Huntington, Suffok, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baylis, Juliet Brush  14 Jun 1895Huntington, Suffok, New York I35232
2 Baylis, Maud Titus  2 Oct 1892Huntington, Suffok, New York I35231
3 Brush, Abel  10 Jan 1765Huntington, Suffok, New York I23591
4 Brush, Almy Conklin  25 Jun 1796Huntington, Suffok, New York I34660
5 Brush, Bessie Maynard  1885Huntington, Suffok, New York I35374
6 Brush, Charity  22 Apr 1803Huntington, Suffok, New York I34810
7 Brush, Clarissa Harriet  8 Jul 1788Huntington, Suffok, New York I23590
8 Brush, David Conklin  7 Nov 1808Huntington, Suffok, New York I34663
9 Brush, Edward Henry  10 Oct 1812Huntington, Suffok, New York I35117
10 Brush, George William  24 Sep 1811Huntington, Suffok, New York I34990
11 Brush, Jesse  27 Jul 1817Huntington, Suffok, New York I34992
12 Brush, Kenneth  Nov 1892Huntington, Suffok, New York I35376
13 Brush, Lewis  26 Oct 1805Huntington, Suffok, New York I34988
14 Brush, Morris Rogers  20 Apr 1836Huntington, Suffok, New York I34971
15 Brush, Roger Conklin  10 Jun 1888Huntington, Suffok, New York I35375
16 Brush, Ruth  19 Oct 1798Huntington, Suffok, New York I34661
17 Brush, Samuel James  14 Jun 1842Huntington, Suffok, New York I35247
18 Brush, Samuel Woodhull  23 Mar 1878Huntington, Suffok, New York I35370
19 Brush, Victor Conklin  5 Oct 1883Huntington, Suffok, New York I35373
20 Brush, Walter  2 Apr 1809Huntington, Suffok, New York I34989
21 Brush, Webster Wetmore  26 Sep 1879Huntington, Suffok, New York I35369
22 Brush, Zephaniah  14 Jan 1781Huntington, Suffok, New York I34767
23 Bunce, Martha P.  16 Apr 1826Huntington, Suffok, New York I34756
24 Conklin, Abel  18 Apr 1762Huntington, Suffok, New York I34506
25 Conklin, Abel Ketcham  10 Jan 1798Huntington, Suffok, New York I34602
26 Conklin, Abiah  17 Sep 1741Huntington, Suffok, New York I34482
27 Conklin, Abiel  1763Huntington, Suffok, New York I34554
28 Conklin, Addie Eliza Smith  21 Oct 1843Huntington, Suffok, New York I35182
29 Conklin, Alfred Ketcham  20 Oct 1839Huntington, Suffok, New York I35100
30 Conklin, Almeda  3 May 1768Huntington, Suffok, New York I23592
31 Conklin, Alonzo  26 Sep 1839Huntington, Suffok, New York I34414
32 Conklin, Amelia  15 Feb 1810Huntington, Suffok, New York I34780
33 Conklin, Amos Platt  1 Jul 1836Huntington, Suffok, New York I34475
34 Conklin, Ansel  27 Oct 1783Huntington, Suffok, New York I34549
35 Conklin, Ansel H.  18 Jan 1806Huntington, Suffok, New York I34830
36 Conklin, Benjamin Franklin  Abt 1815Huntington, Suffok, New York I35067
37 Conklin, Brewster  18 Jan 1807Huntington, Suffok, New York I34824
38 Conklin, Brewster Smith  28 Aug 1841Huntington, Suffok, New York I35021
39 Conklin, Caroline  28 Jan 1817Huntington, Suffok, New York I34783
40 Conklin, Catherine  1825Huntington, Suffok, New York I35051
41 Conklin, Charles C.  14 Apr 1815Huntington, Suffok, New York I34870
42 Conklin, Charles R.  13 Feb 1849Huntington, Suffok, New York I35107
43 Conklin, Charlotte  1765Huntington, Suffok, New York I34528
44 Conklin, Cornelia  20 Feb 1817Huntington, Suffok, New York I34807
45 Conklin, Daniel  11 Oct 1778Huntington, Suffok, New York I34547
46 Conklin, David  24 Aug 1744Huntington, Suffok, New York I34483
47 Conklin, David  12 Apr 1772Huntington, Suffok, New York I34544
