Hunterdon County, New Jersey



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Susannah  2 Jun 1746Hunterdon county, New Jersey I4433
2 Burroughs, Eliza  Abt 1797Hunterdon county, New Jersey I11783
3 Burroughs, Jeremiah  15 Jan 1770Hunterdon county, New Jersey I11771
4 Burroughs, Sarah  28 Nov 1797Hunterdon county, New Jersey I11825
5 Farlee, Isaac Gray  8 Jan 1850Hunterdon county, New Jersey I25143
6 Farlee, Jacob Scudder  14 Aug 1855Hunterdon county, New Jersey I9508
7 Farlee, John Reading  13 Dec 1823Hunterdon county, New Jersey I9505
8 Hart  16 Mar 1761Hunterdon county, New Jersey I8550
9 Hart, Abigail  10 Feb 1754Hunterdon county, New Jersey I8493
10 Hart, Daniel Scudder  13 Aug 1762Hunterdon county, New Jersey I8497
11 Hart, Deborah  21 Aug 1765Hunterdon county, New Jersey I8496
12 Hart, Edward Scudder  20 Dec 1755Hunterdon county, New Jersey I8551
13 Hart, John  29 Oct 1748Hunterdon county, New Jersey I8549
14 Hart, Martha  10 Apr 1744Hunterdon county, New Jersey I8498
15 Hart, Nathaniel  20 Oct 1747Hunterdon county, New Jersey I8494
16 Hart, Sarah  16 Oct 1741Hunterdon county, New Jersey I3162
17 Hart, Sarah  Est 1776Hunterdon county, New Jersey I8560
18 Hart, Scudder  30 Dec 1757Hunterdon county, New Jersey I8547
19 Hart, Scudder  1774Hunterdon county, New Jersey I8555
20 Hart, Susannah  2 Aug 1750Hunterdon county, New Jersey I8548
21 Howell, Phebe  28 Sep 1707Hunterdon county, New Jersey I2113
22 La Rowe, David Ott  7 Aug 1817Hunterdon County, New Jersey I96925
23 La Rowe, Hamilton  Hunterdon County, New Jersey I96928
24 La Rowe, Isaac Bateman  28 Feb 1824Hunterdon County, New Jersey I96927
25 La Rowe, John Hart  25 Sep 1814Hunterdon County, New Jersey I96929
26 La Rowe, Joseph Ott  22 Mar 1808Hunterdon County, New Jersey I96923
27 La Rowe, Phineas Carmon  18 Feb 1812Hunterdon County, New Jersey I96924
28 La Rowe, Samuel  8 Sep 1786Hunterdon County, New Jersey I96907
29 La Rowe, Samuel Jr.  6 Dec 1819Hunterdon County, New Jersey I96926
30 Lanning, Amos  Abt 1814Hunterdon county, New Jersey I65858
31 Lanning, David W.  1819Hunterdon county, New Jersey I65859
32 Lanning, Elizabeth Rose  1822Hunterdon county, New Jersey I65860
33 Lanning, Isaac W.  Abt 1810Hunterdon county, New Jersey I65854
34 Lanning, Ralph  26 Nov 1785Hunterdon county, New Jersey I10110
35 Lanning, Rebecca  Abt 1839Hunterdon county, New Jersey I65857
36 Lanning, Theodore W.  Abt 1812Hunterdon county, New Jersey I65856
37 Lanning, William  1835Hunterdon county, New Jersey I65862
38 Ott, Amelia  Abt 1829Hunterdon county, New Jersey I96937
39 Ott, Clarissa  27 Aug 1821Hunterdon county, New Jersey I96934
40 Ott, Deborah  Abt 1832Hunterdon county, New Jersey I96938
41 Ott, Joseph  2 Sep 1827Hunterdon county, New Jersey I96936
42 Ott, Sarah  Abt 1835Hunterdon county, New Jersey I96939
43 Ott, Susan Maria  26 Apr 1825Hunterdon county, New Jersey I96935
44 Scudder, Deborah  11 May 1721Hunterdon county, New Jersey I4427
45 Scudder, John  Abt 1740Hunterdon county, New Jersey I25733
46 Scudder, John  Abt 1740Hunterdon county, New Jersey I86799
47 Scudder, Prudence  30 Apr 1738Hunterdon county, New Jersey I8569
48 Scudder, William  4 Apr 1766Hunterdon county, New Jersey I4434
49 Servis, Deborah  12 Dec 1799Hunterdon county, New Jersey I24727
50 Stout, Elizabeth  Est 1750Hunterdon county, New Jersey I8559

