Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cattell, William Ashburner  16 Jun 1863Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I56064
2 Cook, Charles S.  24 Apr 1863Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I106969
3 Cook, Sarah F.  20 Oct 1855Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I106964
4 Cooley, William Scudder  24 Oct 1809Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I10195
5 Davis, Amelia Scudder   I34323
6 Davis, David Overall   I34322
7 Davis, George Victor   I34321
8 Dawley, Louis Johnson Jr.  22 Sep 1939Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I41326
9 Degraw, Anna  Abt 1831Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9231
10 Galloway, Mary Ann  12 Jun 1839Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9089
11 Griffith, Michael Lanning   I40908
12 Gulick, William Armstead  16 May 1816Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9490
13 Hamilton, John Ross  1788Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I16961
14 Hamilton, Maria Van Dyke  10 Dec 1811Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I39894
15 Hamilton, Sarah Ellen  29 Sep 1813Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I16962
16 Hamilton, William Scudder  18 Nov 1815Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I39895
17 Hendrickson, Wiliam Luna  15 Aug 1853Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I10136
18 Hollingshead, Anna B.  19 Nov 1803Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I5455
19 Leefeldt, Brian Timothy   I49172
20 Leefeldt, Erik Joshua   I49188
21 Loomis, Robert Bennett  23 Jun 1895Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I56259
22 Mershon, Margaret Sarah   I56257
23 Mershon, Wallace Argyle  26 Oct 1884Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I56256
24 Schenck, William C.  Abt 1814Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I3670
25 Scudder, Archibald Lawrence  15 Aug 1842Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I5462
26 Scudder, Benjamin Rush  9 Oct 1858Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I15667
27 Scudder, Charles  27 Oct 1853Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I52068
28 Scudder, Edith M.  25 May 1861Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I18158
29 Scudder, Ford M.   I55560
30 Scudder, Harold Sansbury  8 Jan 1874Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I33714
31 Scudder, Helen Van Dyke  20 Aug 1866Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9541
32 Scudder, Mary Cruser  21 Jan 1857Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9539
33 Scudder, Mary Hunt  10 Oct 1855Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9501
34 Scudder, Mary R.  9 May 1856Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I52069
35 Scudder, Mary Sansbury  18 Mar 1880Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I56270
36 Scudder, Robert Lincoln  11 Jul 1868Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9542
37 Scudder, William  5 Apr 1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I18167
38 Scudder, William H. Newell  Abt 1858Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9540
39 Winans, James McDonald  17 May 1887Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I16588


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bissell, Helen M.  29 Dec 2007Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I106316
2 Colton, Reverend Asa Smith  19 Aug 1881Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I3671
3 Cook, Charles S.  28 Apr 1864Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I106969
4 Dodge, Dr. Bayard  May 1972Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I42765
5 Dunning, Ranald G.  15 Jul 1998Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I39580
6 Erdman, Reverend Charles R.  9 May 1960Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I29669
7 Jewell, Mary Moore  11 Sep 1958Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I56254
8 Kennan, George Frost  17 Mar 2005Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I13811
9 Lane, Jacob Wikoff  1878Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I67492
10 McLean, Hester Rule  27 Feb 1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9077
11 Mershon, Wallace Argyle  13 Nov 1957Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I56256
12 Overall, Maude Scudder  Aug 1994Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I16083
13 Parker, Symmes Gulick  21 Mar 1913Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I18188
14 Porter, Helen Tracy  27 Apr 1963Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I100653
15 Roe, Abiah  5 May 1791Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I2020
16 Schenck, Margaret Elizabeth  10 May 1893Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I3669
17 Schenck, William C.  Aft 1830Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I3670
18 Scudder, Jacob  31 May 1772Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I2019
19 Scudder, Dr. Jacob  10 Jan 1859Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9063
20 Scudder, Margaret Elizabeth  10 Feb 1952Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9502
21 Scudder, William  11 Mar 1819Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I4353
22 Scudder, Captain William Van Dyke  9 Sep 1905Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9534
23 Sorenson, Annelise  7 Aug 2008Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I78329
24 Tuck, Hope  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I65672


