Babylon, Suffolk, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gertrude  11 Dec 1917Babylon, Suffolk, New York I49689
2 Carll, Nancy Augusta  20 Oct 1839Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69541
3 Carman, Bertha Marie  4 Jan 1909Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79675
4 Carman, Elizabeth Adele  8 Feb 1905Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79673
5 Carman, Mildred Anita  26 Aug 1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79671
6 Carman, Stanley Ellsworth  1 Sep 1896Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79666
7 Conklin, Irma  27 Feb 1889Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79656
8 Fleet, Mary C.  4 May 1890Babylon, Suffolk, New York I34126
9 Higbie, Edwin Degrauw  2 May 1888Babylon, Suffolk, New York I80686
10 Higbie, John Robbins  2 May 1886Babylon, Suffolk, New York I80685
11 Robbins, Annie Smith  9 May 1865Babylon, Suffolk, New York I80677
12 Sammis, Daniel  Jul 1793Babylon, Suffolk, New York I82235
13 Scudder, Aubrey Pettit  8 Jul 1884Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30765
14 Scudder, Audrey F.  4 Jun 1905Babylon, Suffolk, New York I86674
15 Scudder, Edward Leon  24 Feb 1874Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30763
16 Scudder, Frederick Covert  22 Dec 1873Babylon, Suffolk, New York I4085
17 Scudder, George Alonzo  24 Jun 1813Babylon, Suffolk, New York I14692
18 Scudder, Gerald Rodney Jr.  24 May 1938Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30747
19 Scudder, Nettie White  1 Jan 1876Babylon, Suffolk, New York I25546
20 Scudder, Thomas W.  Abt 1855Babylon, Suffolk, New York I14683
21 Seaman, Cornelia  Dec 1836Babylon, Suffolk, New York I80691
22 Smith, Ernest Milton  7 Nov 1871Babylon, Suffolk, New York I76553
23 Smith, Herbert Watson  29 Sep 1862Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79388
24 Smith, Joel Burr  1842Babylon, Suffolk, New York I76545
25 ston, Elbert Carll  4 May 1862Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69547
26 ston, Julia Thompson  28 Nov 1864Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69548
27 ston, Mabel  17 Jan 1868Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69549
28 Thomas, Florence Harriet  12 Feb 1921Babylon, Suffolk, New York I85743
29 Udall, Rodney B.  10 Jan 1910Babylon, Suffolk, New York I87493
30 Whitman, Zebulon Doty  6 Feb 1822Babylon, Suffolk, New York I34693
31 Young, Forrest M.  26 Aug 1902Babylon, Suffolk, New York I85971


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Carll, Julia Thompson  29 Sep 1843Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69542
2 Jervis, Ann Elizabeth  4 Apr 1833Babylon, Suffolk, New York I74599
3 Jervis, Charlotte Rebecca  4 Apr 1833Babylon, Suffolk, New York I74604
4 Jervis, Henry Clark Smith  4 Apr 1833Babylon, Suffolk, New York I74602
5 Jervis, Jemima Etta  4 Apr 1833Babylon, Suffolk, New York I34420
6 Jervis, Scudder Carll  4 Apr 1833Babylon, Suffolk, New York I74600
7 Scudder, Hannah  16 Sep 1798Babylon, Suffolk, New York I14671
8 Scudder, Julia  15 Nov 1807Babylon, Suffolk, New York I14684
9 Scudder, Richard Joel  25 Dec 1803Babylon, Suffolk, New York I14673
10 Scudder, Tredwell Oakley  5 Apr 1801Babylon, Suffolk, New York I14672
11 Scudder, Walter  25 Nov 1804Babylon, Suffolk, New York I14674
12 Scudder, Wilmot  13 Jan 1811Babylon, Suffolk, New York I14675


