Northport, Suffolk, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ackerly, Edna  23 Nov 1878Northport, Suffolk, New York I81926
2 Ackerly, Edna J.  May 1850Northport, Suffolk, New York I81920
3 Ackerly, Frank Eugene  Sep 1897Northport, Suffolk, New York I81936
4 Ackerly, Gracie E.  Jun 1871Northport, Suffolk, New York I81922
5 Ackerly, Neil  12 Oct 1880Northport, Suffolk, New York I81921
6 Ackerly, Samuel Leroy  28 Jan 1873Northport, Suffolk, New York I81923
7 Arthur, John Ward  14 Oct 1857Northport, Suffolk, New York I14716
8 Arthur, Robert  Abt 1660Northport, Suffolk, New York I2047
9 Bartow, Nancy Cecelia  5 Feb 1839Northport, Suffolk, New York I34091
10 Batchley, Caroline  Nov 1857Northport, Suffolk, New York I75013
11 Bennett, Helen Francis  16 Feb 1897Northport, Suffolk, New York I31532
12 Beyer, Anne Carol   I39041
13 Beyer, Beth Marie   I39042
14 Beyer, Jane Carrie   I39010
15 Beyer, Susan Lee   I39011
16 Bishop, John Henry  5 Mar 1844Northport, Suffolk, New York I82996
17 Bishop, Roscoe  1 Mar 1840Northport, Suffolk, New York I99419
18 Blydenburgh, Clifford Lorimer  25 Aug 1914Northport, Suffolk, New York I39141
19 Blydenburgh, Gilbert Scudder  30 Oct 1909Northport, Suffolk, New York I39140
20 Blydenburgh, Mildred Marie  24 Jul 1902Northport, Suffolk, New York I39139
21 Brown, Dolores Sloan  5 Aug 1898Northport, Suffolk, New York I31529
22 Brown, Pearl Viroque  8 Oct 1893Northport, Suffolk, New York I33761
23 Brown, Vivian Emma  30 Jan 1881Northport, Suffolk, New York I39018
24 Carll, Benjaimin Wainburg  28 Nov 1869Northport, Suffolk, New York I85912
25 Carll, David  9 Oct 1830Northport, Suffolk, New York I75337
26 Carll, Jesse E.  17 Sep 1798Northport, Suffolk, New York I86079
27 Carlson, Stanley Edward  20 Aug 1914Northport, Suffolk, New York I52266
28 Conklin, Earle T.  Mar 1894Northport, Suffolk, New York I48909
29 Dixon, Edna J.  8 Feb 1891Northport, Suffolk, New York I25124
30 Dixon, Jacob Sammis  6 Aug 1838Northport, Suffolk, New York I25116
31 Dreusike, Marie Dorothy  25 Aug 1899Northport, Suffolk, New York I113520
32 Fisher, Barbara   I38538
33 Fisher, Suzanne   I38579
34 Freeman, Ethel Evelyn  4 Mar 1891Northport, Suffolk, New York I38949
35 Freeman, Muriel Cecelia  12 Jan 1898Northport, Suffolk, New York I38969
36 Freeman, Zella Minerva  16 Apr 1895Northport, Suffolk, New York I38956
37 Gildersleeve  Northport, Suffolk, New York I79172
38 Gildersleeve, Bradford Louis  19 Nov 1851Northport, Suffolk, New York I79294
39 Gildersleeve, Bridget  1719Northport, Suffolk, New York I2218
40 Gildersleeve, Dr. Charles Child  28 Apr 1866Northport, Suffolk, New York I79371
41 Gildersleeve, Ebenezer  2 Sep 1808Northport, Suffolk, New York I79140
42 Gildersleeve, Hubbard Ketcham  27 Mar 1813Northport, Suffolk, New York I79169
43 Gildersleeve, Isabella  7 Mar 1847Northport, Suffolk, New York I79289
44 Gildersleeve, John  10 Oct 1785Northport, Suffolk, New York I79108
45 Gildersleeve, Joshua Bunce  18 Feb 1837Northport, Suffolk, New York I79166
46 Gildersleeve, Platt Lewis  12 Apr 1818Northport, Suffolk, New York I79171
47 Gildersleeve, Ruth Harriet  14 Feb 1810Northport, Suffolk, New York I79167
48 Gildersleeve, Samuel  5 Apr 1834Northport, Suffolk, New York I79220
49 Gildersleeve, Selah Clinton  17 Jul 1859Northport, Suffolk, New York I75066
