Industry, McDonough, Illinois



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Farr, Conrad Landis  5 Jun 1928Industry, McDonough, Illinois I86444
2 Farr, Everett Earl  7 Oct 1899Industry, McDonough, Illinois I86443
3 Gantz, Louis Keith  30 Dec 1900Industry, McDonough, Illinois I84113
4 Janes, Adra Chloe  28 Apr 1902Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27874
5 Janes, Charles Paul  1 Jul 1892Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27869
6 Janes, Edgar John  18 Jun 1907Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27875
7 Janes, Ethel Mildred  2 Apr 1897Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27871
8 Janes, Frances Mable  15 Mar 1899Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27872
9 Janes, Fred Laughlin  25 Jan 1911Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27877
10 Janes, John Edgar  7 Feb 1864Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27867
11 Janes, Roland Chauncey  10 Aug 1907Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27876
12 Janes, Sybil Alleyne  24 Aug 1895Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27870
13 Janes, Wilhelmina  12 Dec 1890Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27868
14 Kimble, Walter Wayne  22 Dec 1903Industry, McDonough, Illinois I86264
15 Landis, Jessie P.  13 Jul 1879Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27810
16 Landis, Lyle Burdette  30 Aug 1909Industry, McDonough, Illinois I86442
17 Laughlin, Edna Aline  24 Aug 1902Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27886
18 Laughlin, Edward Theodore  2 Nov 1874Industry, McDonough, Illinois I20546
19 Laughlin, Gerald Allen  5 Nov 1904Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27885
20 Laughlin, Lucy Ann  17 Dec 1868Industry, McDonough, Illinois I20543
21 Laughlin, Mabel Maxine  8 Aug 1908Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27884
22 Laughlin, Ross A.  1 Oct 1878Industry, McDonough, Illinois I20548
23 McFadden, Violet Irene  16 Sep 1914Industry, McDonough, Illinois I86430
24 Moore, Francis Rolen  6 Jul 1919Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27965
25 Moore, Maurice Paul  14 Oct 1912Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27963
26 Moore, Wanda Alleta  10 Apr 1916Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27964
27 Price, Constance Roberta  25 Jan 1922Industry, McDonough, Illinois I84127
28 Scudder, Albert Wayne  20 Sep 1901Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27847
29 Scudder, Alfretta  22 Jan 1859Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27775
30 Scudder, Carl Allen  12 Apr 1894Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9900
31 Scudder, Cecile Belle  29 Nov 1895Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9901
32 Scudder, Charles Decalvus  19 Mar 1868Industry, McDonough, Illinois I21322
33 Scudder, Clair Brookfield  3 Mar 1890Industry, McDonough, Illinois I24925
34 Scudder, Enoch Franklin  Sep 1869Industry, McDonough, Illinois I20571
35 Scudder, Geraldine June  28 Aug 1926Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27906
36 Scudder, Gilbert Glade  12 May 1919Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27904
37 Scudder, Glen Burdett  2 Jan 1923Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27905
38 Scudder, James Marion  6 Aug 1859Industry, McDonough, Illinois I22705
39 Scudder, Julia D.  1 Sep 1863Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27776
40 Scudder, Luna R.  25 Nov 1870Industry, McDonough, Illinois I22702
41 Scudder, Martin Lawyer  3 Mar 1896Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27792
42 Scudder, Mary Lavina  30 Nov 1917Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27903
43 Scudder, Ora James  22 Sep 1897Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9903
44 Scudder, Rolleye Ebenezer  6 Oct 1891Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9898
45 Scudder, Roy Martin  6 Oct 1891Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9899
46 Scudder, Sarah Ella  1917Industry, McDonough, Illinois I52605
47 Snowden, Dale  12 Mar 1901Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27880
48 Vail, Anna Marie  20 Mar 1855Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27762
49 Vail, Carl David  29 Nov 1893Industry, McDonough, Illinois I61383
50 Vail, David Ezra  17 Aug 1867Industry, McDonough, Illinois I61372

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brookfield, Amelia Pamelia  7 Jul 1890Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9882
2 Coulter, Margaret Jane  10 Nov 1902Industry, McDonough, Illinois I16955
3 Duncan, Edward Clarence  20 Oct 1918Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27777
4 Featherlin, Norma L.  14 Sep 2004Industry, McDonough, Illinois I61487
5 Janes, Charles Paul  Jul 1980Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27869
6 Janes, John Edgar  24 Dec 1936Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27867
7 Laughlin, Edward Theodore  12 Aug 1917Industry, McDonough, Illinois I20546
8 Laughlin, James Thomas  20 Mar 1927Industry, McDonough, Illinois I16960
9 Scudder, Aaron Jefferson  3 Apr 1907Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9421
10 Scudder, Alletta Frances  19 Aug 1927Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9425
11 Scudder, Amelia Ann  7 Jul 1890Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9426
12 Scudder, Enoch  25 May 1870Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9404
13 Scudder, Enoch Franklin  27 Dec 1915Industry, McDonough, Illinois I20571
14 Scudder, Geraldine June  5 Jul 1927Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27906
15 Scudder, Glen Burdett  1 Aug 1925Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27905
16 Scudder, Jesse Barton  6 May 1905Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9422
17 Scudder, Kesiah  8 Feb 1877Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9884
18 Scudder, Martin Lawyer  Dec 1965Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27792
19 Scudder, Martin Van Buren  4 Dec 1883Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9424
20 Scudder, Mary E.  1913Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9423
21 Scudder, Rolleye Ebenezer  31 Aug 1892Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9898
22 Springer, Matilda Ann  1906Industry, McDonough, Illinois I16957
23 Vail, Cora Beryl  8 Sep 1992Industry, McDonough, Illinois I61390
24 Vail, David Jennings  17 Sep 1887Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9881
25 Vail, Ida Jane  1 May 1941Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27786
26 Vail, Kenneth A.  12 Jul 2007Industry, McDonough, Illinois I61422
27 Vail, Lorenzo Dow  Aug 1914Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27763


