Galesburg, Knox, Illinois



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Doyle, Forrest Arthur  23 Feb 1895Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I65333
2 Ingles, Thomas Marion  27 Nov 1910Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I31031
3 Lofgren, Harold Leslie  5 Jul 1910Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I68091
4 Scott, Ethelyn D.  8 Nov 1873Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I65327
5 Scudder, Catherine L.  20 Oct 1858Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I14598
6 Scudder, Ceylon Wilbert  15 Sep 1898Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19363
7 Scudder, Ella May  31 May 1870Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19327
8 Scudder, Ethel  1887Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19342
9 Scudder, Eugene Fay  21 Feb 1897Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19373
10 Scudder, Frank Egbert  5 Mar 1882Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19332
11 Scudder, Lillie E.  21 Nov 1873Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19328
12 Scudder, Lynn Spencer  18 Jun 1884Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19341
13 Stewart, Jean  7 Dec 1923Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I91267


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bristol, Loriana Frances  3 Jan 1908Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19372
2 Delong, Abigail  19 Apr 1863Galesburg, Knox, Illinois  I114659
3 Dickerson, Leona Pearl  23 Aug 1943Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I30218
4 Doyle, Lawrence Steele  8 Jul 2002Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I65339
5 Field, Jane Lorinda  22 May 1855Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I114751
6 Field, Lucinda M.  11 Jul 1899Galesburg, Knox, Illinois  I114663
7 Field, Luman  30 Sep 1846Galesburg, Knox, Illinois  I114660
8 Field, Mary Ann  9 May 1884Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I114753
9 Newell, Harriet Atwood  6 Sep 1856Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I101319
10 Scudder, Lieutanant Egbert Montgomery  20 May 1882Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I14580
11 Scudder, Ethel  1890Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19342
12 Scudder, Harley  13 Mar 1937Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I32449
13 Scudder, Spencer  29 Sep 1878Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I14563
14 Smith, Dora Helena  7 Feb 1940Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19362
15 Souks, Amelia Anne  1906Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I14586
16 Thurman, Reece Lloyd  25 Feb 1991Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I30221


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Becker, Pauline  Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19340
2 Doyle, Lawrence Steele  Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I65339
3 Field, Lucinda M.  Galesburg, Knox, Illinois  I114663
4 Heath, Morgan L.  Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I114713
5 Heath, William M.  Galesburg, Knox, Illinois  I114664
6 Scudder, Alexander Hamilton  Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I14587
7 Scudder, Lieutanant Egbert Montgomery  Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I14580
8 Scudder, Lynn Spencer  Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19341


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Doyle, Forrest Arthur  1930Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I65333
2 Doyle, John Richard   I65340
3 Doyle, Lawrence Steele  1930Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I65339
4 Doyle, Thomas F.   I65341
5 Elliott, Wayne Grant  1900Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I55289
6 Elliott, William Seaton  1900Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I55285
7 Hunt, Catherine Ella  1880Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I14584
8 Scott, Charles E.  1880Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I65326
9 Scott, Charles E.  1900Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I65326
10 Scott, Edith M.  1880Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I65330
11 Scott, Edith M.  1900Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I65330
12 Scott, Edith M.  1920Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I65330
13 Scott, Ernest C.  1900Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I65331
14 Scott, Raymond E.  1880Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I65329
15 Scudder, Alexander Hamilton  1880Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I14587
16 Scudder, Ceylon Wilbert  1930Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19363
17 Scudder, Eliza  1900Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I14649
18 Scudder, Ella May  1880Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19327
19 Scudder, Estella D.  1880Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I14651
20 Scudder, Estella D.  1900Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I14651
21 Scudder, Juliana  1880Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19331
22 Scudder, Leroy Ambrose  1880Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19329
23 Scudder, Lillie E.  1880Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19328
24 Scudder, Ogden Fay  1880Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19333
25 Scudder, Reuben William  1880Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19330
26 Scudder, Wilbert Reuben  1880Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19326
27 Seacord, Fred  1930Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I65332
28 Smith, Dora Helena  1930Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I19362
29 Souks, Amelia Anne  1880Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I14586
30 Steele, Mildred  1930Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I65338
31 Williams, Clarence A.  1910Galesburg, Knox, Illinois I50485


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Eckenberger / Scudder  31 Jul 1895Galesburg, Knox, Illinois F7062
2 Elliott / Scudder  16 Apr 1898Galesburg, Knox, Illinois F20082
3 Heath / Armstrong  22 Mar 1866Galesburg, Knox, Illinois F42512
4 Scudder / Hunt  27 Apr 1868Galesburg, Knox, Illinois F5486
5 Scudder / Smith  13 Jul 1897Galesburg, Knox, Illinois F7074
6 Seacord / Scott  28 Feb 1905Galesburg, Knox, Illinois F23934