Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois



Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bridges, Louisa  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I16951
2 Brookfield, Amelia Pamelia  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I9882
3 Mills, Lucy Malica  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I27764
4 Scudder, Amelia Ann  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I9426
5 Scudder, Elizabeth Belle  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I22703
6 Scudder, James Marion  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I22705
7 Scudder, Jesse Barton  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I9422
8 Scudder, Luna R.  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I22702
9 Scudder, Martin Van Buren  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I9424
10 Scudder, Mary A.  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I25711
11 Scudder, Sarah Elizabeth  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I18160
12 Scudder, William Walter  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I22704
13 Springer, Matilda Ann  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I16957
14 Vail, Anna Marie  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I27762
15 Vail, David Ezra  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I61372
16 Vail, David Jennings  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I9881
17 Vail, Enoch  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I27759
18 Vail, Jasper Newton  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I27769
19 Vail, Lawrence Everett  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I61375
20 Vail, Lorenzo Dow  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I27763
21 Vail, Lucy Evelyn  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I27768
22 Vail, Moses  1880Industry, Mc Donough, Illinois I61374