Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bell, Aaron  1803Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15890
2 Bell, Charles  1801Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15889
3 Bell, John Scudder  1796Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15887
4 Bell, Mary  25 Aug 1808Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15892
5 Bell, Naomi  1810Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15893
6 Bell, Permelia  22 Jun 1812Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15894
7 Bell, Rebecca  1804Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15891
8 Bell, Dr. William  1799Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15888
9 Brandenburg, Nathaniel  1806Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15902
10 Bruner, Mary Emily  24 Dec 1834Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25743
11 Lehman, David  1800Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15904
12 MacAffee, Jane Durham  25 Apr 1798Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25750
13 Pott, Susan D.  8 Oct 1837Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I48108
14 Scudder, Hannah  1 Feb 1776Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I4436
15 Shoemaker, Alfred B.  Abt 1828Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25748
16 Shoemaker, Alice Eva  18 Jun 1856Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25769
17 Shoemaker, Catherine  1788Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I47975
18 Shoemaker, Cora Lee  4 Nov 1858Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25764
19 Shoemaker, Daniel  1789Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I47977
20 Shoemaker, David I.  1797Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I47982
21 Shoemaker, Edmund Augustus  20 Mar 1833Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25759
22 Shoemaker, Elizabeth  1794Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I47980
23 Shoemaker, Eugene  Abt 1892Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I72297
24 Shoemaker, Hannah  1 Feb 1806Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15911
25 Shoemaker, Dr. Henry  22 Feb 1794Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15907
26 Shoemaker, John  16 Sep 1792Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15906
27 Shoemaker, John Henry  29 Dec 1870Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25767
28 Shoemaker, Joseph  23 Feb 1830Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25749
29 Shoemaker, Joseph Scudder  28 Dec 1866Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25766
30 Shoemaker, Josephine P.  7 Feb 1897Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I72230
31 Shoemaker, Mary  10 Jan 1786Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I47973
32 Shoemaker, Mary  1814Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15914
33 Shoemaker, Mary Ann  1838Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25760
34 Shoemaker, Mary Jane  25 Mar 1865Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25763
35 Shoemaker, Mercy  1812Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15913
36 Shoemaker, Nan Montgomery  11 Mar 1871Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25768
37 Shoemaker, Nancy  1816Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15905
38 Shoemaker, Rosetta Bennett  2 Feb 1860Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25770
39 Shoemaker, Samuel Given  1 Dec 1791Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I47978
40 Shoemaker, Sarah  Mar 1799Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I47984
41 Shoemaker, Sarah  11 May 1799Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15909
42 Shoemaker, Susanna  1795Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I47981
43 Shoemaker, Susannah  1796Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15908
44 Shoemaker, William George  1 Apr 1804Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15910
45 Shoemaker, William Henry  9 Apr 1840Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25761
46 Shoemaker, William Montgomery  9 Jan 1863Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25765
47 Vermilya, Allen Lawrence  7 Apr 1929Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I38778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Asher Henry  6 Jul 1870Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I29466
2 Shoemaker, Alice Eva  2 Jun 1872Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25769
3 Shoemaker, Cora Lee  30 Mar 1873Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25764
4 Shoemaker, Elizabeth L.  14 Jan 1859Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25738
5 Shoemaker, John Henry  28 Mar 1875Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25767
6 Shoemaker, Joseph Scudder  28 Mar 1875Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25766
7 Shoemaker, Mary Jane  28 Mar 1875Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25763
8 Shoemaker, Mary Scudder  24 Dec 1858Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25741
9 Shoemaker, Nan Montgomery  28 Mar 1875Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25768
10 Shoemaker, Rosetta Bennett  28 Mar 1875Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25770
11 Shoemaker, Sarah Frances  24 Dec 1858Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25739
12 Shoemaker, Susanna Dudder  24 Dec 1858Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25740
13 Shoemaker, William Montgomery  28 Mar 1875Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25765


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bell, Aaron  INFANTMuncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15890
2 Irvin, Ida Velula  29 Sep 1940Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I38769
3 Lehman, Ernest  Mar 1969Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I38784
4 MacAffee, Jane Durham  24 Feb 1873Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25750
5 Montgomery, Henrietta Grant  23 Mar 1899Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25762
6 Pott, Benjamin  24 Jun 1881Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I47985
7 Pott, Susan D.  12 Jun 1905Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I48108
8 Scudder, Mary  14 Apr 1860Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I4435
9 Scudder, Susannah  23 May 1835Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I16721
10 Scudder, William  19 Apr 1825Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I4434
11 Shoemaker, Cora Lee  25 Apr 1883Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25764
12 Shoemaker, Gene  25 Jan 2002Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36663
13 Shoemaker, Dr. Henry  21 Jun 1871Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15907
14 Shoemaker, John  12 Sep 1869Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15906
15 Shoemaker, John Henry  30 Apr 1899Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25767
16 Shoemaker, Joseph  3 Feb 1897Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25749
17 Shoemaker, Joseph Scudder  Aft 1930Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25766
18 Shoemaker, Kenneth  10 Nov 1984Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36767
19 Shoemaker, Mercy  1836Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15913
20 Shoemaker, Sarah  30 Sep 1873Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I47984
21 Shoemaker, Sarah  7 Nov 1877Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15909
22 Shoemaker, Stephen Bell  14 Apr 1922Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25742
23 Shoemaker, Susanna Dudder  9 Apr 1910Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25740
24 Shoemaker, Susannah  1874Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15908
25 Shoemaker, Walter  14 Nov 1998Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36785
26 Shoemaker, William Henry  7 Nov 1875Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25761
27 Shoemaker, William Montgomery  Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25765
28 Vermilya, Allen Lawrence  1 May 1929Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I38778
29 Vermilya, Charles Edward  10 Mar 1933Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I38755