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burr, Joel  13 May 1879Babylon, Suffolk, New York I76508
2 Carll, Nancy Augusta  3 Oct 1884Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69541
3 Carman, Herbert Stanley  7 Feb 1909Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79357
4 Conklin, David Smith  17 Oct 1886Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79207
5 Conklin, William  3 Aug 1890Babylon, Suffolk, New York I34828
6 Durr, John Edward  5 Feb 1959Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79653
7 Hendrickson, Georgianna  1942Babylon, Suffolk, New York I82182
8 Higbie, Edwin Degrauw  18 Jul 1909Babylon, Suffolk, New York I80686
9 Higbie, John Robbins  5 Feb 1916Babylon, Suffolk, New York I80685
10 Ketcham, Maria  19 Mar 1883Babylon, Suffolk, New York I82236
11 Little, Sarah D.  3 Dec 1901Babylon, Suffolk, New York I24974
12 Mott, William Henry Harrison  22 Nov 1936Babylon, Suffolk, New York I34129
13 Sammis, Daniel  1 Oct 1873Babylon, Suffolk, New York I82235
14 Sammis, David Sturgis Sprague  19 May 1895Babylon, Suffolk, New York I82221
15 Sammis, Edward M.  16 Jun 1893Babylon, Suffolk, New York I82263
16 Sammis, Matsey  22 Jun 1871Babylon, Suffolk, New York I76507
17 Satterly, Nellie Geneva  20 Jun 1930Babylon, Suffolk, New York I32026
18 Scudder, Audrey F.  10 Mar 1974Babylon, Suffolk, New York I86674
19 Scudder, Edward A.  1922Babylon, Suffolk, New York I14682
20 Scudder, Frederick Covert  12 Oct 1965Babylon, Suffolk, New York I4085
21 Scudder, John Budd  20 Dec 1920Babylon, Suffolk, New York I4076
22 Scudder, Nettie White  8 Nov 1962Babylon, Suffolk, New York I25546
23 Smith, Ernest Milton  7 Apr 1956Babylon, Suffolk, New York I76553
24 Smith, Henrietta  6 Apr 1886Babylon, Suffolk, New York I34826
25 Smith, Joel Burr  24 Sep 1898Babylon, Suffolk, New York I76545
26 Smith, Phoebetta  18 Jan 1955Babylon, Suffolk, New York I76554
27 ston, Elbert Carll  23 Jan 1946Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69547
28 ston, Henry  14 Jun 1906Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69544
29 ston, Julia Thompson  25 Jun 1961Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69548
30 Thomas, Alban Sidney Jr.  28 Mar 1940Babylon, Suffolk, New York I32907
31 Van Velsor, Susan E.  1952Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30768
32 White, Henrietta Eliza  19 Nov 1915Babylon, Suffolk, New York I4081
33 Wicks, Ann Elizabeth  7 Mar 1883Babylon, Suffolk, New York I80669
34 Wood, Henrietta  3 Nov 1938Babylon, Suffolk, New York I76546
35 Young, Forrest M.  9 Aug 1974Babylon, Suffolk, New York I85971


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Caroline E.  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79665
2 Burch, George Washington  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I86316
3 Carman, Herbert Stanley  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79357
4 Conklin, David Smith  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79207
5 Conklin, Myron Simpson  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79664
6 Conklin, Winthrop D.  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79660
7 Corrigan, Nanette Helen  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79663
8 Ford, Sarah C.  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I24542
9 Ketcham, Maria  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I82236
10 Little, Frances L.  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I36112
11 Little, Sarah D.  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I24974
12 Mott, William Henry Harrison  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I34129
13 Oakley, Kesiah  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I14669
14 Raynor, Lila F.  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30758
15 Sammis, David Sturgis Sprague  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I82221
16 Satterly, Nellie Geneva  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I32026
17 Scudder, Beulah Ketcham  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I4086
18 Scudder, Edward A.  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I14682
19 Scudder, Edward Leon  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30763
20 Scudder, Frances L.  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I24534
21 Scudder, Frederick Covert  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I4085
22 Scudder, Hazel Catherine  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30767
23 Scudder, Henry A.  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I31004
24 Scudder, John Budd  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I4076
25 Scudder, Julia E.  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I34454
26 Scudder, Lewis B.  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30761
27 Scudder, Mary Emily  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I32613
28 Scudder, Nettie White  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I25546
29 Scudder, Rodney Leonard  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30748
30 Scudder, Tredwell  1834Babylon, Suffolk, New York I14659
31 Scudder, Walter  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I14674
32 Scudder, Walter H.  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I24973
33 Scudder, Wilmot  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I14675
34 Smith, Herbert B.  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I76557
35 Smith, Jennie Amelia  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I76560
36 Smith, Joel Burr  Sep 1898Babylon, Suffolk, New York I76545
37 Smith, Sidney Israel  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I76555
38 Van Velsor, Susan E.  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30768
39 Wheeler, Emeline  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I82229
40 White, Henrietta Eliza  Babylon, Suffolk, New York I4081
41 Wood, Henrietta  Nov 1938Babylon, Suffolk, New York I76546


