Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bregenzer, Marie   I41344
2 Bunn, Charles T.  16 Jun 1882Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67301
3 Bunn, Emmett Edward  12 Mar 1874Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67299
4 Bunn, Joseph D.  13 Oct 1886Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67291
5 Bunn, Mary G.  8 Dec 1876Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67290
6 Bunn, Sarah A.  25 Nov 1875Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67295
7 Cook, William Smith  27 Aug 1807Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11791
8 Davey, John E.  14 Oct 1850Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I35872
9 Errickson, Carl Titus  26 Dec 1911Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67311
10 Gladding, Sarah Lee  Abt 1863Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11867
11 Hart, Elizabeth  1775Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I17341
12 Hart, James Montgomery  7 Sep 1791Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I21841
13 Hart, Jennie  30 Oct 1874Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I51569
14 Hart, Jesse  19 Sep 1742Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I8491
15 Hart, John  1779Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I17343
16 Hart, Judge John  27 Oct 1789Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I8566
17 Hart, Jonathan Smith  24 Nov 1797Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11885
18 Hart, Mary  1771Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I17339
19 Hart, Nathaniel  24 Apr 1816Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I12393
20 Hart, Sarah  1777Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I17342
21 Hart, Squire Bosworth  4 May 1841Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I22060
22 Hart, Susannah  1773Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I17340
23 Hunt, Jonathan Wesley  14 Feb 1854Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I17367
24 Hunt, Louisa C.  14 Aug 1818Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11985
25 Hunt, Stephen Blackwell  3 Mar 1825Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I5140
26 Loveless, Helaine Marie   I41347
27 Loveless, Richard Roy   I41348
28 Ott, Joseph  1 Jan 1756Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I22062
29 Pickens, Susan  9 Nov 1804Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I22059
30 Reed, Mary  10 Jan 1797Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I5149
31 Scudder, Ella M.  26 Apr 1854Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67293
32 Scudder, Frank T.  24 Apr 1873Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I15810
33 Scudder, Henderson Green  14 Oct 1827Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I5127
34 Scudder, Lillian Combs  25 Nov 1876Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11824
35 Smith, Arthur J.  7 Apr 1888Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I39334
36 Smith, Earl V.  7 May 1890Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I39335
37 Stout, Deborah  Abt 1782Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I22057
38 Stout, Mercer Phillip  9 Jan 1854Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67347
39 Stout, Nancy Ann  25 Jul 1756Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I22012
40 Titus, Anna Forman  3 Mar 1857Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11855
41 Titus, Benjamin Wesley  2 Apr 1820Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11847
42 Titus, Benjamin Wesley  17 Sep 1881Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I23887
43 Titus, Elizabeth  5 Dec 1875Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I23886
44 Titus, John Fisher Throckmorton  31 Jul 1861Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I23900
45 Titus, Joseph  5 Dec 1795Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11836
46 Titus, Joseph Forman  1 Apr 1859Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11854
47 Titus, Lewis Scott  17 May 1882Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I23888
48 Whitehead, Mary  17 Jul 1851Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11864
49 Wikoff, Isaac  18 Oct 1766Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I22081
50 Wikoff, Mary  7 May 1762Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I22080

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ethel  Nov 1983Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I58542
2 Barham, James William  7 Apr 2000Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I78963
3 Bunn, Mary E.  1 Dec 2002Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67309
4 Hart, Sarah Jemima  14 Mar 1919Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11889
5 Henry, Mary F.  1930Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I36497
6 Reed, Mary  5 Aug 1872Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I5149
7 Scudder, John Wesley  1928Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I36496
8 Scudder, Samuel  21 Mar 1872Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I5113
9 Scudder, Smith L.  5 Sep 1890Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I5152
10 Scudder, Ursula Embley  1923Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I24546
11 Scudder, Wilmer C.  14 Feb 1990Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I78961
12 Sheppard, Martin Case  24 Jul 1940Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67332
13 Smith, Mary Ann  17 Nov 1898Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I91204
14 Titus, John Fisher Throckmorton  3 May 1864Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I23900
15 Titus, Joseph  4 Aug 1849Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11836
16 Titus, Margaret  7 Dec 1831Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11805
17 Williamson, Charles LeBaw  27 Oct 1917Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I36493
18 Williamson, Joseph S.  25 Feb 1988Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I58545


