Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Huddleston, Lawrence Fleming  8 Aug 1888Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86215
2 McDonald, Alice Jane  30 Nov 1857Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86684
3 Phipps, Master Sergeant Charles Leighton Jr.  22 May 1907Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86617
4 Platt, Agnes Ross   I85711
5 Platt, Albert Simmons  18 Dec 1901Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86780
6 Platt, Ida Lee  12 Feb 1870Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86519
7 Platt, John Leighton  18 Dec 1901Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86029
8 Platt, Mary Virginia  30 Apr 1904Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I87633
9 Platt, Naomi Simmons  16 Aug 1906Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I87632


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Platt, Jarvis  1841Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I21100
2 Platt, Philo Nichols  12 Apr 1871Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I21103


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Massing, John Michael  11 May 1965Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86619
2 Massing, John William  Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86618
3 Phipps, Anne Elizabeth  7 Dec 1968Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86205
4 Phipps, Master Sergeant Charles Leighton Jr.  Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86617
5 Platt, Ida Lee  Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86519


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Edwards, Paulina  1870Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I21104
2 McDonald, Annie B.  1880Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I84849
3 McDonald, Eliza W.  1880Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I84836
4 McDonald, Lieutenant Colonel John Claiborne  1880Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86502
5 Phipps, Platt Hawkins  1910Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I87341
6 Platt, Albert Jarvis  1870Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I84894
7 Platt, Annie J.  1870Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86521
8 Platt, Annie J.  1900Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86521
9 Platt, Ida Lee  1870Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86519
10 Platt, John Walter  1870Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86520
11 Platt, John Walter  1900Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86520
12 Platt, Paulina  1880Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86292
13 Platt, Philo Nichols  1870Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I21103
14 Platt, Philo R.  1880Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I87499
15 Platt, Thomas  1900Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86229
16 Ross, Rebecca Jane  1870Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia I86522


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Phipps / Runyon  22 Mar 1928Fayetteville, Fayette, West Virginia F31833