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Mary G.  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I85555
2 Allen, Katherine  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I41351
3 Anderson, Elizabeth  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9503
4 Conover, Mary Grover  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9538
5 Jewell, Marguerite  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I56255
6 Jewell, Mary Moore  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I56254
7 Jewell, Thomas  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I56253
8 Scudder, Annie F.  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I30243
9 Scudder, Edith M.  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I18158
10 Scudder, Harold Sansbury  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I33714
11 Scudder, Harold Tiers  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9499
12 Scudder, Lucretia  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I94
13 Scudder, Margaret Elizabeth  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9502
14 Scudder, Mary Cruser  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9539
15 Scudder, Mary Sansbury  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I56270
16 Scudder, Robert Lincoln  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9542
17 Scudder, William  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I4353
18 Scudder, William  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I18167
19 Scudder, William C.  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I30244
20 Scudder, Captain William Van Dyke  Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9534


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Mary G.  1900Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I85555
2 Mary G.  1900Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I33460
3 Mary G.  1910Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I33460
4 Bergen, Sarah Stryker  1900Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I31422
5 Colton, Reverend Asa Smith  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I3671
6 Colton, Reverend Asa Smith  1880Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I3671
7 Colton, Edwin Strong  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I3675
8 Colton, Emily Matilda  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I3676
9 Colton, Emily Matilda  1900Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I3676
10 Colton, Reverend Joseph Scudder  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I3677
11 Colton, Maria Elizabeth  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I3674
12 Colton, Maria Elizabeth  1900Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I3674
13 Colton, Mary Frances Deare  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I3678
14 Colton, Mary Frances Deare  1880Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I3678
15 Conover, Mary Grover  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9538
16 Conover, Mary Grover  1870Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9538
17 Conover, Mary Grover  1880Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9538
18 Conover, Mary Grover  1900Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9538
19 Hammill, Barker Gummere Jr.  1920Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I65645
20 Hammill, Elizabeth Drinker   I65646
21 Hammill, Page Aylett  1920Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I65647
22 Loomis, Robert Bennett  1900Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I56259
23 Loveless, Harry M.  1870Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I41339
24 Loveless, Jennie  1870Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I39859
25 Mershon, Wallace Argyle  1900Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I56256
26 Reed, Hannah  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I5175
27 Reed, Hannah  1880Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I5175
28 Schenck, Margaret Elizabeth  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I3669
29 Schenck, Margaret Elizabeth  1880Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I3669
30 Scudder, Abner Smith  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I6762
31 Scudder, Emma  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I25031
32 Scudder, Helen Van Dyke  1870Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9541
33 Scudder, Helen Van Dyke  1880Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9541
34 Scudder, Helen Van Dyke  1900Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9541
35 Scudder, Helen Van Dyke  1920Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9541
36 Scudder, Henrietta  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I5177
37 Scudder, Henry Hale  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I5179
38 Scudder, Isaac Bliss  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I25681
39 Scudder, James  1870Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I5121
40 Scudder, John E.  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I25023
41 Scudder, Mary  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I5178
42 Scudder, Mary Cruser  1860Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9539
43 Scudder, Mary Cruser  1870Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9539
44 Scudder, Mary Cruser  1880Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9539
45 Scudder, Mary Cruser  1900Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9539
46 Scudder, Mary Cruser  1920Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9539
47 Scudder, Mary Lucy  1870Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I30739
48 Scudder, Mary R.  1880Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I52069
49 Scudder, Robert Lincoln  1870Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9542
50 Scudder, Robert Lincoln  1880Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey I9542

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bedford / Barton  6 Aug 1954Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey F24075
2 Blair / Smith   F4353
3 Colton / Schenck  21 Feb 1833Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey F1663
4 Drummond / Mershon   F20486
5 Fleming / Scudder  1 Nov 1832Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey F3491
6 Lane / Auten  Jan 1856Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey F24768
7 Loomis / Dallinger   F20489
8 Loomis / Dupuich   F20488
9 Loomis / Jewell  17 Jul 1923Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey F20487
10 Mershon / Jewell  10 Sep 1910Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey F20485
11 Peiperl / Georgia   F8264
12 Perrine / Bacon  28 Apr 1917Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey F8838
13 Schenck / Scudder  1 May 1811Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey F1654
14 Scudder / Hollingshead  22 Feb 1826Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey F2270
15 Scudder / Johnson  12 Oct 1892Princeton, Mercer, New Jersey F7426