudder, Carroll June  1920Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I31864
27 Scudder, Cora  1910Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I30796
28 Scudder, Denton  1880Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I30208
29 Scudder, Denton  1920Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I30208
30 Scudder, Emma  1880Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I30212
31 Scudder, Emma  1900Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I30212
32 Scudder, Evaline  1880Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I29096
33 Scudder, Evaline  1930Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I29096
34 Scudder, George W.  1880Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I29089
35 Scudder, Luzilla  1880Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I30211
36 Scudder, William J.  1880Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I5275
37 Smith, Oliver Perry  1900Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I36144
38 Watson, Minnie  1920Prairie, Tipton, Indiana I31863