Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Meyer, Cora May  16 Jul 1881Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I43888
2 Meyer, John Edwin  27 Dec 1891Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I43874
3 Meyer, Margaret Catherine  3 Apr 1885Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I43889
4 Meyer, Mary Alma  7 Dec 1887Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I43872
5 Meyer, Orah Elliott  18 Jun 1872Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I43887
6 Nelson, Fleda Nizel  7 Jan 1895Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32319
7 Scudder, Albert Edward  4 Sep 1883Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32318
8 Scudder, Edward  25 Dec 1843Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32874
9 Scudder, Georgia Isidora  8 Nov 1878Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I31552
10 Scudder, Lucy Lee  Jun 1878Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32875
11 Scudder, Margaret Elizabeth  12 Aug 1843Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I43870
12 Scudder, Mary Alice  2 Dec 1880Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32893
13 Scudder, Nancy Jane  11 Nov 1851Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32249
14 Scudder, Osbey F.  Jun 1878Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32877


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Nains, Elizabeth Ann  Aft 1860Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I27986
2 Scudder, Edward  13 Mar 1900Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32874
3 Scudder, Henry Jackson  15 Mar 1901Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I25176
4 Scudder, Isaac Jr.  1859Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I5221
5 Scudder, Mary Alice  27 Aug 1897Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32893


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Brittian, Mary Catherine  1900Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32230
2 Lively, Mary Ann  1880Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32876
3 Lively, Mary Ann  1900Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32876
4 McBride, Elizabeth Jane  1880Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32200
5 Meyer, John A.  1880Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32250
6 Osten, Elizabeth J.  1880Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32885
7 Scudder, Albert Edward  1900Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32318
8 Scudder, Charles H.  1880Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32878
9 Scudder, Charles Moore  1880Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32884
10 Scudder, Charles Moore  1880Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32198
11 Scudder, Edward  1880Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32874
12 Scudder, Henry Jackson  1880Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I25176
13 Scudder, Henry Jackson  1900Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I25176
14 Scudder, James Riley  1880Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32879
15 Scudder, James Riley  1900Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32879
16 Scudder, Lucy Lee  1880Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32875
17 Scudder, May  1900Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I18134
18 Scudder, Nancy Jane  1880Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32249
19 Scudder, Nathan Anderson  1900Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I18130
20 Scudder, Osbey F.  1880Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I32877
21 Scudder, Samuel Silvester  1910Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois I18135


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Meyer / Scudder  Abt 9 Mar 1871Baldwin, Randolph, Illinois F11296