Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bandy, Doctor William Thomas  11 May 1903Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I74037
2 Bierly, Norford Gene   I61308
3 Bilbrey, Erica Renia   I61324
4 Bilbrey, Jeremy T.   I61323
5 Bosworth, Cora Mary  18 Apr 1889Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105380
6 Curtis, Paul David   I36982
7 Greer, Lethea  1884Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105354
8 Hudnall, Etta Pearl  17 May 1891Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105296
9 Hudnall, Oakley Milburn  19 Aug 1895Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105297
10 Hunt, Lloyd Lee  11 Mar 1909Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105351
11 Martin, Joan Monroe  16 Jun 1930Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37762
12 Messick, Terry Carl  19 Apr 1947Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I114176
13 Myers, Lannie Frances  17 Jul 1870Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105379
14 Randolph, Jonathan Andrew   I51631
15 Randolph, Joshua Miles   I51633
16 Randolph, Michael Aaron   I51632
17 Ryman, Louis Read  10 Oct 1875Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105292
18 Ryman, Robert Rufus  23 Dec 1883Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105293
19 Ryman, Roberta Frances  17 Aug 1922Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105306
20 Scudder, Amy Leigh   I37766
21 Scudder, Anna Macy   I51644
22 Scudder, Billy Franklin   I37713
23 Scudder, Constance Ruth   I37763
24 Scudder, Deborah Maureen   I37761
25 Scudder, Dianne   I37764
26 Scudder, Elizabeth Frances  29 Apr 1924Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37711
27 Scudder, Judy Ann   I37758
28 Scudder, Kaylor Ryan   I51643
29 Scudder, Norman Michael   I37760
30 Scudder, Richard Kyle   I51642
31 Scudder, William Howard  12 Apr 1961Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37768
32 Scudder, Jr, William Howard  9 Oct 1921Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37710
33 Sheler, Eddie  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I16283
34 Tippens, Albert Harris  1 Jan 1895Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I53734


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Badacour, Louis Wiliam  2 Feb 1921Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105285
2 Baskin, Doris Joan  16 Nov 1984Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I82489
3 Bosworth, Andrew Jackson  15 Apr 1882Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105280
4 Bosworth, Cora Mary  21 Mar 1957Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105380
5 Brett, John Brendon Jr.  27 Oct 2010Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I77543
6 Burghardt, Alice Scudder  2 Mar 1970Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I23027
7 Clarke, Cleo Francis  18 Aug 1989Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I108706
8 Cloyd, Anna Margaret  29 Sep 1980Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I51627
9 Dority, Annie Frances  27 Oct 1931Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I24859
10 Gowen, George Haskell  Dec 1973Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I69224
11 Hamilton, Hugh I.  10 Aug 1925Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105381
12 Highsmith, Ruth Irene  25 May 1947Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37705
13 Holt, James Walter  24 Nov 1954Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37651
14 Holt, William C.  28 Nov 1987Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I82452
15 Howell, Lula  6 Oct 1935Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37703
16 Hudnall, Ira Chasteen  25 Jul 1919Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105295
17 Hudnall, William Chasteen  4 Oct 1908Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105287
18 Marquess, Alice Bell  21 May 1931Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37649
19 McKee, Harold Bryan Jr.  5 Oct 2007Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I111118
20 Myers, Lannie Frances  9 Nov 1943Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105379
21 Rozetta, Nell  6 Dec 1950Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105301
22 Ryman, Louis Read  31 Dec 1942Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105292
23 Scudder, Agnes May  1 Nov 1971Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I24860
24 Scudder, Charlotte Eldridge  18 May 1998Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I28764
25 Scudder, Dorsey  27 Jan 1863Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I9248
26 Scudder, Earl Thomas  25 Jan 2001Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I25200
27 Scudder, Elizabeth Frances  25 Jul 2016Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37711
28 Scudder, James Elmo  19 Nov 1940Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37654
29 Scudder, Minnie Ryan  11 Nov 1964Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37650
30 Scudder, Mittie Creola  7 Mar 2006Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I36478
31 Scudder, Samuel Normon  18 Mar 1957Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37652
32 Scudder, Samuel Taylor  6 Mar 1922Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37708
33 Scudder, Seldon Ray  14 Aug 1930Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I82473
34 Scudder, William Howard  2 Dec 1980Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37653
35 Scudder, William Thomas  21 May 1932Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37574
36 Scudder, Jr, William Howard  22 Jun 1941Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37710
37 Taylor, Mary Ann  Sep 1892Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105277


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Badacour  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105291
2 Badacour, Louis Wiliam  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105285
3 Bosworth, Andrew Jackson  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105280
4 Bosworth, Cora Mary  23 Mar 1957Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105380
5 Bosworth, John Kinney  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105389
6 Bosworth, Laura  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105281
7 Bosworth, Mary Ellen  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105282
8 Carpenter, Winifred  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I82496
9 Hamilton, Hugh I.  12 Aug 1925Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105381
10 Hamilton, Mary Louise  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105382
11 Hudnall, Grace D.  19 Feb 1944Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105298
12 Hudnall, Ira Chasteen  27 Jul 1919Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105295
13 Hudnall, Oakley Milburn  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105297
14 Hudnall, William Chasteen  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105287
15 Hunt, Gerald Lee  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105346
16 Johnson, Russell Ward  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I106080
17 Myers, Lannie Frances  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105379
18 Rozetta, Nell  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105301
19 Ryman, Louis Read  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105292
20 Ryman, Milton F  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105294
21 Ryman, Milton F.  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105286
22 Savercool, Mary Joyce  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I106085
23 Scudder, Esther  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I4898
24 Taylor, Howard  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105276
25 Taylor, Mary Ann  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105277
26 Taylor, Solomon  Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I4906


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bosworth, Cora L.  1880Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105284
2 Bosworth, James Harvey  1880Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I105283
3 Holt, James Walter  1940Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37651
4 Holt, William C.  1940Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I82452
5 Litchford, Bobby E.   I85349
6 Litchford, Dayton Edward  1940Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I69225
7 Mallory, Evelyn L.   I106859
8 Mallory, William  1930Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I85579
9 Mallory, William  1930Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I32118
10 Scudder, Dorothy Dozier   I37696
11 Scudder, Elijah B.  1910Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I49054
12 Scudder, Elizabeth Rosetta  1930Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37695
13 Scudder, Florence   I37716
14 Scudder, Henry   I37717
15 Scudder, John Edward  1920Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I32125
16 Scudder, John Henry  1930Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I24858
17 Scudder, John Richard  1920Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I22307
18 Scudder, Mary Lou  1940Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I25199
19 Scudder, Minnie Ryan  1940Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I37650
20 Woodward, Ruth  1920Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I32116


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bierly / Todd   F22375
2 Randolph / Scudder   F18606
3 Scudder / Hession   F42326
4 Scudder / Martin   F13358
5 Weaver / Scudder  26 Sep 1910Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee F8778