Randolph Cemetery



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cemetery    Person ID 
1 Cronkheit, Hannah  Randolph Cemetery I14603
2 Dockstader, Alida Catherine  Randolph Cemetery I33089
3 Fenton, Lodemia M.  Randolph Cemetery I14592
4 Fisher, Martha  Randolph Cemetery I65232
5 Gould, Amanda M.  Randolph Cemetery I19309
6 Gould, Cynthia  Randolph Cemetery I9128
7 Gould, Deforest H.  Randolph Cemetery I77259
8 Gould, Robert E.  Randolph Cemetery I77260
9 Guernsey, Antoinette  Randolph Cemetery I14585
10 Harkness, Kate Eunice  Randolph Cemetery I77258
11 Holbrook, Anna C.  Randolph Cemetery I65298
12 Huntington, Almira  Randolph Cemetery I14588
13 Merrick, Florence  Randolph Cemetery I33084
14 Niles, Claude Enoch  Randolph Cemetery I65260
15 Salisbury, Caroline T.  Randolph Cemetery I14579
16 Scudder, Adeline A.  Randolph Cemetery I14583
17 Scudder, Adeline Guernsey  Randolph Cemetery I19337
18 Scudder, Alvin L.  Randolph Cemetery I14589
19 Scudder, Ambrose Salisbury  Randolph Cemetery I14582
20 Scudder, Buel  Randolph Cemetery I14564
21 Scudder, Ezekiel  Randolph Cemetery I9119
22 Scudder, Ezekiel J.  Randolph Cemetery I14608
23 Scudder, Frances A.  Randolph Cemetery I33085
24 Scudder, Frank L.  Randolph Cemetery I33083
25 Scudder, Frank Lendell  Randolph Cemetery I19317
26 Scudder, Guernsey Ambrose  Randolph Cemetery I19338
27 Scudder, Hamilton Burt  Randolph Cemetery I23992
28 Scudder, Ida Caroline  Randolph Cemetery I14590
29 Scudder, James Theodore  Randolph Cemetery I19315
30 Scudder, Jane E.  Randolph Cemetery I19314
31 Scudder, Joel  Randolph Cemetery I9130
32 Scudder, Lester  Randolph Cemetery I33087
33 Scudder, Lizzie Lodema  Randolph Cemetery I19347
34 Scudder, Captain Lyman Henry  Randolph Cemetery I14627
35 Scudder, Ogden H.  Randolph Cemetery I14581
36 Scudder, Samuel  Randolph Cemetery I14617
37 Wolcott, Susan M.  Randolph Cemetery I29218