Mercer county, New Jersey



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bergen, William Vreeland  22 Oct 1884Mercer county, New Jersey I99913
2 Green, Louisa Augustine  Mercer county, New Jersey I20944
3 Howell, Catherine  17 Sep 1819Mercer county, New Jersey I96956
4 Phillips, Scudder H.  1833Mercer county, New Jersey I96959
5 Reed, Ella  2 Jul 1863Mercer county, New Jersey I16911
6 Scudder, Amos  Jan 1840Mercer county, New Jersey I23805
7 Scudder, Frank Barker  Apr 1922Mercer county, New Jersey I41377
8 Scudder, John Montgomery Jr.  22 Sep 1919Mercer county, New Jersey I41362
9 Scudder, Margaret  30 Aug 1887Mercer county, New Jersey I21077
10 Scudder, Susan Ann  14 Mar 1830Mercer county, New Jersey I5133
11 Sinclair, Caroline F.  27 May 1877Mercer county, New Jersey I60304
12 Stryker, Malcolm  4 Dec 1880Mercer county, New Jersey I65685


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atterbury, Helen Boudinot  5 Mar 1936Mercer county, New Jersey I10269
2 Cort, Dr. Paul Lange  12 Jun 1919Mercer county, New Jersey I29438
3 Hodgson, Anna M.  11 Aug 1919Mercer county, New Jersey I11794
4 Howell, Catherine  23 Nov 1870Mercer county, New Jersey I96956
5 La Rowe, Samuel Jr.  13 Nov 1888Mercer County, New Jersey I96926
6 Lanning, Theodore W.  30 Dec 1884Mercer county, New Jersey I65856
7 Moore, Virginia  19 Aug 1875Mercer county, New Jersey I11840


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Loder, Ellen Franksenah  1880Mercer county, New Jersey I9117
2 Scudder, Elizabeth  1880Mercer county, New Jersey I30724
3 Scudder, Frederick G.  1880Mercer county, New Jersey I30726
4 Scudder, Hattie M.  1880Mercer county, New Jersey I30725
5 Scudder, Horace M.  1880Mercer county, New Jersey I9120
6 Scudder, Jeanette  1880Mercer county, New Jersey I30727


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bodine / Scudder  24 Dec 1918Mercer county, New Jersey F14218
2 Carver / Scudder  19 Feb 1840Mercer county, New Jersey F4451
3 Hammill / Gummere  16 Oct 1879Mercer county, New Jersey F8674
4 Hunt / Scudder  16 Oct 1847Mercer county, New Jersey F2156
5 La Rowe / Mershon  26 Sep 1840Mercer County, New Jersey F35094
6 Lanning / Norton  11 Jan 1849Mercer county, New Jersey F24158
7 Means / Scudder  25 Nov 1770Mercer county, New Jersey F3777
8 Phillips / La Rowe  25 Dec 1862Mercer county, New Jersey F35097
9 Scudder / Blackwell  14 Sep 1844Mercer county, New Jersey F2160
10 Scudder / Embley  Abt 1845Mercer county, New Jersey F6222