50 Gildersleeve, Susie Almira  26 Mar 1869Northport, Suffolk, New York I79373

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Scudder, Alfred Bartow  31 Jan 1906Northport, Suffolk, New York I38927
2 Scudder, Charles Edmund  2 Feb 1919Northport, Suffolk, New York I39063
3 Scudder, Harold Williamson  31 Jan 1906Northport, Suffolk, New York I38928
4 Scudder, William Edward  27 Sep 1901Northport, Suffolk, New York I29247


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ackerly, Nathaniel Scudder  10 Apr 1920Northport, Suffolk, New York I81917
2 Ackerly, Neil  22 Dec 1886Northport, Suffolk, New York I81921
3 Ackerly, Samuel  19 Mar 1866Northport, Suffolk, New York I14748
4 Arthur, Eliphalet  12 Jun 1832Northport, Suffolk, New York I14709
5 Arthur, Isaac Bunce  30 Jul 1825Northport, Suffolk, New York I86150
6 Bartow, Nancy Cecelia  27 Jul 1875Northport, Suffolk, New York I34091
7 Beeman, Martin Scudder  20 Aug 1972Northport, Suffolk, New York I81929
8 Brown, Dolores Sloan  10 Nov 1965Northport, Suffolk, New York I31529
9 Brown, Vivian Emma  23 Aug 1963Northport, Suffolk, New York I39018
10 Budd, Mary  18 Mar 1813Northport, Suffolk, New York I2315
11 Call, Lena May  26 Sep 1953Northport, Suffolk, New York I39064
12 Carll, Jesse E.  23 Oct 1848Northport, Suffolk, New York I86079
13 Carll, Phoebe  17 Apr 1821Northport, Suffolk, New York I2231
14 Cheshire, Laura Ann  9 May 1890Northport, Suffolk, New York I14729
15 Chichester, Mary  12 Dec 1831Northport, Suffolk, New York I14714
16 Conklin, Burton Abrum  23 Jul 1975Northport, Suffolk, New York I48908
17 Conklin, George Henry  30 Apr 1928Northport, Suffolk, New York I48906
18 Crawford, Mary Elizabeth  28 Oct 1992Northport, Suffolk, New York I39066
19 Dixon, Jacob Sammis  10 Dec 1902Northport, Suffolk, New York I25116
20 Fleet, John Perrott  30 Dec 1909Northport, Suffolk, New York I14726
21 Fleet, Mary Scidmore  1 Apr 1937Northport, Suffolk, New York I50108
22 Fleet, Richard Long  6 Apr 1895Northport, Suffolk, New York I14725
23 Fleet, Sarah Elizabeth  5 May 1909Northport, Suffolk, New York I9374
24 Gildersleeve, Charles Leonard  17 Feb 1879Northport, Suffolk, New York I34095
25 Gildersleeve, Ebenezer  13 Sep 1861Northport, Suffolk, New York I79140
26 Gildersleeve, Ethelbert Hahneman  3 Feb 1913Northport, Suffolk, New York I34098
27 Gildersleeve, Hannah Jane  24 May 1926Northport, Suffolk, New York I79224
28 Gildersleeve, Joshua Bunce  5 Dec 1914Northport, Suffolk, New York I79166
29 Gildersleeve, Sarah Annie  1934Northport, Suffolk, New York I79296
30 Hamilton, Mary  14 Feb 1905Northport, Suffolk, New York I14750
31 Hankinson, Henry Marshall  Sep 1974Northport, Suffolk, New York I39065
32 Hendrie, Jonathan Arthur  3 Jun 1993Northport, Suffolk, New York I81995
33 Hill, Elmer Collins  May 1972Northport, Suffolk, New York I99424
34 Kent, Phebe Ellen  26 Aug 1923Northport, Suffolk, New York I75070
35 Ketcham, Ada  17 May 1946Northport, Suffolk, New York I99610
36 Ketcham, Harriet E.  6 Jul 1918Northport, Suffolk, New York I99623
37 Laws, Charity Maria  9 Apr 1894Northport, Suffolk, New York I85848
38 Lewis, Arthur Elwood  26 Sep 1903Northport, Suffolk, New York I79379
39 Lewis, Edgar Laws  22 Feb 1921Northport, Suffolk, New York I99609
