Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Colby, Elijah R.  Abt 1805Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77117
2 Fales, Dorothea Hamilton  25 Feb 1813Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77017
3 Lathrop, Anna  Abt 1780Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77105
4 Lathrop, Anne  Abt 1774Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77103
5 Lathrop, Caroline  Abt 1772Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77102
6 Lathrop, David C  29 Oct 1810Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77106
7 Lathrop, Elisha  16 Sep 1764Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I76793
8 Lathrop, Elisha  1 Oct 1815Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77110
9 Lathrop, George Herriman  13 Apr 1826Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77113
10 Lathrop, Harris  11 Nov 1813Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77109
11 Lathrop, Harris Gorton  30 Apr 1784Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77093
12 Lathrop, John Head  14 Feb 1821Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77112
13 Lathrop, Joshua Stevens  23 Apr 1812Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77108
14 Lathrop, Lucinda A  2 Oct 1809Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77095
15 Lathrop, Pamelia  Abt 1776Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77104
16 Lathrop, Susan B.  30 Apr 1818Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77111
17 Lathrop, Thaddeus  Abt 1770Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77101
18 Lathrop, Thaddeus Sluman  23 Apr 1812Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77107
19 Lathrop, Thomas  Abt 1768Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gordon, Anne  21 Apr 1781Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I76792
2 Lathrop, Harris  25 May 1825Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77109
3 Stevens, Susan  22 Jan 1852Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire I77098


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Lathrop / Gordon  Abt 1762Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire F28255