Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cheek, Harry James  25 May 1920Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I30930
2 Fox, Mary Elizabeth  13 Jul 1916Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I61160
3 Gullion, Georgia Ann   I19485
4 Kittle, Charles J. Jr.  11 Jun 1939Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I108830
5 Kittle, Freda Mae  12 Oct 1928Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I97757
6 Meenach, Helen Frances  31 Jan 1902Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I60957
7 Morris, David Dennis  13 Feb 1887Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I31940
8 Morris, Jesse Clyde  13 Sep 1876Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I31938
9 Morris, William Lee  6 Jun 1890Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I31941
10 Scudder, Lawrence Dale  17 Feb 1925Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I32806
11 Scudder, Millard D.  23 Jun 1927Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I36080
12 Scudder, Ralph Jr.  3 Jan 1927Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I60958


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bovard, Robert  Aug 1977Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I35565
2 Cook, John Jr.  11 Dec 1986Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I61147
3 Cook, William Wiles  2 Apr 1968Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I61138
4 Elsrod, Paul D.  May 1985Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I58209
5 Kittle, Charles J. Jr.  18 May 2015Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I108830
6 Kittle, Freda Mae  27 Jun 2003Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I97757
7 Love, Robert Edwin  24 Feb 1998Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I70561
8 Meenach, Helen Frances  2 Aug 1962Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I60957
9 Miller, Robert Alexander  15 Apr 1981Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I113635
10 Morris, Ruth Sharon  27 Jun 1994Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I48446
11 Scudder, Alvin L.  6 Dec 1988Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I32805
12 Scudder, David Carl  23 Mar 2015Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I60967
13 Scudder, Elizabeth E.  2 Aug 2007Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I31978
14 Scudder, Ralph Jr.  21 Mar 1928Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I60958


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cheek, Harry James  Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I30930
2 Kittle, Charles J.  Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I84680
3 Kittle, Charles J. Jr.  Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I108830
4 Kittle, Freda Mae  Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I97757
5 Kremer, Patricia Ann  6 Dec 2013Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I108831
6 Meenach, Helen Frances  Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I60957
7 Scudder, Alma Gertrude  Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I19471
8 Scudder, Alvin L.  Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I32805
9 Scudder, Elizabeth Ann  17 May 2008Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I32803
10 Scudder, Elizabeth E.  6 Aug 2007Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I31978
11 Scudder, Lawrence Dale  Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I32806
12 Scudder, Ralph Jr.  Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I60958
13 Scudder, Stanley Bridges  Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I31948
14 Steele, Charles E.  Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I108837


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Mary  1920Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I48464
2 Bruce, Alma Laura  1910Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I48449
3 Campbell, Iva  1930Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I32802
4 Cochran, Agatha   I97760
5 Cochran, David J.  1940Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I97761
6 Cochran, Everett Ellsworth  1940Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I27029
7 Cochran, Herman Lee  1940Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I27031
8 Cochran, Louise Marie  1940Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I27033
9 Fugitt, Leonard Russell  1930Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I48453
10 Kittle, Charles J.  1930Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I84680
11 Kittle, Freda Mae  1930Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I97757
12 Kittle, Marcella   I97758
13 Meenach, Helen Frances  1920Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I60957
14 Morris, Clara   I48465
15 Morris, David Dennis  1920Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I31940
16 Morris, George L.  1930Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I31939
17 Morris, Glenn G.   I48448
18 Morris, Ruth Sharon  1930Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I48446
19 Morris, Susie  1920Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I31942
20 Morris, Dr. Warren Victor  1930Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I48447
21 Scudder, Alma Gertrude  1930Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I19471
22 Scudder, Alvin L.  1930Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I32805
23 Scudder, Elizabeth Ann  1930Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I32803
24 Scudder, Lawrence Dale  1930Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I32806
25 Scudder, Marie  1930Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I32804
26 Scudder, Stanley Bridges  1930Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana I31948


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cheek / Scudder  24 Dec 1940Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana F14180
2 Morris / Anderson  Abt 1897Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana F17352
3 Scudder / Swift   F41579
4 Swenson / Scudder   F41581