Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bergen, Hannah Virginia  25 Jan 1815Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9475
2 Bergen, James Williamson  16 Jan 1823Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9515
3 Morris, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1816Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9535
4 Scudder, Abigail Wetherill  26 Apr 1830Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9512
5 Scudder, Catherine Ann  5 Apr 1849Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9485
6 Scudder, Christopher Bergen  11 Jun 1860Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9527
7 Scudder, Cordelia Bergen  19 Oct 1857Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9525
8 Scudder, Henry Stryker  24 May 1868Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9528
9 Scudder, Howard Collingwood  21 Jul 1832Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9513
10 Scudder, Jacob Gulick  19 Feb 1818Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9471
11 Scudder, Julia  23 Jul 1872Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I18374
12 Scudder, Julia Ann  30 Apr 1874Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9530
13 Scudder, Kelsey Rowley  16 May 1834Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9514
14 Scudder, Kelsey Rowley  25 Jun 1864Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9531
15 Scudder, Laura  26 Sep 1869Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9529
16 Scudder, Laura Livingstone  15 Jun 1845Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9484
17 Scudder, Mary Ann  8 May 1862Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9526
18 Scudder, William Lawrence  25 Feb 1815Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9469
19 Wetherill, Abigail  28 May 1789Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9467


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Applegate, George Morris  3 Feb 1889Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I20871
2 Bergen, Abigail Wetherill  19 Oct 1873Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I31414
3 Bergen, Elizabeth Warde  31 Oct 1852Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9517
4 Bergen, Howard Scudder  4 Jul 1858Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9520
5 Bergen, Isaac Snediker  7 Apr 1849Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9516
6 Bergen, John Stryker  15 May 1855Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9519
7 Bergen, Julia Scudder  4 May 1862Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9518
8 Bergen, Mary Symmes  11 Jun 1865Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9523
9 Bergen, S. Disbrow  11 Dec 1859Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9522
10 Bergen, William Scudder  13 Oct 1867Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9521
11 Morris, Caroline Matilda  26 Mar 1809Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I54461
12 Morris, Elias Van Arsdale  14 Sep 1806Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I54458
13 Morris, Elizabeth Wetherill  3 Dec 1803Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I54460
14 Morris, Lemuel Scudder  7 Feb 1800Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I54457
15 Morris, Margaret Ann  27 Sep 1801Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I54459
16 Scudder, Abigail Wetherill  15 Dec 1830Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9512
17 Scudder, Christopher Bergen  5 Nov 1860Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9527
18 Scudder, Cordelia Bergen  5 Jun 1859Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9525
19 Scudder, Hannah Maria  3 Aug 1823Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9474
20 Scudder, Henry Stryker  13 Jun 1869Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9528
21 Scudder, Henry Van Dyke  2 Jul 1819Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9470
22 Scudder, Howard Collingwood  9 Jun 1833Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9513
23 Scudder, Isaac  15 Jul 1821Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9473
24 Scudder, Jacob Gulick  2 Jul 1819Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9471
25 Scudder, Dr. John Wetherill  2 Jul 1819Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9468
26 Scudder, Julia Ann  11 Oct 1874Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9530
27 Scudder, Kelsey Rowley  3 Aug 1834Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9514
28 Scudder, Kelsey Rowley  11 Jun 1865Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9531
29 Scudder, Mary Ann  12 Oct 1862Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9526
30 Scudder, Sarah Van Dyke  16 Apr 1820Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9472
31 Scudder, William Lawrence  2 Jul 1819Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9469
32 Scudder, Captain William Van Dyke  2 Jul 1819Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9534
33 Sutphen, Dr. Reuben Morris  24 Oct 1819Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I54463
34 Woodhull, Reverend William Henry  27 Apr 1802Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I4668


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Annie D.  Bef 1910Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I99928
2 Applegate, Adrian  6 Aug 1927Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9537
3 Bergen, John Stryker  30 Nov 1936Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9519
4 Scudder, Howard Collingwood  19 Nov 1875Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9513
5 Scudder, Isaac  12 Feb 1834Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I4349
6 Wetherill, Abigail  12 Sep 1823Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9467


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Beaks, Julia Ann  Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9511
2 Bergen, Abigail Wetherill  Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I31414
3 Bergen, Della S.  Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I99925
4 Bergen, Howard Scudder  Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9520
5 Bergen, James Williamson  Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9515
6 Bergen, S. Disbrow  Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9522
7 Bergen, Sarah Stryker  Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I31422
8 Scudder, Abigail Wetherill  Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9512
9 Scudder, Henry Van Dyke  Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9470
10 Scudder, Howard Collingwood  Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9513
11 Scudder, James Craig  Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9533
12 Scudder, Kelsey Rowley  Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I9514


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bergen, Della S.  1900Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I99925
2 Bergen, Viola  1900Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I99924
3 Stults, Isabel  1900Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey I99923


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Applegate / Scudder  2 May 1866Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey F3615
2 Farr / Scudder  21 Jul 1881Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey F19387
3 Scudder / Beaks  3 Oct 1829Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey F3610
4 Scudder / Bergen  21 Nov 1855Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey F3612
5 Scudder / Broome  31 Aug 1886Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey F6857
6 Scudder / Hewitt  Abt 1895Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey F8876
7 Scudder / Rue  20 Mar 1839Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey F3598
8 Scudder / Wetherill  29 Jul 1813Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey F3594
9 Smith / Scudder  5 Jun 1879Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey F3596
10 Sutphen / Morris  8 Apr 1818Cranbury, Middlesex, New Jersey F19744