48 Conklin, David Woodhull  24 Feb 1824Huntington, Suffok, New York I34821
49 Conklin, Deborah H.  16 Mar 1828Huntington, Suffok, New York I34631
50 Conklin, Douglas  16 Jul 1855Huntington, Suffok, New York I34709

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Conklin, Hubbard  12 Dec 1736Huntington, Suffok, New York I34481
2 Conklin, Jonathan  15 Apr 1759Huntington, Suffok, New York I34504


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brush, Abel  6 May 1841Huntington, Suffok, New York I23591
2 Brush, Adelaide  Jan 1928Huntington, Suffok, New York I32034
3 Brush, Arabella E.  11 Feb 1927Huntington, Suffok, New York I35263
4 Brush, Bessie Maynard  29 Jan 1959Huntington, Suffok, New York I35374
5 Brush, Charles E.  19 May 1937Huntington, Suffok, New York I35275
6 Brush, David Conklin  5 Sep 1852Huntington, Suffok, New York I34663
7 Brush, Emma F.  8 Dec 1939Huntington, Suffok, New York I35276
8 Brush, George Augustus  18 Dec 1923Huntington, Suffok, New York I35255
9 Brush, Henry Sammis  24 Jun 1927Huntington, Suffok, New York I35277
10 Brush, James Madison  28 Jan 1902Huntington, Suffok, New York I35446
11 Brush, Jesse  20 Nov 1874Huntington, Suffok, New York I34992
12 Brush, Kenneth  2 Dec 1892Huntington, Suffok, New York I35376
13 Brush, Lewis  15 Apr 1858Huntington, Suffok, New York I34988
14 Brush, Lydia  17 Jun 1884Huntington, Suffok, New York I34659
15 Brush, Margaret  16 Sep 1862Huntington, Suffok, New York I34662
16 Brush, Morris Rogers  17 Jan 1921Huntington, Suffok, New York I34971
17 Brush, Reuben R.  30 Nov 1897Huntington, Suffok, New York I35279
18 Brush, Roger Conklin  7 Jul 1979Huntington, Suffok, New York I35375
19 Brush, Ruth  24 Nov 1880Huntington, Suffok, New York I34661
20 Brush, Samuel James  30 Apr 1916Huntington, Suffok, New York I35247
21 Brush, Samuel Woodhull  1 Feb 1957Huntington, Suffok, New York I35370
22 Brush, Victor Conklin  6 Sep 1971Huntington, Suffok, New York I35373
23 Brush, Webster Wetmore  18 Jan 1887Huntington, Suffok, New York I35369
24 Brush, Zephaniah  16 Apr 1861Huntington, Suffok, New York I34767
25 Buffett, Sarah  17 Nov 1888Huntington, Suffok, New York I35365
26 Conklin, Abel  12 Jul 1827Huntington, Suffok, New York I34506
27 Conklin, Abel Ketcham  6 Aug 1845Huntington, Suffok, New York I34602
28 Conklin, Abiah  2 Jun 1824Huntington, Suffok, New York I34482
29 Conklin, Addie Eliza Smith  Mar 1916Huntington, Suffok, New York I35182
30 Conklin, Alonzo  15 Jan 1907Huntington, Suffok, New York I34414
31 Conklin, Amelia  10 Feb 1893Huntington, Suffok, New York I34780
32 Conklin, Amos Platt  29 Jan 1881Huntington, Suffok, New York I34475
33 Conklin, Brewster  12 Aug 1866Huntington, Suffok, New York I34824
34 Conklin, Brewster Smith  18 Sep 1917Huntington, Suffok, New York I35021
35 Conklin, Caroline  26 Feb 1904Huntington, Suffok, New York I34783
36 Conklin, Caroline Elizabeth  Nov 1965Huntington, Suffok, New York I20731
37 Conklin, Charlotte  16 Jan 1810Huntington, Suffok, New York I34528
38 Conklin, Cornelia  31 Jan 1855Huntington, Suffok, New York I34807
39 Conklin, Daniel  20 Sep 1844Huntington, Suffok, New York I34547
40 Conklin, David  3 Dec 1787Huntington, Suffok, New York I34483
41 Conklin, David Woodhull  25 Aug 1908Huntington, Suffok, New York I34821