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Martha Ann  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79143
2 Baldwin, Martha Ann  1910Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79143
3 Cahill, Julia  1880Babylon, Suffolk, New York I24975
4 Cameron, Eleanor   I100436
5 Carll, Nancy Augusta  1880Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69541
6 Case, Albert Edwards Jr.   I100435
7 Conklin, David Smith  1880Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79207
8 Conklin, Irma  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79656
9 Conklin, Marian E.  1920Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79658
10 Conklin, Myron Simpson  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79664
11 Conklin, Ralph Sidney  1910Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79662
12 Conklin, Sidney M.  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79355
13 Conklin, Sidney M.  1920Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79355
14 Conklin, Winthrop D.  1920Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79660
15 Covert, Joseph  1920Babylon, Suffolk, New York I25085
16 Covert, Raymond Eugene  1920Babylon, Suffolk, New York I43709
17 Little, Sarah D.  1880Babylon, Suffolk, New York I24974
18 Petit, Catherine M.  1880Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30762
19 Petit, Catherine M.  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30762
20 Prince, Harriet  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79356
21 Prince, Harriet  1920Babylon, Suffolk, New York I79356
22 Purdy, Carol Ann   I83120
23 Satterly, Nellie Geneva  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I32026
24 Scudder, Aubrey Pettit  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30765
25 Scudder, Beulah Ketcham  1880Babylon, Suffolk, New York I4086
26 Scudder, Edward A.  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I14682
27 Scudder, Edward Leon  1880Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30763
28 Scudder, Edward Leon  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30763
29 Scudder, Frederick Covert  1880Babylon, Suffolk, New York I4085
30 Scudder, Frederick Covert  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I4085
31 Scudder, Hazel Catherine  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30767
32 Scudder, John Budd  1880Babylon, Suffolk, New York I4076
33 Scudder, John Budd  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I4076
34 Scudder, Myrtle  1880Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30764
35 Scudder, Myrtle  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30764
36 Scudder, Myrtle  1930Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30764
37 Scudder, Nettie White  1880Babylon, Suffolk, New York I25546
38 Scudder, Nettie White  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I25546
39 Scudder, Nettie White  1930Babylon, Suffolk, New York I25546
40 Scudder, Rodney Leonard  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30748
41 Scudder, Sylvia Beatrice  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I30766
42 Scudder, Walter  1880Babylon, Suffolk, New York I14674
43 ston, Elbert Carll  1880Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69547
44 ston, Elbert Carll  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69547
45 ston, Elbert Carll  1920Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69547
46 ston, Henry  1880Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69544
47 ston, Henry  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69544
48 ston, Julia Thompson  1880Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69548
49 ston, Julia Thompson  1900Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69548
50 ston, Julia Thompson  1920Babylon, Suffolk, New York I69548

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gould / Snediker  9 Oct 1839Babylon, Suffolk, New York F12163
2 Pruett / Williams   F15631
3 Scudder / Petit  23 Apr 1872Babylon, Suffolk, New York F10783
4 Smith / Seaman  29 Mar 1857Babylon, Suffolk, New York F29762
5 ston / Carll  8 May 1861Babylon, Suffolk, New York F25588