Chester, Morris, New Jersey



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Drake, Sarah  14 Feb 1851Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39264
2 Drake, William Acken  8 Jun 1852Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39265
3 Drake, William Hart  24 Jul 1822Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18140
4 Haines, Charles Stuart  3 Dec 1816Chester, Morris, New Jersey I52371
5 Howell, Matthias David  7 Jan 1831Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39247
6 Scudder, Benjamin  15 Oct 1798Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18040
7 Scudder, Daniel E.  12 Nov 1848Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18121
8 Scudder, Harriet  7 Apr 1805Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18043
9 Scudder, Jacob Casner  21 Jul 1816Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18047
10 Scudder, Jane E.  27 Apr 1813Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18046
11 Scudder, Joseph Sanford  6 Feb 1819Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18045
12 Scudder, Nancy Maria  14 Sep 1820Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18048
13 Scudder, Noah  28 Mar 1772Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18038
14 Scudder, Noah William  21 Jun 1845Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18119
15 Scudder, Smith  27 Dec 1807Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18044
16 Scudder, Sophia  12 Feb 1803Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18042
17 Scudder, William  26 Sep 1800Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18041
18 Scudder, William  26 Sep 1800Chester, Morris, New Jersey I86132
19 Topping, Chloe  7 Jan 1777Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18039


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brewer, Martin Andrew Jr.  25 Jul 1982Chester, Morris, New Jersey I81660
2 Drake, Sarah  31 Oct 1862Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39264
3 Scudder, Harriet  23 May 1868Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18043
4 Scudder, Jane E.  28 Jan 1895Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18046
5 Scudder, Nancy Maria  31 Oct 1862Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18048
6 Scudder, Noah  19 May 1858Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18038
7 Seeley, John Edgar  30 Apr 1867Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18137
8 Topping, Chloe  12 Nov 1862Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18039


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Scudder, Joseph Sanford  Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18045
2 Scudder, Nancy Maria  Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18048
3 Scudder, Sophia  Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18042
4 Topping, Chloe  Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18039


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Mary O.  1870Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39258
2 Drake, Maria Sophia  1860Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39263
3 Drake, Sallie Topping  1860Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39266
4 Drake, Sallie Topping  1870Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39266
5 Drake, William Acken  1860Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39265
6 Drake, William Acken  1870Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39265
7 Scudder, Harriet  1860Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18043
8 Scudder, Jacob Casner  1840Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18047
9 Scudder, Jane E.  1860Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18046
10 Scudder, Nancy Maria  1860Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18048
11 Scudder, Noah  1840Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18038
12 Scudder, William  1860Chester, Morris, New Jersey I86132
13 Scudder, William  1860Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18041
14 Scudder, William  1870Chester, Morris, New Jersey I86132
15 Scudder, William  1870Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18041
16 Seeley, Alfred Matthew  1850Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39248
17 Seeley, Alfred Theodore  1870Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39250
18 Seeley, Anna Frances  1850Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39253
19 Seeley, Frances Sophia  1860Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39251
20 Seeley, John Edgar  1860Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18137
21 Seeley, Julia Augustine  1860Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39254
22 Seeley, Matthias Winfield  1860Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39255
23 Seeley, Sarah Maria  1850Chester, Morris, New Jersey I39252
24 Topping, Chloe  1860Chester, Morris, New Jersey I18039


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Drake / Scudder  18 Apr 1848Chester, Morris, New Jersey F6805
2 Scudder / Drake  26 Dec 1838Chester, Morris, New Jersey F6798
3 Scudder / Topping  7 Mar 1798Chester, Morris, New Jersey F6784
4 Seeley / Langdon  2 Jul 1879Chester, Morris, New Jersey F13902