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Barham, James William  Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I78963
2 Bunn, Joseph D.  Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67291
3 Errickson, Carl Titus  8 Jun 1971Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67311
4 Henry, Mary F.  Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I36497
5 Race, Permelia F.  Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I36499
6 Scudder, Carrie L.  Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I77768
7 Scudder, David E.  Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I36498
8 Scudder, Doris Marie  19 Apr 2010Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I78962
9 Scudder, John Wesley  Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I36496
10 Scudder, Sadie M.  Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I77767
11 Smith, Fannie Augustus  Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67325
12 Smith, Mary Ann  Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I91204
13 Snedecker, Estella E.  Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67288


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bertha E.  1930Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I36512
2 Clara F.  1900Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I51451
3 Ethel  1920Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I58542
4 Atchley, Jane  1850Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I12395
5 Atchley, Jane  1870Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I12395
6 Atchley, Jane  1900Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I12395
7 Blackwell, Maria D.  1930Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I78965
8 Blackwell, Parmela  1880Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I5156
9 Bunn, Anna Mae   I67307
10 Bunn, Emmett Edward  1880Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67299
11 Bunn, Emmett Edward  1920Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67299
12 Bunn, George S.  1880Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67282
13 Bunn, Joseph D.  1920Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67291
14 Bunn, Marian S.   I67308
15 Bunn, Mary E.  1920Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67309
16 Bunn, Mary G.  1880Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67290
17 Bunn, Sarah A.  1880Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I67295
18 Clendening, Matilda H.  1900Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I5173
19 Cook, Aaron Cornell  1910Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I12398
20 Cooley, Emma W.  1850Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I10226
21 Drake, Sarah E.  1900Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I33348
22 Frisbie, George H.  1900Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I51450
23 Frisbie, Walter H.  1900Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I51454
24 Green, William Scudder  1910Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I20948
25 Hallinger, Joseph  1880Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I91225
26 Hallinger, Joseph  1900Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I91225
27 Hart, Alfred  1850Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11890
28 Hart, Byard Stanley  1900Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I51440
29 Hart, Elizabeth Moore  1850Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I12396
30 Hart, Emma  1850Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I12397
31 Hart, Emma  1870Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I12397
32 Hart, Emma  1900Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I12397
33 Hart, Frank T.  1900Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I51427
34 Hart, Jonathan Smith  1830Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11885
35 Hart, Jonathan Smith  1850Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11885
36 Hart, Joseph Scudder  1850Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I12378
37 Hart, Joseph Scudder  1850Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11886
38 Hart, Joseph Scudder  1870Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I12378
39 Hart, Mary  1850Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I9774
40 Hart, Nathaniel  1850Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I12393
41 Hart, Nathaniel  1870Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I12393
42 Hart, Sarah Jemima  1850Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I11889
43 Henry, Mary F.  1880Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I36497
44 Henry, Mary F.  1900Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I36497
45 Henry, Mary F.  1920Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I36497
46 Hunt, Wilson D.  1870Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I54184
47 Kesler, William  1880Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I21580
48 Matthews, Martha J.  1900Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I51439
49 Murphy, Frances Amanda  1870Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I54192
50 Phillips, Mary R.  1910Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey I58530

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Durling / Scudder  19 Dec 1838Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey F2155
2 Hart / Stout  Abt 17 Dec 1803Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey F7908
3 Loveless / Bregenzer   F14720
4 Scudder / Smith  20 Oct 1813Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey F3692
5 Sheppard / Smith  23 Dec 1897Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey F24706