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brookfield, Amelia Pamelia  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9882
2 Coulter, Margaret Jane  11 Nov 1902Industry, McDonough, Illinois I16955
3 Duncan, Edward Clarence  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27777
4 Gantz, Louis Keith  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I84113
5 Holmes, Jessie Aline  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27882
6 Laughlin, Edward Theodore  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I20546
7 Laughlin, James Thomas  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I16960
8 Mills, Lucy Malica  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27764
9 Price, Perry Allen  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I84124
10 Rutledge, Glade F.  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27846
11 Rutledge, Glen Royal  3 Jun 1977Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27845
12 Scudder, Aaron Jefferson  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9421
13 Scudder, Alletta Frances  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9425
14 Scudder, Enoch  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9404
15 Scudder, James Marion  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I22705
16 Scudder, Jesse Barton  8 May 1905Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9422
17 Scudder, Julia D.  13 Dec 1940Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27776
18 Scudder, Kesiah  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9884
19 Scudder, Martin Van Buren  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9424
20 Scudder, Rolleye Ebenezer  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9898
21 Scudder, Sarah Elizabeth  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I18160
22 Vail, David Ezra  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I61372
23 Vail, David Jennings  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9881
24 Vail, Enoch  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27759
25 Vail, Etna Angeline  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9890
26 Vail, Lorenzo Dow  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27763
27 Vail, Lyle E.  12 Sep 2002Industry, McDonough, Illinois I61423
28 West, Ida Jane  Industry, McDonough, Illinois I61373


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Baker, Milo  1940Industry, McDonough, Illinois I69082
2 Baker, Robert   I69084
3 Brookfield, Amelia Pamelia  1860Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9882
4 Duncan, Edward Clarence  1900Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27777
5 Gantz, Alina Nelle   I84114
6 Hummer, Isabell  1860Industry, McDonough, Illinois I16959
7 Kimble, Charles E.   I69081
8 Kimble, Charles Thomas  1940Industry, McDonough, Illinois I86441
9 Kimble, Elsalea   I69078
10 Kimble, Gerald   I85408
11 Kimble, Walter Wayne  1940Industry, McDonough, Illinois I86264
12 Kirby, Sarah Jane  1930Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27757
13 Laughlin, Edna Aline  1910Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27886
14 Scudder, Amelia  1860Industry, McDonough, Illinois I20569
15 Scudder, Amelia Ann  1860Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9426
16 Scudder, Dorothy   I52606
17 Scudder, Dwight J.  1930Industry, McDonough, Illinois I52603
18 Scudder, Ella Ora  1860Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27773
19 Scudder, Enoch  1860Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9404
20 Scudder, Georgia   I52607
21 Scudder, James Marion  1860Industry, McDonough, Illinois I22705
22 Scudder, Jesse Barton  1900Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9422
23 Scudder, Jesse Lee  1930Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27894
24 Scudder, Jesse Leonidas  1860Industry, McDonough, Illinois I20567
25 Scudder, John Wesley  1860Industry, McDonough, Illinois I20568
26 Scudder, Julia D.  1900Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27776
27 Scudder, Martin Van Buren  1860Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9424
28 Scudder, Mary E.  1860Industry, McDonough, Illinois I9423
29 Scudder, Otis Aaron  1930Industry, McDonough, Illinois I25708
30 Scudder, Phileta  1860Industry, McDonough, Illinois I20570
31 Scudder, Sarah Ella  1930Industry, McDonough, Illinois I52605
32 Skien, Emma G.  1940Industry, McDonough, Illinois I69076
33 Springer, Matilda Ann  1900Industry, McDonough, Illinois I16957
34 Vail, Ida Jane  1940Industry, McDonough, Illinois I27786


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cordell / Vail  22 Nov 1883Industry, McDonough, Illinois F9704
2 Duncan / Scudder  12 Oct 1887Industry, McDonough, Illinois F9706
3 Frisbie / Scudder  1 Jan 1927Industry, McDonough, Illinois F9715
4 Garrison / Scudder  5 Mar 1891Industry, McDonough, Illinois F9707
5 Morr / Gantz   F31137
6 Polhill / Laughlin  25 Jun 1931Industry, McDonough, Illinois F9789
7 Savage / Scudder  10 Nov 1875Industry, McDonough, Illinois F9716
8 Scudder / Vail  28 Sep 1884Industry, McDonough, Illinois F9714
9 Vail / Lashbrook  19 Dec 1914Industry, McDonough, Illinois F22413