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Emily C.  1914Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36541
2 Baker, Susannah  Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I4433
3 Bryan, Frederick  1918Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36795
4 Houseknecht, Lulu Pearl  1957Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36804
5 Houser, Freeman Johnson  Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I38770
6 Houser, Marjorie Leola  Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I38766
7 MacAffee, Jane Durham  Abt 26 Feb 1873Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25750
8 Montgomery, Henrietta Grant  Abt 25 Mar 1899Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25762
9 Pott, Susan D.  Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I48108
10 Sanders, Mabel E.  1975Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36709
11 Scudder, Mary  16 Apr 1860Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I4435
12 Scudder, William  20 Apr 1825Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I4434
13 Shoemaker, Benjamin K. II  1966Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36637
14 Shoemaker, Collins Warn  1973Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36805
15 Shoemaker, Cora Lee  Abt 27 Apr 1883Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25764
16 Shoemaker, Edith  1980Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36750
17 Shoemaker, Edmund Augustus  Abt 23 Sep 1874Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25759
18 Shoemaker, Elmer E.  1949Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36815
19 Shoemaker, Gene  2002Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36663
20 Shoemaker, George  1924Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36803
21 Shoemaker, Dr. Henry  23 Jun 1871Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15907
22 Shoemaker, Henry Bruner  Nov 1879Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25744
23 Shoemaker, Isaac Newton  Jan 1835Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25737
24 Shoemaker, John  13 Sep 1869Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15906
25 Shoemaker, John Henry  2 May 1899Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25767
26 Shoemaker, John P.  1921Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36704
27 Shoemaker, Joseph  Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36826
28 Shoemaker, Joseph  Abt 5 Feb 1897Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25749
29 Shoemaker, Kenneth  1984Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36767
30 Shoemaker, Mary  Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15914
31 Shoemaker, Mary Scudder  Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25741
32 Shoemaker, Mercy  1836Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15913
33 Shoemaker, Nancy  Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15905
34 Shoemaker, Rosetta  Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25736
35 Shoemaker, Sarah  10 Nov 1877Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15909
36 Shoemaker, Sarah Frances  Feb 1881Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25739
37 Shoemaker, Sophia  Nov 1874Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25735
38 Shoemaker, Stephen Bell  Apr 1922Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25742
39 Shoemaker, Susanna Dudder  Apr 1910Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25740
40 Shoemaker, Susannah  1874Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I15908
41 Shoemaker, Thomas H.  1922Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36814
42 Shoemaker, Verus E.  1957Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36813
43 Shoemaker, William Henry  Abt 10 Nov 1875Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25761
44 Shoemaker, William Montgomery  Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25765
45 Vermilya, Leola Maude  Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I38761
46 Warn, Almira  1918Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I36821


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Gulliver, Edna Ruth  1930Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I38773
2 Irvin, Ida Velula  1930Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I38769
3 McCarty, Benjamin P.  1870Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I48112
4 McCarty, Jenny  1870Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I48113
5 McCarty, Lillian Emma  1870Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I48114
6 McCarty, Lillian Emma  1880Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I48114
7 McCarty, Lillian Emma  1900Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I48114
8 McCarty, Lucy  1880Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I48111
9 McCarty, Lucy  1900Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I48111
10 McCarty, Oliver Allen  1870Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I48109
11 McCarty, Oliver Allen  1900Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I48109
12 McCarty, Sarah  1870Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I48110
13 McCarty, Sarah  1900Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I48110
14 Montgomery, Henrietta Grant  1880Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25762
15 Pott, Benjamin  1850Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I47985
16 Pott, Susan D.  1870Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I48108
17 Pott, Susan D.  1900Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I48108
18 Shoemaker, Alice Eva  1880Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25769
19 Shoemaker, Cora Lee  1880Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25764
20 Shoemaker, Elizabeth  1850Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I47980
21 Shoemaker, John Henry  1880Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25767
22 Shoemaker, Joseph  1880Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25749
23 Shoemaker, Joseph Scudder  1880Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25766
24 Shoemaker, Mary Jane  1880Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25763
25 Shoemaker, Nan Montgomery  1880Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25768
26 Shoemaker, Rosetta Bennett  1880Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25770
27 Shoemaker, Sarah  1850Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I47984
28 Shoemaker, William Montgomery  1880Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I25765
29 Vermilya, Charles Edward Jr.  1920Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I38785
30 Vermilya, Charles Edward  1930Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I38755
31 Vermilya, Doris   I38777
32 Vermilya, J. Lewis   I38763
33 Vermilya, John Robert   I38764
34 Vermilya, Lynn H.  1930Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I38762
35 Vermilya, Marjorie L.  1930Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I38783
36 Vermilya, Russel B.  1930Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I38779
37 Vermilya, Shirley Eleanor  1930Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania I38776


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bell / Scudder  9 Sep 1795Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania F1941
2 Georgia / Shoemaker  27 Dec 1882Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania F9067
3 Shoemaker / MacAffee  1822Muncy, Lycoming, Pennsylvania F9066