Prospect Hill Cemetery



Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cemetery    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Mary Jane  Prospect Hill Cemetery I86101
2 Cochran, Reverend Joseph Wilson  Prospect Hill Cemetery I15846
3 Hartwell, George Washington  Prospect Hill Cemetery I86486
4 Hartwell, Henry R.  Prospect Hill Cemetery I86696
5 Hartwell, Orville N.  Prospect Hill Cemetery I85908
6 Hartwell, Phebe Ann  Prospect Hill Cemetery I86004
7 Hartwell, Thomas  Prospect Hill Cemetery I84650
8 James, Marguerite Gardiner  Prospect Hill Cemetery I114058
9 Rogers, Phebe  Prospect Hill Cemetery I87609
10 Scudder, Alfred  Prospect Hill Cemetery I8746
11 Taylor, Sarah A.  Prospect Hill Cemetery I103097
12 Winney, Douw F.  Prospect Hill Cemetery I85552
13 Winney, Francis D.  Prospect Hill Cemetery I85561
14 Winney, Frank H.  Prospect Hill Cemetery I86569
15 Winney, Jennie  Prospect Hill Cemetery I86251
16 Winney, Willie  Prospect Hill Cemetery I85591