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 La Rowe, Hamilton  Hunterdon County, New Jersey I96928


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burroughs, Jeremiah  1843Hunterdon county, New Jersey I11771
2 Hart  16 Mar 1761Hunterdon county, New Jersey I8550
3 Hart, John  11 May 1779Hunterdon county, New Jersey I4428
4 Howell, Phebe  31 Jan 1787Hunterdon county, New Jersey I2113
5 Johnson, Joseph Ott  Apr 1970Hunterdon county, New Jersey I97065
6 Johnson, Theodore  1922Hunterdon county, New Jersey I97064
7 La Rowe, Isaac Bateman  19 Nov 1843Hunterdon County, New Jersey I96927
8 La Rowe, John Hart  29 Jan 1844Hunterdon County, New Jersey I96929
9 La Rowe, Joseph Ott  7 Dec 1829Hunterdon County, New Jersey I96923
10 La Rowe, Samuel  11 Sep 1869Hunterdon County, New Jersey I96907
11 Ott, Abigail  22 May 1846Hunterdon County, New Jersey I96906
12 Reeder, Hannah  1741Hunterdon county, New Jersey I4430
13 Scudder, Deborah  26 Oct 1776Hunterdon county, New Jersey I4427
14 Scudder, John  10 May 1748Hunterdon county, New Jersey I2106
15 Scudder, Lieutenant Richard  1731Hunterdon county, New Jersey I2105
16 Stout, John  25 Jan 1861Hunterdon county, New Jersey I22581
17 Van Horn, Anna  29 May 1821Hunterdon county, New Jersey I22355
18 Wagner, Susan B.  1928Hunterdon county, New Jersey I97061
19 Wikoff, Reuben  16 Jan 1902Hunterdon county, New Jersey I24726
20 Wikoff, Simpson  25 Feb 1833Hunterdon county, New Jersey I24722


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    MARR    Person ID 
1 Wikoff, Elizabeth Ann  Mar 1850Hunterdon county, New Jersey I24723
2 Wyckoff, Lucinda  15 Jun 1848Hunterdon county, New Jersey I24724


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chambers / Scudder  28 Nov 1822Hunterdon county, New Jersey F3814
2 Green / Scudder  30 Jan 1806Hunterdon county, New Jersey F4372
3 Hart / Atchley  15 Apr 1837Hunterdon county, New Jersey F4609
4 Hart / Scudder  14 Nov 1778Hunterdon county, New Jersey F4606
5 Hart / Scudder  11 Jan 1779Hunterdon county, New Jersey F4605
6 Hart / Scudder  11 Jan 1779Hunterdon county, New Jersey F31996
7 Hart / Stout  Oct 1777Hunterdon county, New Jersey F7902
8 Hires / Pyatt  17 Jan 1866Hunterdon county, New Jersey F10813
9 Lane / Terhune  18 Oct 1809Hunterdon county, New Jersey F24767
10 Lanning / Wynkoop  10 Mar 1808Hunterdon county, New Jersey F3834
11 Moore / Scudder  3 Feb 1816Hunterdon county, New Jersey F3320
12 Scudder / Baker  Abt 1763Hunterdon county, New Jersey F1939
13 Scudder / Christopher  6 Oct 1804Hunterdon county, New Jersey F4444
14 Scudder / Christopher  6 Oct 1804Hunterdon county, New Jersey F31971
15 Scudder / Coryell  13 Jan 1825Hunterdon county, New Jersey F3333
16 Scudder / Howell  2 Feb 1733Hunterdon county, New Jersey F1088
17 Scudder / Huff  15 Apr 1828Hunterdon county, New Jersey F3322
18 Scudder / Lanning  6 Feb 1811Hunterdon county, New Jersey F2139
19 Steele / Taylor  13 Feb 1833Hunterdon county, New Jersey F7312
20 Stout / Hart  17 Mar 1773Hunterdon county, New Jersey F7910
21 Stout / Hart  13 Jan 1810Hunterdon county, New Jersey F24707
22 Stout / Titus  28 Apr 1852Hunterdon county, New Jersey F24708
23 Wikoff / Servis  20 Jun 1820Hunterdon county, New Jersey F8729