42 Conklin, Deborah H.  4 Sep 1898Huntington, Suffok, New York I34631
43 Conklin, Douglas  19 Nov 1944Huntington, Suffok, New York I34709
44 Conklin, Edith C.  22 Mar 1915Huntington, Suffok, New York I35386
45 Conklin, Edward Lewis  2 Oct 1854Huntington, Suffok, New York I35161
46 Conklin, Edward Titus  28 Jul 1897Huntington, Suffok, New York I35163
47 Conklin, Elizabeth  4 Nov 1852Huntington, Suffok, New York I34575
48 Conklin, Elizabeth  Feb 1853Huntington, Suffok, New York I34555
49 Conklin, Elkanah  31 May 1850Huntington, Suffok, New York I34566
50 Conklin, Ella  30 Jun 1964Huntington, Suffok, New York I35385

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Conklin, Abel  Huntington, Suffok, New York I34506
2 Conklin, Nathan Brush  10 Dec 1902Huntington, Suffok, New York I35129
3 Conklin, Timothy  Huntington, Suffok, New York I34503
4 Platt, Mary  Huntington, Suffok, New York I34561
5 Sammis, Hannah Amanda  21 Feb 1882Huntington, Suffok, New York I35257
6 Sammis, Marietta L.  26 Oct 1912Huntington, Suffok, New York I35271
7 Smith, Henrietta  8 Apr 1886Huntington, Suffok, New York I34826


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Alice M.  1930Huntington, Suffok, New York I35427
2 Carrie A.  1900Huntington, Suffok, New York I35038
3 Florence  1920Huntington, Suffok, New York I35344
4 Madeline  1880Huntington, Suffok, New York I35311
5 Marian F.  1930Huntington, Suffok, New York I35146
6 Mary  1850Huntington, Suffok, New York I35305
7 Rachel J.  1910Huntington, Suffok, New York I35148
8 Rosalie  1880Huntington, Suffok, New York I35335
9 Sarah A.  1880Huntington, Suffok, New York I35316
10 Sarah A.  1880Huntington, Suffok, New York I35314
11 Susie D.  1900Huntington, Suffok, New York I35037
12 Susie D.  1930Huntington, Suffok, New York I35037
13 Briggs, Augustine Larena  1920Huntington, Suffok, New York I34369
14 Briggs, Donald S.  1920Huntington, Suffok, New York I34371
15 Briggs, Elizabeth M.  1920Huntington, Suffok, New York I34370
16 Briggs, Frederick Lynn  1920Huntington, Suffok, New York I34131
17 Brush, Charity  1860Huntington, Suffok, New York I34810
18 Brush, Charles E.  1930Huntington, Suffok, New York I35275
19 Brush, Emma F.  1930Huntington, Suffok, New York I35276
20 Brush, Jessie Kendall  1930Huntington, Suffok, New York I35449
21 Brush, Margaret  1860Huntington, Suffok, New York I34662
22 Carpenter, Addie E.  1930Huntington, Suffok, New York I35443
23 Chichester, Elizabeth  1860Huntington, Suffok, New York I34078
24 Conklin, Adele V.  1900Huntington, Suffok, New York I34472
25 Conklin, Alfred Ketcham  1850Huntington, Suffok, New York I35100
26 Conklin, Alonzo  1860Huntington, Suffok, New York I34414
27 Conklin, Alonzo  1870Huntington, Suffok, New York I34414
28 Conklin, Brewster  1870Huntington, Suffok, New York I35180
29 Conklin, Caroline Elizabeth  1920Huntington, Suffok, New York I20731
30 Conklin, David Woodhull  1900Huntington, Suffok, New York I34821
31 Conklin, Edith Louise  1870Huntington, Suffok, New York I34416
32 Conklin, Edith Louise  1900Huntington, Suffok, New York I34416
33 Conklin, Ella Jeanette  1900Huntington, Suffok, New York I34885
34 Conklin, Emma R.  1870Huntington, Suffok, New York I35177
35 Conklin, Estelle  1900Huntington, Suffok, New York I35156
36 Conklin, Eveline M.  1900Huntington, Suffok, New York I35132