40 Lewis, Ella A.  10 Jul 1862Northport, Suffolk, New York I99608
41 Lewis, Joseph Scudder  18 Feb 1901Northport, Suffolk, New York I4089
42 Lewis, Phebe  9 Jan 1888Northport, Suffolk, New York I4114
43 Lewis, Raymond Joshua  8 Aug 1896Northport, Suffolk, New York I79377
44 Lewis, Wilbur W.  19 Mar 1933Northport, Suffolk, New York I99613
45 Lowndes, Grace Bucknam  11 May 1980Northport, Suffolk, New York I110611
46 Mulford, Phebe Frances  5 Sep 1884Northport, Suffolk, New York I99619
47 Olmstead, Mary Alice  15 Feb 1934Northport, Suffolk, New York I81932
48 Quackenbush, Cynthia  May 1977Northport, Suffolk, New York I81937
49 Rogers, Phoebe Jerusha  17 Mar 1926Northport, Suffolk, New York I34100
50 Romano, Dominic Lawrence  Aft 1985Northport, Suffolk, New York I39048

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Elsie M.  Northport, Suffolk, New York I82137
2 Ackerly, Andrew A.  Northport, Suffolk, New York I81919
3 Ackerly, Edna  Northport, Suffolk, New York I81926
4 Ackerly, Elizabeth  Oct 1903Northport, Suffolk, New York I14743
5 Ackerly, Esther A.  Northport, Suffolk, New York I34089
6 Ackerly, Frank Eugene  Northport, Suffolk, New York I81936
7 Ackerly, Nathaniel Scudder  Northport, Suffolk, New York I81917
8 Ackerly, Samuel Leroy  Northport, Suffolk, New York I81923
9 Arthur, Mary  Northport, Suffolk, New York I14712
10 Barney, Sarah  Northport, Suffolk, New York I81989
11 Beyer, Frederic Edward  Northport, Suffolk, New York I39009
12 Bishop, John Henry  Northport, Suffolk, New York I82996
13 Bishop, Roscoe  Northport, Suffolk, New York I99419
14 Brown, Pearl Viroque  Northport, Suffolk, New York I33761
15 Brown, Vivian Emma  25 Aug 1963Northport, Suffolk, New York I39018
16 Bryant, Melancton  Northport, Suffolk, New York I14663
17 Bunce, Edith Belle  Northport, Suffolk, New York I82050
18 Bunce, Frank Elliott  Northport, Suffolk, New York I82051
19 Bunce, Franklin S.  Northport, Suffolk, New York I82049
20 Bunce, Grace Lynn  Northport, Suffolk, New York I82052
21 Call, Lena May  Sep 1953Northport, Suffolk, New York I39064
22 Carlson, Stanley Edward  Northport, Suffolk, New York I52266
23 Cheshire, Laura Ann  Northport, Suffolk, New York I14729
24 Collinson, Olga  May 1965Northport, Suffolk, New York I38943
25 Conklin, Hannah Jane  Northport, Suffolk, New York I25166
26 Crawford, Mary Elizabeth  Oct 1992Northport, Suffolk, New York I39066
27 Davis, Mary Martha  Northport, Suffolk, New York I81918
28 Dixon, Jacob Sammis  Northport, Suffolk, New York I25116
29 Downey, Mary  Northport, Suffolk, New York I23185
30 Enoch, Ruth  Northport, Suffolk, New York I14749
31 Fleet, Jesse J.  Northport, Suffolk, New York I14727
32 Fleet, John Perrott  Northport, Suffolk, New York I14726
33 Fleet, Richard Long  Northport, Suffolk, New York I14725
34 Freeman, Ethel Evelyn  Nov 1921Northport, Suffolk, New York I38949
35 Gildersleeve, Hannah  Northport, Suffolk, New York I79164
36 Grathwohl, Lee Anne  Northport, Suffolk, New York I39046
37 Hamilton, Mary  Northport, Suffolk, New York I14750
38 Hartt, Earl M.  Northport, Suffolk, New York I99528
39 Hewlett, Elizabeth  Northport, Suffolk, New York I4117
40 Higbie, Fannie R.  Northport, Suffolk, New York I4093
41 Ketcham, Jesse  Northport, Suffolk, New York I79165
