Babylon Rural Cemetery



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sammis, Daniel  Babylon Rural Cemetery I82235
2 Wheeler, Antoinette M.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I82228


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cemetery    Person ID 
1 Caroline E.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I79665
2 Carman, Herbert Stanley  Babylon Rural Cemetery I79357
3 Conklin, David Smith  Babylon Rural Cemetery I79207
4 Conklin, Myron Simpson  Babylon Rural Cemetery I79664
5 Conklin, Winthrop D.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I79660
6 Corrigan, Nanette Helen  Babylon Rural Cemetery I79663
7 Ford, Sarah C.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I24542
8 Ketcham, Maria  Babylon Rural Cemetery I82236
9 Little, Frances L.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I36112
10 Little, Sarah D.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I24974
11 Mott, William Henry Harrison  Babylon Rural Cemetery I34129
12 Oakley, Kesiah  Babylon Rural Cemetery I14669
13 Raynor, Lila F.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I30758
14 Sammis, Daniel  Babylon Rural Cemetery I82235
15 Sammis, David Sturgis Sprague  Babylon Rural Cemetery I82221
16 Satterly, Nellie Geneva  Babylon Rural Cemetery I32026
17 Scudder, Beulah Ketcham  Babylon Rural Cemetery I4086
18 Scudder, Edward A.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I14682
19 Scudder, Edward Leon  Babylon Rural Cemetery I30763
20 Scudder, Frances L.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I24534
21 Scudder, Henry A.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I31004
22 Scudder, John Budd  Babylon Rural Cemetery I4076
23 Scudder, Julia E.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I34454
24 Scudder, Lewis B.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I30761
25 Scudder, Mary Emily  Babylon Rural Cemetery I32613
26 Scudder, Nettie White  Babylon Rural Cemetery I25546
27 Scudder, Rodney Leonard  Babylon Rural Cemetery I30748
28 Scudder, Tredwell  Babylon Rural Cemetery I14659
29 Scudder, Walter  Babylon Rural Cemetery I14674
30 Scudder, Walter H.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I24973
31 Scudder, Wilmot  Babylon Rural Cemetery I14675
32 Smith, Herbert B.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I76557
33 Smith, Jennie Amelia  Babylon Rural Cemetery I76560
34 Smith, Joel Burr  Babylon Rural Cemetery I76545
35 Smith, Sidney Israel  Babylon Rural Cemetery I76555
36 Van Velsor, Susan E.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I30768
37 Wheeler, Antoinette M.  Babylon Rural Cemetery I82228
38 Wheeler, Emeline  Babylon Rural Cemetery I82229
39 White, Henrietta Eliza  Babylon Rural Cemetery I4081
40 Wood, Henrietta  Babylon Rural Cemetery I76546


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Smith / Wood  6 Jan 1870Babylon Rural Cemetery F28150