Halcottsville, Delaware, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Halcott, Sarah Josephine Mary  26 May 1834Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22550
2 Morse, Charles Lewis  19 May 1858Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I35772
3 Rowe, Loren James  28 Aug 1896Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I106455
4 Scudder, Birdsell Moseman  20 Jul 1842Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22549
5 Scudder, Elsie Belle  7 Sep 1907Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I93583
6 Scudder, Eva M.  10 Mar 1881Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I28375
7 Scudder, Evelyn A.  26 Dec 1896Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22512
8 Scudder, Hewlitt Sherman  10 Jan 1887Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I28376
9 Scudder, Warren Woolsey  10 Sep 1835Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I8520
10 Townsend, Bernice Hallie  22 May 1923Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22518
11 Townsend, Mamie Elizabeth  27 Jan 1905Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22517


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Halcott, Sarah Josephine Mary  11 Dec 1908Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22550
2 Knickerbocker, Mary E.  1 May 1930Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22477
3 Scudder, Birdsell Moseman  9 Jul 1906Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22549
4 Scudder, Hallie  23 Apr 1930Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22470
5 Scudder, John Wesley  11 Apr 1930Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22476
6 Scudder, William Burgett  25 Feb 1941Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22471
7 Townsend, George Henry  23 May 1952Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22516


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hewitt, Mary E  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I8540
2 Knickerbocker, Mary E.  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22477
3 Morse, Charles Lewis  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I35772
4 Reed, Katherine Mary  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22544
5 Rowe, Bessie Elizabeth  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22465
6 Rowe, Loren James  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I106455
7 Scudder, Aaron D.  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I20486
8 Scudder, Charles R.  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22495
9 Scudder, George Sands  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22545
10 Scudder, Glenford George  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I106397
11 Scudder, Hallie  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22470
12 Scudder, Idell  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I35771
13 Scudder, John Wesley  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I20550
14 Scudder, John Wesley  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22476
15 Scudder, Lillian  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22505
16 Scudder, Marvin G.  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22466
17 Scudder, Sanford George  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22464
18 Scudder, Warren Woolsey  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I8520
19 Scudder, William Burgett  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22471
20 Spielman, Leslie Edward  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I106457
21 Townsend, George Henry  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22516
22 Townsend, Jennie E.  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22547
23 Townsend, Mamie Elizabeth  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22517
24 Townsend, Raymond G.  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22519
25 Whitney, Bertha Bell  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22511
26 Yeo, Gertrude Frances  Halcottsville, Delaware, New York I22541


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Scudder / Hull  15 Jul 1906Halcottsville, Delaware, New York F12599
2 Tyler / Scudder  9 Nov 1893Halcottsville, Delaware, New York F7448