42 Lewis  Northport, Suffolk, New York I99618
43 Mangan, Elizabeth Mary  Northport, Suffolk, New York I82031
44 Mathias, Alice M.  Northport, Suffolk, New York I99522
45 Mathias, Edward A.  Northport, Suffolk, New York I34093
46 Nichols, Sarah Elizabeth  Northport, Suffolk, New York I99615
47 Olmstead, Irene B.  Northport, Suffolk, New York I82374
48 Olmstead, Mary Alice  Northport, Suffolk, New York I81932
49 Peters, Ella Eatou  Northport, Suffolk, New York I48907
50 Romano, Ann Marie  Northport, Suffolk, New York I39044

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Ackerly, Christina   I81970
2 Ackerly, Edna Chase  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I81935
3 Ackerly, Harold Davis Jr.  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I81969
4 Ackerly, Harold Davis  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I81925
5 Ackerly, Katherine M.   I81971
6 Ackerly, Nathaniel T.  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I81968
7 Beeman, Edward Everett  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I81928
8 Beeman, Martha Davis  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I81930
9 Beeman, Martin Scudder  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I81929
10 Brown, Pearl Viroque  1900Northport, Suffolk, New York I33761
11 Call, Lena May  1920Northport, Suffolk, New York I39064
12 Conklin, Burton Abrum  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I48908
13 Conklin, Burton S.   I48912
14 Conklin, Lucille E.   I48911
15 Eye, Virginia Kathryn   I34379
16 Hill, Elmer Collins  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I99424
17 Hubbs, Archibald Hart  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I39005
18 Hubbs, Claire J.   I39004
19 Hubbs, Lloyd S.  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I39007
20 Kerr, Nathaniel Morris  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I81944
21 Lewis, Alvin B.  1860Northport, Suffolk, New York I34062
22 Lewis, Egbert S.  1860Northport, Suffolk, New York I34063
23 Lewis, Captain Egbert Scudder  1860Northport, Suffolk, New York I4088
24 Lewis, Eva H.  1860Northport, Suffolk, New York I34060
25 Lewis, Francis M.  1860Northport, Suffolk, New York I34059
26 Lewis, Joseph C.  1860Northport, Suffolk, New York I34061
27 Lewis, Sarah M.S.  1860Northport, Suffolk, New York I34054
28 Munch, George Leslie  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I84957
29 Quackenbush, Cynthia  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I81937
30 Quackenbush, Dr. Francis  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I76488
31 Sammis, Frederick N.  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I82040
32 Scudder, Anne Elisabeth  1920Northport, Suffolk, New York I39049
33 Scudder, Charles Edmund  1920Northport, Suffolk, New York I39063
34 Scudder, Charles Henry  1920Northport, Suffolk, New York I33393
35 Scudder, Elsie Mae  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I60402
36 Scudder, Frank Elmer  1920Northport, Suffolk, New York I39060
37 Scudder, Gilbert Henry  1920Northport, Suffolk, New York I23175
38 Scudder, Grace Marian  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I32624
39 Scudder, Louis Calvin  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I23186
