Dutchess county, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Calkins, Anna  20 Jul 1788Dutchess county, New York I75170
2 Calkins, Benjamin  29 Sep 1795Dutchess county, New York I75174
3 Calkins, Calvin  9 Jan 1787Dutchess county, New York I75168
4 Calkins, Elijah  9 Apr 1764Dutchess county, New York I75164
5 Calkins, Elijah  27 Dec 1798Dutchess county, New York I75176
6 Calkins, Hiram  9 Nov 1800Dutchess county, New York I75178
7 Calkins, Isaac  11 Oct 1790Dutchess county, New York I75172
8 Calkins, Captain John  17 Jul 1785Dutchess county, New York I75166
9 Calkins, Phebe  20 Feb 1794Dutchess county, New York I75173
10 Corbin, Anna  Abt 1763Dutchess county, New York I8492
11 Corbin, Peace  1 Oct 1780Dutchess county, New York I3136
12 Leavens, Eliphalet  24 May 1791Dutchess county, New York I85187
13 Myers, Henry  1764Dutchess county, New York I16026
14 Renne, Peter  1715Dutchess county, New York I2074
15 Rogers, Ann Elizabeth  31 Aug 1805Dutchess county, New York I111173
16 Rogers, Cynthia Ann  11 Nov 1807Dutchess county, New York I111174
17 Rogers, Daniel  16 Feb 1769Dutchess county, New York I86497
18 Rogers, Deborah  25 Mar 1797Dutchess county, New York I86472
19 Rogers, Hannah  13 Aug 1799Dutchess county, New York I20841
20 Rogers, Morgan Levi  13 Nov 1819Dutchess county, New York I85303
21 Rogers, Platt  24 Apr 1796Dutchess county, New York I84730
22 Roosevelt, Helen  Est 1883Dutchess county, New York I20440
23 Roosevelt, Taddy  Abt 1879Dutchess county, New York I20439
24 Van Nostrand, Catherine E.  28 Sep 1812Dutchess county, New York I84873
25 Van Nostrand, James Alexander  20 Dec 1808Dutchess county, New York I86069


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rogers, Hezekiah  25 Sep 1778Dutchess county, New York I2159
2 Rogers, Hezekiah Jr.  31 Aug 1812Dutchess county, New York I2350
3 Rogers, Vincent  7 Apr 1808Dutchess county, New York I85450


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   Abt 1759Dutchess county, New York F7761
2 Calkins / Rogers  1783Dutchess county, New York F27623
3 Myers / Rogers  13 Nov 1817Dutchess county, New York F6057
4 Southard / Renne  26 Nov 1760Dutchess county, New York F15466