Clayton, Woodford, Illinois



Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Boyd, Jessie Grace  1910Clayton, Woodford, Illinois I14009
2 Finkle, Libbie O.  1870Clayton, Woodford, Illinois I98849
3 Finkle, Martin W.  1870Clayton, Woodford, Illinois I98614
4 Finkle, Minnie L.  1870Clayton, Woodford, Illinois I98848
5 Scudder, Bernice  1910Clayton, Woodford, Illinois I60339
6 Scudder, Carl Irvin  1910Clayton, Woodford, Illinois I58359
7 Scudder, Emmett  1910Clayton, Woodford, Illinois I55754
8 Scudder, Florence Louise  1910Clayton, Woodford, Illinois I55763
9 Scudder, George N.  1910Clayton, Woodford, Illinois I14007
10 Scudder, Lawrence James  1910Clayton, Woodford, Illinois I58358
11 Scudder, Robert Albert  1910Clayton, Woodford, Illinois I60329
12 Scudder, William S.  1910Clayton, Woodford, Illinois I60338
13 White, Laura Ann  1870Clayton, Woodford, Illinois I98613