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9101 William was a carpenter. Porter, William Leslie (I40234)
9102 William was a carpenter. Whiteley, William Thomas (I83840)
9103 William was a carriage maker in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ross, William (I13904)
9104 William was a chiropractor. McClelland, Dr. William Edwin (I31181)
9105 William was a civil engineer. Scudder, William Tilton (I11821)
9106 William was a civil engineer. Cattell, William Ashburner (I56064)
9107 William was a designer, engineer and builder of aircraft (especially gliders) and recreational vehicles in the 1930s and '40s. Today he is most widely known for his key role in the design of Airstream travel trailers, which followed his prior famed work as the Superintendent of Construction on Charles Lindbergh's aircraft, the Spirit of St. Louis. He also designed and constructed the innovative but unsuccessful XCG-16A experimental military glider ordered by the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1943. In popular culture he is usually referred to as Hawley Bowlus.

William was an expert at soaring flight and at building gliders, established numerous records, trained many of America's earliest glider pilots, and gave gliding lessons to both Charles and Anne Lindbergh. In 1930 he and Lindbergh glided at various locations in California. Most notably Point Loma in San Diego California where Bowlus conducted many of his flights and tests.

Charles Lindbergh established a regional distance record for gliders by flying in a Bowlus sailplane from Mount Soledad in La Jolla to Del Mar, making use of the lift at the Torrey Pines Gliderport. Anne Morrow Lindbergh also flew in a Bowlus sailplane from Mount Soledad and became the first woman in the United States to receive a "first class" glider license (Maxine Dunlap had preceded her in becoming the first woman in the United States to receive a glider license of any kind (a "third class" glider license). Bowlus was also the first American to break Orville Wright's 1911 soaring duration record in an American designed and built sailplane. Bowlus was inducted into the Soaring Hall of Fame in 1954. 
Bawlus, William Hawley (I34310)
9108 William was a detective in Peoria, Illinois. Scudder, William McKinley (I31006)
9109 William was a druggist. Scudder, William Rush (I9233)
9110 William was a druggist. Nye, William Putnam (I42959)
9111 William was a farmer.


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Scudder, William (I16910)
9112 William was a farmer. Scudder, William (I5325)
9113 William was a farmer. Scudder, William John (I5475)
9114 William was a farmer. Brock, William I. (I5491)
9115 William was a farmer. Scudder, William Thomas Henry (I15826)
9116 William was a farmer. Topping, William Edson (I25088)
9117 William was a farmer. At the time of the 1850 census, he and Phebe were living with their daughter, Mary Garrison. Scudder, William Smith (I73756)
9118 William was a farmer. He married his uncle Jacob's widow, Matilda Arrell. Wood, William Forman (I321)
9119 William was a farmer. He served with his brother, in Company F, 55th Georgia Infantry Regiment, during the Civil War. He was captured at Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. September 9, 1863, and released at Camp Douglas, Illinois, June 15, 1865. Scudder, William M. (I19547)
9120 William was a graduate of Ohio State University in 1967. He was a supervisor of the Global Procurement Organization at AT&T, Allentown, with 30 years of service. Pierce, William K. (I105982)
9121 William was a graduate of Princeton, professor of mathematics in Dickinson College. Scudder, William Washington (I3656)
9122 William was a graduate of Rutgers College and attended the Theological Seminary. After that, he read law in the office of a Mr. Hageman in Princeton. Schenck, William C. (I3670)
9123 William was a language teacher. Hamilton, William Scudder (I39895)
9124 William was a lawyer. Woodhull, William Wikoff (I30969)
9125 William was a lawyer. Akerman, William Young (I39486)
9126 William was a lawyer. Ford, William Hamilton (I40362)
9127 William was a lawyer. Ridgway, William Combs (I43803)
9128 William was a lumber merchant. Cook, William Smith (I11791)
9129 William was a master mariner. Gage, William Leander (I59827)
9130 William was a member of the school board and school director in his district. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and his wife also. He was a farmer and owned and farmed 110 acres in Liberty Township. In politics he was a Republican. Scudder, William Price (I9413)
9131 William was a merchant in Princeton. He served in the Civil War as a captain in Company E, Second Regiment, New Jersey Cavalry, commanded by Colonel Joseph Karge. He was at the battle near Guntown, Mississippi, and at the capture of Mobile. At the close of the war he resumed his business in Princeton. In 1860, he was a hotel proprietor. From 1880 until his death, he said he had been a grocer. He had been a captain in Company A, Governors Guards, after the Civil War. Scudder, Captain William Van Dyke (I9534)
9132 William was a merchant in Savannah, operating Jaudon & Co., a clothing store. Jaudon, William Ambrose (I33861)
9133 William was a mill owner. Gilman, William Charles (I12658)
9134 William was a Missionary Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, elected in 1912 and serving in the USA and in Southeast Asia. He began a preaching ministry in 1888, joining the Traveling Ministry of the Central Pennsylvania Annual Conference of the M.E. Church in 1891. He graduated from Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 1892.

Prior to his election to the Episcopacy, he served as a Pastor and an Educator. He served as the President of Methodist-related Williamsport Dickinson Seminary (now, Lycoming College) from 1905 to 1912. He was appointed as Missionary Bishop over Southeastern Asia. However, his service as a Bishop was short, dying in 1916 following an electrical accident, at Mount Holly Springs, Pennsylvania, where he is also buried. 
Eveland, Reverend William Perry (I57452)
9135 William was a native of New York State and a saddler by trade. In early life, he removed to New Jersey and thence to Fairfield, where he occupied himself at saddlery and harness-making, doing a large and lucrative business. He finally retired upon a competency, and lived with his daughter , Mary, being seventy-seven years old. He was, during his younger years, a prominent man in the community and for a quarter of a century, officiated as the Postmaster of Fairfield. Scudder, William Slater (I24153)
9136 William was a physician, his practice limited to diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat. Scudder, Dr. William Byrd (I9449)
9137 William was a popular author in the 1920's. He wrote western novels. White, William Patterson (I68388)
9138 William was a private first class in the Army during World War I. At the time of the 1930 census, he was a waiter in a restaurant. Scudder, William Milton (I32984)
9139 William was a private first class in the U.S. Army during World War I, enlisting 13 December 1917. Scudder, William Thomas Jr. (I33360)
9140 William was a quality controll inspector for United Trailers.He was a U.S. Army Vietnam veteran and a Protestant.He was a member of American Legion Post 30. Huddleston, William (I87623)
9141 William was a railroad engineer. Mallory, William (I85579)
9142 William was a railroad engineer. He moved his family to Florida in 1914. Athearn, William Isaac (I59918)
9143 William was a real estate salesman. Noble, William Raper (I104504)
9144 William was a registered pharmacist. He had registered in the World War I draft as working in Checotah, Oklahoma. Scudder, William Henry Harrison Jr. (I17677)
9145 William was a school teacher. Scudder, William J. (I31927)
9146 William was a shoemaker in 1850. Scudder, William G. (I5120)
9147 William was a trustee of the Ewing Church, and represented his county in the state legislature, Scudder, William (I8626)
9148 William was a U. S. Marine veteran, having received the Bronze Star for serving in the Asia-Pacific Theatre on the islands of Saipan, Iwo Jima and Mariana. Scudder, William Lincoln (I48063)
9149 William was a veteran of the War of 1812; present at Hull's Surrender at Fort Detroit, Michigan. Scudder, William (I4444)
9150 William was a wheelwright. Scudder, William (I11475)

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