Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baylis, Benjamin Franklin  22 Feb 1875Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I79906
2 Baylis, John Scudder  27 Feb 1860Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I35226
3 Baylis, Orlando  23 Nov 1824Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I79805
4 Brush, Frederick  29 Dec 1837Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I35251
5 Brush, George Augustus  23 Jan 1850Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I35255
6 Brush, James Madison  20 Nov 1845Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I35446
7 Brush, Josephine F.  6 Apr 1854Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I35265
8 Brush, Selah Bunce  8 Oct 1874Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I35408
9 Freunscht, Arthur Warren  8 Apr 1930Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I99440
10 Sammis, Clarence Worthington  31 Oct 1891Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I75131
11 Sammis, Le Roy Clifton  21 Apr 1888Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I75129


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brush, Frederick  11 Jan 1911Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I35251
2 Brush, George William  19 May 1885Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I34990
3 Brush, Selah Bunce  19 Apr 1968Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I35408
4 Brush, Walter  20 Feb 1893Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I34989
5 Maher, Phyllis  23 Nov 2002Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I11662
6 Sammis, Hannah Amanda  18 Feb 1882Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I35257
7 Scudder, Juliette  23 Nov 1910Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I28923
8 Scudder, Morris Drew  13 Dec 1910Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York I4022


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Sammis / Smith  11 Apr 1878Greenlawn, Suffolk, New York F27600