Hempstead, Queens, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alberti, Deliverance  1677Hempstead, Queens, New York I2212
2 Alberti, Elizabeth  1669Hempstead, Queens, New York I2210
3 Alberti, John  1668Hempstead, Queens, New York I2208
4 Alberti, Mehitable  1675Hempstead, Queens, New York I2211
5 Alberti, Samuel  1670Hempstead, Queens, New York I2209
6 Alberti, William  1666Hempstead, Queens, New York I2207
7 Allen, Violetta  Abt 1763Hempstead, Queens, New York I23827
8 Baylis, John  1730Hempstead, Queens, New York I2328
9 Bedell, Sylvester Jeremiah  21 Sep 1745Hempstead, Queens, New York I43133
10 Burtis, Abner  16 Jan 1786Hempstead, Queens, New York I25347
11 Burtis, Daniel  26 Nov 1782Hempstead, Queens, New York I25356
12 Burtis, James  30 Dec 1775Hempstead, Queens, New York I25354
13 Burtis, John  26 Sep 1779Hempstead, Queens, New York I25355
14 Burtis, Joseph  11 Feb 1789Hempstead, Queens, New York I25357
15 Burtis, Samuel  16 Jun 1766Hempstead, Queens, New York I25349
16 Carll, Sarah  2 Jun 1745Hempstead, Queens, New York I23395
17 Flewelling, Abel  1746Hempstead, Queens, New York I21009
18 Flewelling, Abraham  1703Hempstead, Queens, New York I20997
19 Flewelling, Catherine  1697Hempstead, Queens, New York I20996
20 Flewelling, James  Abt 1744Hempstead, Queens, New York I21008
21 Flewelling, John  1701Hempstead, Queens, New York I20989
22 Flewelling, John  Abt 1726Hempstead, Queens, New York I21003
23 Flewelling, Mary  Abt 1732Hempstead, Queens, New York I21005
24 Flewelling, Morris  Abt 1741Hempstead, Queens, New York I21007
25 Flewelling, Phoebe  1705Hempstead, Queens, New York I20998
26 Flewelling, Sarah  1734Hempstead, Queens, New York I21006
27 Flewelling, Thomas  Abt 1730/1731Hempstead, Queens, New York I21011
28 Hall, Benjamin  1705Hempstead, Queens, New York I26900
29 Hall, Benjamin  1752Hempstead, Queens, New York I43118
30 Hall, Catherine  Abt 1740Hempstead, Queens, New York I43124
31 Hall, Hannah  1755Hempstead, Queens, New York I43122
32 Hall, Jane  25 Oct 1749Hempstead, Queens, New York I43117
33 Hall, Jerusha  Abt 1754Hempstead, Queens, New York I43120
34 Hall, Mary  Abt 1761Hempstead, Queens, New York I43125
35 Hall, Phoebe  Abt 1730Hempstead, Queens, New York I43112
36 Hall, Sarah  1732/1733Hempstead, Queens, New York I43114
37 Haviland, Joseph  Abt 1751Hempstead, Queens, New York I43121
38 Haviland, Phoebe  Abt 1776Hempstead, Queens, New York I43145
39 Nostrand, Aletta  11 Dec 1814Hempstead, Queens, New York I23407
40 Pettit, John  5 Jan 1746Hempstead, Queens, New York I43126
41 Pettit, Phebe  16 Jul 1782Hempstead, Queens, New York I43128
42 Pettit, William  Abt 1784Hempstead, Queens, New York I43129
43 Rhoads, Benjamin  1755Hempstead, Queens, New York I43123
44 Scudder, Elizabeth  Abt 1767Hempstead, Queens, New York I9344
45 Scudder, Hannah  Abt 1763Hempstead, Queens, New York I9340
46 Scudder, Jemima  Abt 1760Hempstead, Queens, New York I9342
47 Scudder, Jerusha  Abt 1765Hempstead, Queens, New York I9341
48 Scudder, Timothy  Abt 1769Hempstead, Queens, New York I9345
49 Smith, Hannah  1675Hempstead, Queens, New York I15595
50 Southard, Isaac  1738Hempstead, Queens, New York I43253