37 Conklin, Ezra  1850Huntington, Suffok, New York I34833
38 Conklin, Faith   I35451
39 Conklin, Frank J.  1900Huntington, Suffok, New York I34418
40 Conklin, Gilbert P.  1870Huntington, Suffok, New York I35176
41 Conklin, Grace Ethel  1870Huntington, Suffok, New York I15570
42 Conklin, Grace Ethel  1900Huntington, Suffok, New York I15570
43 Conklin, Harry  1900Huntington, Suffok, New York I35074
44 Conklin, Henrietta Matilda  1860Huntington, Suffok, New York I34470
45 Conklin, Henry Franklin Jr.  1870Huntington, Suffok, New York I35179
46 Conklin, Howard  1900Huntington, Suffok, New York I35073
47 Conklin, Isaac Platt  1860Huntington, Suffok, New York I35091
48 Conklin, Isaac Platt  1900Huntington, Suffok, New York I35095
49 Conklin, James H.  1930Huntington, Suffok, New York I35063
50 Conklin, Jennie S.  1870Huntington, Suffok, New York I35181

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Conklin / Buffett  18 Aug 1870Huntington, Suffok, New York F12409
2 Conklin / Conklin  16 Mar 1752Huntington, Suffok, New York F12097
3 Conklin / Conklin  27 Dec 1836Huntington, Suffok, New York F12237
4 Conklin / Conklin  1859Huntington, Suffok, New York F12093
5 Conklin / Fleet  2 Jan 1825Huntington, Suffok, New York F12277
6 Conklin / Hubbard  29 Jun 1730Huntington, Suffok, New York F9529
7 Conklin / Leete  1862Huntington, Suffok, New York F12317
8 Conklin / Platt  15 Feb 1776Huntington, Suffok, New York F12126
9 Conklin / Platt  4 Oct 1778Huntington, Suffok, New York F12072
10 Conklin / Sammis  8 Nov 1840Huntington, Suffok, New York F12288
11 Conklin / Smith  24 Dec 1863Huntington, Suffok, New York F12068
12 Conklin / Titus  15 Dec 1762Huntington, Suffok, New York F12124
13 Conklin / Titus  27 Mar 1777Huntington, Suffok, New York F12125
14 Conklin / Van Sise  29 Oct 1902Huntington, Suffok, New York F12417
15 Conklin / Wood  10 Feb 1762Huntington, Suffok, New York F12114
16 Conklin / Wood  2 Jan 1805Huntington, Suffok, New York F12071
17 Conkling / Wickes  30 Nov 1726Huntington, Suffok, New York F1159
18 Covert / Couchman  1 Jan 1918Huntington, Suffok, New York F12042
19 Dodge / Conklin  11 May 1871Huntington, Suffok, New York F12290
20 Downs / Conklin  1845Huntington, Suffok, New York F12233
21 Frost / Baylis  21 Sep 1920Huntington, Suffok, New York F12360
22 Gould / Higgins  1862Huntington, Suffok, New York F12162
23 Grumman / Conklin  18 Oct 1893Huntington, Suffok, New York F5883
24 Jarvis / Conklin  28 Dec 1791Huntington, Suffok, New York F11987
25 Jarvis / Townsend  29 Sep 1842Huntington, Suffok, New York F12189
26 Kelsey / Conklin  11 Dec 1780Huntington, Suffok, New York F12198
27 Rogers / Conklin  18 Jan 1809Huntington, Suffok, New York F12127
28 Rusco / Brush  14 Jul 1833Huntington, Suffok, New York F12266
29 Sammis / Brush  14 Feb 1824Huntington, Suffok, New York F12263
30 Sammis / Conklin  Est 1763Huntington, Suffok, New York F12095
31 Sammis / Conklin  19 Jun 1813Huntington, Suffok, New York F12213
32 Sammis / Roach  20 Nov 1851Huntington, Suffok, New York F12148
33 Scudder / Hodgetts  9 Jun 1910Huntington, Suffok, New York F11217
34 Scudder / McDermott  28 Jul 1920Huntington, Suffok, New York F12049
35 Scudder / Sammis  26 Jan 1826Huntington, Suffok, New York F5526
36 Woolsey / Conklin  21 Nov 1811Huntington, Suffok, New York F12131