Maysville, Mason, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mitchell, Leonard Francis  12 Oct 1851Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I67392
2 Parry, James Needham  6 Aug 1893Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I35601
3 Parry, Leslie Worthington   I52723
4 Parry, Thomas Wood  24 Aug 1868Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I11147
5 Pearce, James Lewis  7 Mar 1840Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I318
6 Pendergrast, Flora  23 Aug 1885Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I32178
7 Scudder, Charles  2 Nov 1834Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I12
8 Scudder, Elizabeth  16 Apr 1821Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I7
9 Scudder, John Anderson  12 Jun 1830Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I10
10 Scudder, Katherine  1825Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I8
11 Scudder, Rhodin Hord  18 Nov 1838Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I14
12 Scudder, William Hord  12 Jun 1830Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I11
13 Scudder, William Hord Jr.  1 Aug 1859Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I201
14 Vorhies, Sarah Ann  1804Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I24211
15 Wood, Emma  6 Aug 1836Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I327


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, Elizabeth M.  9 Feb 1916Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I2271
2 Scudder, Elias V.  27 May 1909Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I5459
3 Scudder, John S.  25 Dec 1881Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I5453
4 Scudder, Maggie B.  Jul 1859Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I5468
5 Stout, Elizabeth  31 Aug 1814Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I8559
6 Vorhies, Henry  Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I17285
7 Wood, David  28 Jul 1912Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I324
8 Wood, Emma  1915Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I327
9 Wood, Hiram Baker  28 Sep 1938Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I24593


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Baker, Elizabeth M.  Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I2271
2 Wood, Benjamin W.  Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I24594
3 Wood, David  Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I324


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Baker, Elizabeth M.  1880Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I2271
2 Baker, Elizabeth M.  1900Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I2271
3 Cockrill, Margaret M.  1860Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I5465
4 Cockrill, Margaret M.  1870Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I5465
5 Dent, Richard Benjamin  1930Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I64365
6 King, Frank  1900Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I30795
7 Parry, James Needham  1900Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I35601
8 Parry, Letitia  1900Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I11162
9 Parry, Lewis Keysor  1900Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I11148
10 Payne, Elizabeth N.  1900Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I11161
11 Scudder, Ada V.  1870Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I30791
12 Scudder, Archibald Lawrence  1870Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I5462
13 Scudder, Elias V.  1860Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I5459
14 Scudder, Elias V.  1870Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I5459
15 Scudder, Elias V.  1880Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I5459
16 Scudder, Elias V.  1900Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I5459
17 Scudder, Jane  1870Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I30790
18 Scudder, Jane  1900Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I30790
19 Scudder, John S.  1870Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I5453
20 Scudder, Martha  1870Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I30793
21 Scudder, Martha  1900Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I30793
22 Scudder, Mary Louise  1870Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I30792
23 Upp, Esther Althea  1940Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I23162
24 Vansant, Margaret  1870Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I20290
25 Wood, Benjamin W.  1880Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I24594
26 Wood, David  1880Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I324
27 Wood, David  1900Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I324
28 Wood, David Baker  1920Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I31298
29 Wood, David Keysor  1880Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I24590
30 Wood, Hiram Baker  1880Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I24593
31 Wood, Hiram Baker  1900Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I24593
32 Wood, Lillie May  1880Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I24595
33 Wood, Lillie May  1900Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I24595
34 Wood, Nathaniel S.  1880Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I24592
35 Wood, William A.  1880Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I24591
36 Wood, William A.  1900Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I24591
37 Wood, William Keyser  1920Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I31280
38 Worthington, Leslie Katherine  1910Maysville, Mason, Kentucky I52724


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hart / Arms  11 Feb 1806Maysville, Mason, Kentucky F6501
2 Lytle / Scudder  10 Jul 1889Maysville, Mason, Kentucky F37673
3 Robbins / Scudder  3 Nov 1847Maysville, Mason, Kentucky F2271
4 Scudder / Cockrill  20 Aug 1858Maysville, Mason, Kentucky F2273
5 Scudder / Hord  2 May 1820Maysville, Mason, Kentucky F6
6 Snyder / Busby  1940Maysville, Mason, Kentucky F25981