40 Scudder, Mabel Luzetta  1920Northport, Suffolk, New York I39061
41 Scudder, Ralph Clinton  1920Northport, Suffolk, New York I33392
42 Simpson, Ethel Lillian.  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I48910
43 Trautman, Jeanette  1930Northport, Suffolk, New York I81967
44 Wheeler, Elizabeth S.  1860Northport, Suffolk, New York I34050


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   1774Northport, Suffolk, New York F12221
2 / Sammis  28 Jul 1944Northport, Suffolk, New York F30311
3 Ackerly /   1 May 1819Northport, Suffolk, New York F11908
4 Ackerly / Olmstead  5 Jan 1893Northport, Suffolk, New York F30272
5 Baylis / Cole  16 Mar 1902Northport, Suffolk, New York F29456
6 Beyer / Scudder  29 Aug 1948Northport, Suffolk, New York F13818
7 Bishop / Scudder  21 Mar 1872Northport, Suffolk, New York F36023
8 Blydenburgh / Scudder  25 Sep 1901Northport, Suffolk, New York F13850
9 Carll / Conklin  14 Jan 1940Northport, Suffolk, New York F25568
10 Conklin / Conklin  Abt 1885Northport, Suffolk, New York F12302
11 Conklin / Peters  10 Feb 1886Northport, Suffolk, New York F17515
12 Conklin / Soper  26 Apr 1897Northport, Suffolk, New York F12383
13 Fleet / Cheshire  9 Nov 1887Northport, Suffolk, New York F32226
14 Fleet / Scidmore  16 Jun 1850Northport, Suffolk, New York F5537
15 Forsdick / Sammis  Northport, Suffolk, New York F27812
16 Hankinson / Scudder  16 Aug 1930Northport, Suffolk, New York F13831
17 Hendrickson / Scudder  5 Jun 1867Northport, Suffolk, New York F5529
18 Hill / Scudder  14 Sep 1922Northport, Suffolk, New York F36026
19 Hubbs / Scudder  1 Jan 1921Northport, Suffolk, New York F13807
20 Hubbs / Scudder  23 Aug 1924Northport, Suffolk, New York F13805
21 Kerr / Ackerly  10 Nov 1890Northport, Suffolk, New York F30271
22 Kolloff / Blydenburgh  24 Jul 1926Northport, Suffolk, New York F13855
23 Lewis / Gildersleeve  8 Nov 1893Northport, Suffolk, New York F29194
24 Lewis / Ketcham  8 Nov 1893Northport, Suffolk, New York F36095
25 Lewis / Laws  9 Mar 1848Northport, Suffolk, New York F29386
26 Lewis / Mulford  11 Sep 1851Northport, Suffolk, New York F36100
27 Raynor / Conklin  1861Northport, Suffolk, New York F12308
28 Romano / Scudder  14 Apr 1929Northport, Suffolk, New York F13824
29 Sammis / Lewis  3 Nov 1903Northport, Suffolk, New York F36103
30 Sammis / Prieto   F27610
31 Sammis / Snyder  10 Sep 1919Northport, Suffolk, New York F27813
32 Sammis / Udall  24 Dec 1874Northport, Suffolk, New York F28120
33 Scidmore / Cheshire  23 Nov 1879Northport, Suffolk, New York F5539
34 Scudder / Bartow  16 Apr 1861Northport, Suffolk, New York F11909
35 Scudder / Brown  31 Jan 1901Northport, Suffolk, New York F13808
36 Scudder / Brown  12 Oct 1917Northport, Suffolk, New York F11034
37 Scudder / Call  4 May 1895Northport, Suffolk, New York F13819
38 Scudder / Fleet  27 Jan 1884Northport, Suffolk, New York F18006
39 Scudder / Hamilton  1837Northport, Suffolk, New York F5548
40 Scudder / Johnson   F13834
41 Scudder / Lazet   F26550
42 Scudder / Martin  31 Jul 1934Northport, Suffolk, New York F13860
43 Scudder / Olcott  11 Sep 1888Northport, Suffolk, New York F11523
44 Scudder / Reid  3 Feb 1923Northport, Suffolk, New York F13828
45 Valentine / Leyden   F29559
46 Wood / Scudder  20 Dec 1848Northport, Suffolk, New York F1823