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Flewelling, Hannah  9 Nov 1729Hempstead, Queens, New York I21004
2 Golding, Hannah  13 Jun 1725Hempstead, Queens, New York I43177
3 Scudder, Rebecca  6 Jul 1761Hempstead, Queens, New York I9343
4 Totten, Mary  26 Nov 1740Hempstead, Queens, New York I43596
5 Valentine, Abigail  30 Jun 1801Hempstead, Queens, New York I23404
6 Valentine, Amelia  30 Jun 1801Hempstead, Queens, New York I23399
7 Valentine, Carll  14 Dec 1815Hempstead, Queens, New York I23405
8 Valentine, David  14 Dec 1815Hempstead, Queens, New York I23406
9 Valentine, Deborah  14 Dec 1815Hempstead, Queens, New York I23403
10 Valentine, Gilbert  15 May 1774Hempstead, Queens, New York I23479
11 Valentine, Jonathan Scudder  5 Apr 1767Hempstead, Queens, New York I23392
12 Valentine, Marie  30 Jun 1801Hempstead, Queens, New York I23397
13 Valentine, Nancy  30 Jun 1801Hempstead, Queens, New York I23398
14 Valentine, Ruth  22 Jan 1772Hempstead, Queens, New York I23478
15 Valentine, Ruth  14 Dec 1815Hempstead, Queens, New York I23402
16 Valentine, Sabrian  30 Jun 1801Hempstead, Queens, New York I23401
17 Valentine, Scudder  30 Jun 1801Hempstead, Queens, New York I23400


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hall, Benjamin  Abt 28 Mar 1793Hempstead, Queens, New York I26900
2 Hall, Sarah  4 Sep 1822Hempstead, Queens, New York I43114
3 Hartt, Glorianna  28 Jul 1878Hempstead, Queens, New York I86141
4 Mott, Ann  1 Jun 1862Hempstead, Queens, New York I80596
5 Platt, Phebe  7 Apr 1827Hempstead, Queens, New York I80581
6 Scudder, Hannah  Abt Jul 1679Hempstead, Queens, New York I2066
7 Smith, Hannah  1742Hempstead, Queens, New York I15595
8 Smith, William  1715Hempstead, Queens, New York I2139
9 Weekes, George  22 Jun 1797Hempstead, Queens, New York I43115
10 Willetts, Phebe  7 Apr 1827Hempstead, Queens, New York I80589
11 Willetts, Platt  22 Jan 1852Hempstead, Queens, New York I80569


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Benedict, Arthur Ward  1900Hempstead, Queens, New York I30891
2 Conklin, Cornelia D.  1880Hempstead, Queens, New York I35203
3 Conklin, Edith M.  1880Hempstead, Queens, New York I35202
4 Conklin, William F.  1880Hempstead, Queens, New York I35190
5 Fonda, Laura Rhoda  1900Hempstead, Queens, New York I30885
6 Fortmeyer, Rhoda Townsend  1900Hempstead, Queens, New York I30882
7 Hendrickson, Sarah E.  1880Hempstead, Queens, New York I35197
8 Willetts, Phebe Elizabeth  1860Hempstead, Queens, New York I80592


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   14 Jan 1779Hempstead, Queens, New York F1139
2 Alberti / van der Cort  1691Hempstead, Queens, New York F1141
3 Bedell / Hall  24 Jun 1782Hempstead, Queens, New York F15419
4 Carll / Denton  Abt 1861Hempstead, Queens, New York F27704
5 Hall / Flewelling  9 Jul 1727Hempstead, Queens, New York F9396
6 Hall / Spencer  5 Sep 1776Hempstead, Queens, New York F15413
7 Hall / Spencer  5 Sep 1776Hempstead, Queens, New York F32512
8 Haviland / Hall  25 Jun 1775Hempstead, Queens, New York F15414
9 Hudson / Scudder  29 Dec 1791Hempstead, Queens, New York F3559
10 Pettit / Hall  Abt 1781Hempstead, Queens, New York F15416
11 Ranier / Valentine  20 Oct 1789Hempstead, Queens, New York F8331
12 Rhoads / Hall  14 Mar 1784Hempstead, Queens, New York F15415
13 Valentine / Brewster  9 Jun 1799Hempstead, Queens, New York F18083
14 Valentine / Carll  30 Nov 1763Hempstead, Queens, New York F8316
15 Valentine / Nostrand  1 Jul 1834Hempstead, Queens, New York F8318
16 Valentine / Oakley  12 May 1791Hempstead, Queens, New York F8317
17 Weekes / Hall  20 Feb 1758Hempstead, Queens, New York F15412
18 Whitney / Valentine  25 Oct 1809Hempstead, Queens, New York F8329
19 Whitney / Valentine  3 Apr 1813Hempstead, Queens, New York F8330
20 Willetts / Gildersleeve  7 Oct 1846Hempstead, Queens, New York F29723